Pete Stauber for Motherhood and Apple Pie

I just checked out Pete Stauber’s campaign issue page. Typical Republican tripe but I’ll admit I haven’t read beyond the headlines yet. I will comment on the various issues when I’ve got the time. They are:

Holy crap! I just looked at it again. His page is truly light in the loafers. Each issue has just one lousy sentence explaining what it means. They are all shorter than a Trump tweet. Sad! Check it out. You can plumb Pete Stauber’s mind in about 20 seconds.

The Second Amendment (One of Pete’s colleagues on the Duluth police force was shot to death by a man excercising his second amendment rights. I hope Pete’s take is nuanced.)

Abortion (I wonder if like the rest of his party Pete would classify me as a “worse mass murderer” than Mao, Stalin and Hitler?)

Ridiculing Obamacare (no doubt preferring the non insurance of his future Congressional Republican allies)

Immigration (He’s for “the law” of nature using our trecherous deserts the way Europeans count on the Mediterranean to drown unwanted refugees)

Mining (like I said. I haven’t read these yet.)

and finally Veterans (There’s a young fellow from our church congregation back from the middle east who has had about a dozen of his former fellow soldiers commit suicide. I wonder how Pete’s flag waving will help them?)

This is your typical slick web page that comes with a half million (so far) in Koch Brother’s fueled campaign donations.

This blog of mine is my own eccentric, eleven-year investment in sharing my thoughts about our nation has zigzagged between two political parties that are brainless tails shaking their dog bodies.