And my friend sent me this story as well. And if anyone wonders….

…I would absolutely join the union rather than simply pay “fair share.”

On the other hand I can understand how the teacher’s union ran afoul of the new Republican Party forty years ago when it took such a pro choice stand with the dues of a lot of pro life teachers. I say that as someone who is about as pro choice as anyone I’ve ever met as my category on “abortion” makes clear.

By the way here are a couple of the comments I got at yesterday’s Labor Day picnic.

“Why didn’t you sell Central High to the charter school?”

“I don’t think teachers should be on school boards.”

As to the latter matter I simply said state law gives them the right. Its up to the voters to decide if there is a conflict of interest worthy of denying teachers that right. It would take a brave soul to vote against contract increases for your teaching colleagues.