Rendezvous with Dana

Yesterday at the Lester Park Rendezvous was a long beautiful day. Dana Krigovorsky and I had set up Alanna Oswald’s canopy the night before but we arrived just after nine and set up tables, campaign lit, and Dana’s selection of kid attractors including jumping frogs, balloons and some chewy candy. The later would pull off a crown of one of my molars before the day was over. (No prob. I already had a dentist appointment scheduled for Monday and I have insurance.)

The lines are drawn. Even as the sister of one of the other side’s candidates bemoaned the stupidity of the school board dividing up into factions that process has hardened into cement. The other side’s materials could be found in the DFL booth’s literature a couple spots down from ours.

Kurt Kuehn reserved our booth. He’s running for the First District seat. You will find my signs paired with his along London Road.

Dana Krigovorsky and I are the At-large contingent for the non partisan school board race and you can see a few of our paired signs already although I have discouraged Dana from putting up too many yet. They are a bear to maintain and she has already noticed that her signs are beginning to disappear especially in the vicinity of large clusters of DFL candidates signs. As I recall she told me that she had replaced eight successive signs at the home of one such black hole. I’ve told her its coincidental but new candidates are usually extremely sensitive to the general rough and tumble of a political campaign especially when each sign costs five dollars.

We were so busy passing out balloons, frogs and, of course, my snow sculpture trading cards that we hardly caught a breath until about 1:30. I placed my cards in a messy heap and told the kids to pick out the one that appealed to them. It was like watching kids pick out penny candy in the old days.

Dana is short for Bogdona. Mike Jaros who speaks several Slavic languages told me it means “God’s gift.” If she is elected she surely will be mine. Although being in the minority for four years improved when we grew from two to three in the last election its still not much fun when the insiders seem to be, well, insiders. Over the past month it has seemed as if the DFL candidates who are not on the Board have had the benefit of inside knowledge that has not yet been shared with we three actual board members. Something may be cooking with the Central sale. At least one of the DFL challengers hinted about some machinations that we actual board members in the minority have yet to learn of. An 11th hour announcement, perhaps, to help the preferred candidates? If I found myself in the majority I don’t think that would be a concern any longer.

Dana doesn’t care if folks call her Day Na. Its pronounced Donna as is Bogdona.

Wish us well. We don’t have a political machine shoving us onto the board and we will work as hard as board members as we have worked as candidates.

CONFESSION. I asked for a DFL endorsement myself this year hoping my antipathy for Trump would count for something. Nope. It was the first time in 16 campaigns that l asked for it so complaining is probably just sour grapes on my part.