Why I will I file for Congress again tomorrow

Because I’m like Belgium. When the awesome and merciless army of Adolph Hitler overran their border to attack France they fought anyway and at great sacrifice. I sacrifice nothing by taking on a Donald Trump bootlicker.

Donald Trump won the Eighth District handily last year. As a Republican I knew this day would come. I just didn’t expect a shrewd but ignorant demagogue to be the catalyst for that change. Someone in the Republican Party needs to be Belgium and stand up to him.

Donald Trump is a minute by minute liar. He’s ripped off students at his “college”, contractors who work for him and has the moxie to call Washington DC a “swamp.” He has knifed a long time Republican message that was so common sensical that Bill Clinton stole it from them. Free Trade. Donald Trump flushed his entire Wharton’s Business School education down the toilet to begin a new trade war every bit as stupid as the one that halted world trade and gave us the Great Depression.

Its ironic but the Republicans were so mad at Clinton for stealing their idea that when he lied about getting frisky with his “of age” intern they impeached him and tried to remove him from office. But now Trump is badmouthing their free trade baby. Instead of outrage they have latched onto Trump like the leaches so many of them have become. Hypocrites!

And what of the honored Republican history of freeing the slaves? Donald Trump refused to sell homes to Negroes in the Sixties. In the Nineties he whipped up a modern-day lynch mob to put five innocent black kids accused of rape behind bars where they rotted for years. And a few years ago he lied through his teeth before the same cheering audiences who feed his ego calling our first African-American President a non American. The same people who swear that dinosaurs were all vegetarians swallowed that lie whole and swallowed it with gusto. They are the just like the 46 percent of Mississippi Republicans who want to make interracial marriage illegal again. Abraham Lincoln is turning in his grave.

The public ought to care and I want to know, what St. Louis County Commissioner Pete Stauber really thinks about this, crass, cowardly, cheating, ignoramus who sullies the name of the Party of Lincoln. Will Stauber go to Congress and become another toadie for such a man?

When I was little my mother used to tell me not to cry because my grandfather was shot in World War 1 and he didn’t cry. He faced bullets. I will only face ballots. My Grandfather fought with African Americans. After that war he would tell anyone who asked him that they were every bit as good as any other soldier. When, during World War 2, he was told his old college was planning not to enroll an American Japanese student he wrote them a shaming letter under the letterhead of the Kansas State Auditor. He told them to enroll the young American. That’s a Republican I can and do honor. The only Republicans willing to stand up to Trump today are dying of brain cancer. Sad!

I think I know what to expect on August 14th’s primary and its a damned shame. I won’t let that stop me. I couldn’t live with myself if I let a Trump cheerleader go unchallenged. That’s the sad thing about really good guy’s like Pete Stauber. They stick their fingers in the air to see which way the wind is blowing and then when Puerto Rico is flattened and a thousand people die they shrug their shoulders.

There are a lot of frogs in the Republican Party who float in their pot of water while the heat is being turned up. For any of them who care enough about America to jump out I’d be glad to have their vote.