“good luck Harry and team!”

Tutorial 6 is in the air. It will be about Mike Jaros and me and it will be meant to be hopeful.

But I got home from church today and got a little whiff of hope in the form of a donation. As I mentioned in the Tutorial 5 post I learned that my Friday mailing had already been delivered yesterday – Saturday. Well one of the recipents couldn’t wait for the mail and saved themselves 54 cents postage. They stuck the return mail envelope in my mailbox while I was a church.

There was a note inside. It read:

“Good luck, Harry and team!

Thank you for all you have done. I still remember the first letter from you just after we moved to Duluth, and thinking: “if half the stuff this crazy guy is writing is true, this is terrible!”

All the best,


They enclosed a check for $100 dollars.

And for the record. What I told them in that first letter was far less than half of the terrible truth. We’ve got classes of 40 children to prove it.

Here’s that first letter. Gosh, was I ever prescient! – Except about winning in court.