Tutorial on a Harry Welty campaign Part 2

D. I knew there would be more alphabet coming:

So here’s what I’ve prepared to pass out. Picture One:

Each of the boxes once contained 500 business sized envelopes. Now they each contain roughly 200 envelopes each stuffed with my idea of intelligent campaign literature. (that’s coming). A rough estimate is that you see before you 2,000 pieces of literature on my office floor. In a night of watching television I can stuff about 400 to 500 envelopes. That is roughly what I have been passing out on a semi-daily basis for the past 40 days. I’ve passed out 8,000 pieces so the math doesn’t work. It works out to about 200 pieces a day and to cut myself some slack a lot of my early days were in neighborhoods that had big lawns that took longer for me to march across. Five hours of marching is not unusual followed by two or three hours of stuffing more envelopes at night and you cover about sixty percent of the time I put in to my campaigning.

In the picture you see two more items of interest.

First you see a box full of gift sacks with handles. Each has roughly 70 stuffed envelopes. It is much easier to hold them in this container than loose in my hand. This is what I can pass out solo on a good day.

Second you see three of the DFL/labor endorsed candidate post cards with very little information on the candidates. These examples were mailed out before the recent primary election. They function as prettified checklists to make sure voters don’t stray from the party’s ticket. They assume voters have no agency in choosing candidates and will base their votes on affiliation over competence.

As a long time ticket-splitter I have little but contempt for such content-free campaign stuff.