Blogger Fallibility Alert

I’ll keep correcting my mistakes as soon as you see um. I just commented that Forum Communications stock holders were put at risk with every step away from the ladder of journalism the Trib takes. I’ve been informed that its its a privately owned company. Presumably only high power owners/investors will take it in the shorts. Good. That makes me feel better.

It was Bob who corrected this for me. Bob took strong issue with a post a couple weeks ago and we had a heated exchange of emails but Bob was looking more for explanations than cheap shots and we settled down to a pretty rational discussion.

As this bit of misinformation on my part shows I’m not the fount of all knowledge. Furthermore, with so many folks trumpeting some aspects of the Red Plan that I don’t disagree with I feel no need to shout amen myself. I stick pretty much to the fire and brimstone qualities of the Plan that make it so Red.

My daughter just called to ask me what the sign out front meant and why for heaven’s sake its upside down. I told her that after reading the Trib this morning I got fed up and felt a compulsion to let the world beyond this blog know what inferior coverage its been providing. As for its being upside down. Well, that’s a distress signal. Every day for thirty years I spent an hour or more reading through the DNT. If I get past the letters to the editor these days that’s a minor miracle.

Its not just the Trib. My partner in berry picking (my Father-in-law) told me when he picked up our Trib that it looked just as insubstantial has his Florida daily has become. I talked with a person associated with the Two Harbor’s paper a few days ago. The paper has half the staff it did before Rob Karwath cleaned them out for Forum. What does that mean for local news?

Is anyone writing about how that community woke up to a financial disaster after building its new “cost saving” high school? Not if the Forum has anything to say about what constitutes news.