I got waxed continued – the DNT > DFL editorial slam

After Claudia got home from a wedding shower and I joked how I’d been waxed she asked if I’d read the DNT editorial lambasting the DFL for endorsing candidates for “non partisan” offices. I hadn’t. Just read it. I disagree although I am sympathetic with the editorial and that’s not because I only got about 10 percent of the delegates vote. But – I have to get ready for church. I have a long summer to upend the DFL endorsees running for the School Board. Its not because they are bad people. Its because they now represent a kind of insular “group think” that is out of step with the people I talk to throughout Duluth on the issue of public education.

Mercifully, now that I am not endorsed I no longer have to abide by my promise not to speak ill of the short comings of the DFL endorsees. Maybe that’s the “ugly” campaign the Superintendent warned one of the non endorsed candidates about.