Ruckus on the Editorial Board (My theory)

If I was a good journalist I’d call a couple people rather than read between the lines. But I’m a school board member so I’ll pass on that knowing that, in the case of the Trib and the Red Plan, I’m in good company.

I did not object to losing the Trib’s endorsement. I’ve been elected without it and I understand they are thin skinned about my accusation they dropped the investigative ball on the Red Plan……covering their arse’s is now “moving on.”

But their placing an attack on my by my aggrieve old friend Mike Miernicki three days before the primary and denying me a chance to rebut him was simply unfair.

I sent them a hot reply to Mike which they refused to run on the grounds that their coverage of the primary was over.

Shortly after I posted my nixed retort in my blog I got a cc’d copy of an email that had been sent to what looked like all the members of the Editorial Board. I thought a blog reading citizen had agreed with my thinking and sent her support of me to them as a rebuke. She wrote “VERY WELL DONE. You’re “the MAN”!

I don’t always keep track of names very well and I couldn’t recall the names of all the seven or so folks who interviewed me at the Trib’s offices. One of their names came up in today’s announcement of the replaycement of one of their “citizen” board members: “… the term of citizen representative Nancy Lanthier Carroll comes to a close.”

It was Nancy Carroll who sent her blistering comment to her fellow Editorial Board members and me. I don’t think it was her disagreement with them that led to her abrupt departure. It was sharing it with me and embarrassing the other Editors. That’s the same way the Duluth School District is inclined to treat the airing dirty laundry. You end up on the Human Resources Agenda as a “resignation” or “termination.”

That’s one more reason for re electing me. I’ll tell you more than the Trib will. In fact, you’ll learn more about our schools from me while I’m on the School board by about a factor of 10 over what you will learn from the Trib. Ink, newsprint and reporter’s health insurance cost too much for complete coverage.