Who’s Whoville?

This cartoon by Mike McKee of the Atlanta Constitution was in today’s DNT. It should not have surprised me that the Grinch has been used repeatedly for political cartoons which I discovered when typing “Cagle Cartoons” (where McKee’s work can be found) along with “Whoville” and Googling it.

McKee draws a Grinch-like Donkey disgustedly holding a newspaper with the headline “GOP Passes Tax Reform.” The cartoon has a bit of pseudo-Seussian doggerel:

The Dems hated tax cuts!
The whole tax cut reason!
Now please don’t ask why.
It bordered on treason!

I looked at some of McKee’s other work and a cursory view showed no preponderance of anti Democratic hits but I must say I disliked the word “treason” as McKee applied to the GOP tax law. The word might just as easily be used against the GOP and the billionaires who deny the nation sufficient financial support.

I much prefer the anti-Trump tone of my snow sculpture’s message. I also think it is far more in keeping with Dr. Seuss’s view of the world.

PS. I’m unlikely to do much blogging today. A snow-day has left me with grandchildren to entertain and Grandma Claudia decreed that tech had to end at 9:00. I’m five minutes over that. Yesterday I spent hours learning French and skipped blogging all together. I’m still evaluating how and where to spend my writing energy for the rest of this year. The Reader, a book, the blog…..I just have to work harder on returning to a more normal sleep pattern as too little sleep will defeat the purpose of writing to stave off dementia. Last night I was awake in bed for 4 and a half hours. I’ve got to keep the world’s troubles out of my head at night unless they are in my dreams.

Here’s some of my own verse:

Way down in Atlanda
The toon man McKee
Scrawled at backstab at Dems
and the Land of the Free