No way to make America Great Again

An old ally stopped communicating with me because I keep trashing Donald Trump. I don’t plan to stop any time soon. I’d not heard from this party since I suggested that they ignore my blog rather than send me emails calling Barack Obamma a “nigger.”

In the last few days I’ve gotten a flurry of emails touting the resurgence of America under Donald Trump and they include my old buddy’s toned down imprecations against our 45th President. Now Obama is “the kinky haired race baiter.” I guess that’s an improvement even though his replacement is doing his best to make 1600 Pensylvania a “s***hole” and a refuge for the alt-right.

It probably annoys my old pal that 49% of Americans give Obama the credit for recent upticks in our economy while only 40% give the credit to Trump. I’m with the former group although I’d say that a lot of the improvement is beyond any President’s control.

For my part I’m distressed that the abandonment of “All men are created equal” by Trump’s supporters has become so apparent. That’s no way to Make America Great Again.