Camp Diary Day 1 – Loathsomeness – That felt good to say

In the jumbled story about my entry into the Congressional Race it appears at first that I’m going head to head with KBJR’s former newscaster, Michelle Lee. You will find the story in all the Fargo Forum papers. The link in the first sentence is to their Virginia paper. In fact we will only face each other if I defeat Pete Stauber and Michelle defeats a cluster of candidates who vied for the DFL endorsement most of them sore losers like me……..except that in my case my last defeat was for last years school board race. Ironically the biggest factor in that race was Donald Trump. All the activist women in Duluth were in high dudgeon and looking for someone to prove their votes counted and I spent a year doing everything I could think of to continue on including going to a DFL convention asking for their endorsement. To say I got the cold shoulder at the convention is an understatement.

Pete Stauber’s spokesman makes a big deal about his spending they year going all around the District. Good to know he has a head start on me.

My day ended wonderfully. Claudia got home after a visit to her father in Florida and I had a bottle of wine waiting for her and a Pizza Luce garlic potato pizza. My trip to the Cities to file gave me a chance to buy a summer’s worth of wine at one of my favorite stores and I spent more on that than the $300 filing fee. I got some French bordeaux’s to get in the mood for our visit to France in September. Should I win the primary no worries, I’ll have October to campaign.

As I mentioned in a post a week or two ago Claudia told me she knew she couldn’t talk me out of filing if I had made up my mind. To say she has never liked my 16 or 17 campaigns, any of them, is putting it mildly. I promised her that I had no intention of campaigning to the point of crippling myself like I did last year. I plan to keep studying French. And no. I don’t parle Francais. Not really but I’ll keep working on it.

But what made my day was Claudia listening to me on Fox News and hearing her laugh delightedly when I said that our President was loathsome. I told her that alone was worth the $300 filing fee. I could ignore the campaign from now on and die content.

But I told all the reporters yesterday that I’ve always dreamed of catching lightning in a bottle. This blog will serve as my kite.

I’m figuring out how to take online contributions. This won’t be a Kickstarter campaign and I have an unorthodox plan that will require a measure of trust on the part of contributors because, until I get back from France I may not have the patience to spend hours at night filling out campaign forms. At this point I am only in Phase 1 of the campaign. I’ve already stated the obvious. Winning the primary for phase two is highly unlikely. But if that lightening should strike……… out. I will make a splash in Washington. A Republican in Congress willing and even eager to state the obvious! The King is naked……..and ignorant……and threatening a ruinous world trade war and that’s not the half of it!

Do you disagree Pete Stauber? Tell us about it.