The deficiencies in her representation

During our time in Chambers the School District’s attorneys made it plain that they represented Gary Glass. Indeed, as I explained before they seemed to suggest he could have no other counsel if he was in opposition to the majority of his Board.

So, after our hearing when I was leaving the hallway I espied Ms. Torgerson, the School District’s attorney, having a conference with all other members of the School Board but Gary Glass huddled about her I asked her brightly if Gary Glass was permitted to join the conference. Ms. Torgerson shot me a look that could kill and sneered something to this effect: Get out of here!

I’m sure Ms. Torgerson would have welcomed Board member Glass into her conference had he approached. I, of course, am no longer a Duluth School Board member and have no business pointing out to her clients while they are in a public setting the possible deficiencies in her representation of a fellow school board member.