Beating a dead horse prologue

I woke up early this morning. Not wanting to wake anyone in the house (the Tan Man and his Mommy are with us) I snuck out in the dark with our laptop (I hate its tiny keyboard) and returned the DVD we watched last night, I love you man. (pretty funny) First I headed over to Walgreens to pick up some WD40 to silence the squeaks in the door hinges which theatened to wake my grandson up when I tiptoed out the back door.

I set up shop in Perkins with a pot of coffee and breakfast. As I munched on sausage links, eggs over easy and a carmel apple muffin I typed out a very long post of this title sans “prologue.” It explains a lot of things I’ve been wanting to write about for the past two months but haven’t had time to post because the District’s defense counsel has had me jumping through hoops. I’ve also been under pressure to keep silent but that period is almost past. There is much write.

The School Board’s puppet masters are doing their best to sugar coat the Red Plan. To do this they are beating Plan B like a dead horse. (They forced us to give birth to it even though its heart had stopped beating months earlier) Even so, the masters are having to pour a lot of sugar in their Red Plan cod liver oil so the public will swallow it. Time to elect a new school board and as Loren Martell wrote to the Budgeteer find a sensible way to make the best of the Red Plan’s wreckage.

The sun is shining on two ships anchored off the Ariel Lift Bridge. I’ve turned off Public Radio and will head home shortly. We plan to go to the Farmer’s Market with the Tan Man this morning. We want to grill some singing chicken this evening – “free range” chicken.

I’ll edit the very long post that will follow this later today before uploading it. Then I’ll starting writing some fundraising letters to help elect a new school board. Then I’ll consider my options for continuing my suit with the District in the Appeals Court by my lonesome. More on this later too.