Digging up Roots and Rocks and Cat Care

I just roughed out my next blog post. That one will be significant enough that I’d like it to be a little more polished before I share it with my “eight loyal readers”. (I’m so fond of you eight that I’ve mentioned you over 100 times in my posts.) Being loyal readers you know where my next post will take you. (On screen they call that “breaking the fourth wall”) So, this is a little filler to bridge my last diary entry over into what’s coming.

Whatever I do on Monday ON OR ABOUT NOON IN ST. PAUL I do not intend to deviate from my primary preoccupation since I turned 67 last December. I will continue studying French and reading French history. In a text I sent to one of my new French speaking text pals I’m going to try to make up for my Grandfather. He went to France in 1917. Even though he fought for the French 4th Army he never learned to parlez-vous much beyond “Mademoiselles from Armentières” who hadn’t been kissed for forty years.

I have had a couple distractions from France this week. One of our cats got a kidney infection which has required our attention. I gave her two days worth of fluids from a bag to keep her hydrated. I had to use a needle to do it and I hate needles. Claudia gave her antibiotics in pill form until she left to visit her father on Thursday. Her absence has required me to take over cat care and I’ve not been great at it. I forgot to take our cat to the vet for a follow up appointment on Thursday. I was engrossed in French. If you see Claudia don’t tell her. She never reads my blog so if she finds out I’ll know that one of you ratted me out. Besides, I made a new appointment for the next day and I didn’t forget that one.

As for today, I had to help dig a trench at my church to lay new wiring for the sign out front. I got almost two hours of digging and wheelbarrowing in before a heavy rain washed us out. I didn’t mind. More time to study French.