Snow Purge # 4

Loren’s column mentions the bad headlines which he posits are mostly the fault of the Red Plan’s aftermath. I’ve already blogged about the latest news story which I read last night. Readers will note that the Superintendent wants to blame the evaporation of our thin layer of reserve funding on the local Charter Schools. Piffle. Even the reporter seems to give this notion short shrift.

Last night, and all through the campaign, Art Johnston’s 4th District challenger has been scare mongering that if we sold Central to Edison Denfeld would close. Tosh!

This is informal data given to us from Bonnie Jorgensen (Edison’s head of schools) about where their 8th graders go when they leave the Edison system. As you can see, we are not talking HUGE numbers that will be taken away from Denfeld. Of the 3 years listed, it was 35, 24, and 22 students that chose to go to Denfeld each year. We are talking a 100 kid loss for 4 years at most. That will not close Denfeld or any school.

The numbers for East are 45, 65, and 60. 200 students from East.

That is hard, but not necessarily a crisis.

But sometimes scare mongering works. Let’s hope that it doesn’t work in this election.

It might be worth considering again what damage to ISD 709 we could stave off with $14.2 million should Edison tender that offer once again.