Tomorrow’s 3PM deadline – Cash please

Here we are with just under 24 hours to go and we’re still short. 1150 $20 bills would put us over the top. Are there 1,150 Central Grads who would drop a twenty into a fundraising bucket tomorrow? Are there that many people who believe their vote is sacred enough to do the same to put us over the top? Are there that many people who resent the heavy-handed way people’s homes have been taken by this “incurious” school board? I’d guess the answer is that there are easily and three or four times that many people living within a fifteen minute drive.

I can’t keep making calls asking for $1,000 or $500. I talked to one landlord who was on a roof repairing it. He’s got lots of vacancies. He said he would send us $20.00. Like a lot of other licensed rental property owners he’s hurting with vacancies galore and higher property taxes than ever. Thank you Red Plan and your ever increasing bonding. A year ago he could have kicked in a grand easily. Today he’s doing his own roofing.

I’m heading to an LDV meeting tonight where some of us might agree to put a little bit more in the kitty but not twenty-three grand. We need cash. Checks won’t clear in time but a crisp or wrinkled bill is as good as gold.

I’ll raise the possibility of setting up a bucket where donors can bring cash. Could the Central High face book’s get the word out? I don’t know. Would Duluthians ask their friends to turn over twenties and then drive them up to a spot where they can be dumped in? I don’t know. Let Duluth Vote’s volunteers are operating on fumes. I went on California without my head last week. It was stuck back here in Duluth. We are all that stand between the demolition of Ordean, Central and the rights of voters.

I’m sure there are 10,000 people rooting for us but we’re pooped. We need more than applause.