Gary Westorff has a grievance

Gary is one of the Education Minnesota union leaders and was rumored to be likely to file for the Duluth School Board election. He makes a lot of money representing the union. A friend complained to me today that the President of Education Minnesota makes $200,000 a year while the Minnesota Commissioner of Education only makes $150,000. I told my friend that this was probably true in every state in the nation.

I suspect Gary makes as much as the Commissioner. That may be why Education Minnesota is planning to raise dues in light of the Supreme Court case that may not go their way.

As you can see Westorff is angry that I claim to be a former teacher. In fact, I told the Editorial Board one of my chief motivations for being on the School Board was my utter failure as a teacher long ago when teachers were so common School District’s threw them in the water like suspected witches in Medieval times to see whether they would sink or swim.

I also made light of my credentials for the biography Education Reporter Jana Hollingsworth asked me to send her. I was surprised how safe I sounded like in her story for tomorrow compared to what I sent her. This is what she got from me and cleaned up to make me sound more respectable. As you can see I didn’t tout my being a great teacher:

Hello School Board candidates,

We are putting together a preview story to run before the Sept. 12 primary, and would like each of you to provide the following:

Age (this will run in September, 1-2 weeks before the primary, so consider an upcoming birthday)

I was born in 1950 which makes me 66 years of age. I’ve outlived my Father by four years.


Unsuccessful, long retired teacher, unpublished author, Stay-at-home Dad, Politician who lost 13 of 16 previous elections, If it’s true that we learn from our mistakes mine is a formidable intellect.

Family situation if applicable (partner or spouse, kids and where they go to school, for example)

Grandfather of two boys aged 7 and 10 who attend Northstar Academy. Father of two graduates of East High School, one a teacher in Two Harbors, the other in his last year of doctoral studies in Physics and Chemistry at Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri. Also, a heavy cross for my better half, Claudia Scott Welty, to bear.

By the way – I am donating to the serious school board candidates who know something of what our District faces and are tough minded and honest enough to win over our public to the cause of fixing the problems past school boards have inflicted on our children. I have put my money where my mouth is. So far half of my yearly stipend for being a school board member has been donated to them.

Gary is a generous contributor as well. So far he’s given Rosie Loeffler-Kemp $500 but he’ll have to dig deeper than that into his six figure income to match me.

NOTE: The Welty campaign could use a little help. Consider donating here at: