Dayton’s money for Duluth’s Schools

From an email from a friend from my Let Duluth Vote days:

From the Lt Gov letter:

“Our budget proposal would provide Duluth public schools an additional $7.4 million in funding to hold down class sizes, maintain facilities, and expand access to early learning. ”

Its a shame the State has to give Duluth money for the first two items, those are basic responsibilities of any district.

How would Duluthians feel say if Rochester gussied up all their schools and then received State tax dollars because they couldn’t keep up their new schools?

If all districts receive the same money then fine but otherwise it is a bailout of some bad, very bad decisions.

Here was my email reply:

Interesting. I can’t disagree with you. I hadn’t seen the letter but it’s what Art [Johnston] has been telling me we should be asking for because the state didn’t perform it’s due diligence overseeing the Red Plan.

Selfishly, for 709’s future, I can’t disagree. But I never saw that being in the cards. Even now I find it hard to believe that a GOP legislature will let that go into effect.

One last thought. $7 million would be nice but it’s a pittance compared to the annual bite the Red Plan’s theft from our general fund encumbers us with.