Busy Monday

This is another one of those “where do I begin” posts. Unlike yesterday which was busy from 9AM till 9:30PM I only have two meetings scheduled today. The first is at 4:30 and regards private student issues then a second will be held at 7PM at Denfeld to discuss Denfeld’s fate with Denfeld parents. At least I’ll have the morning and early afternoon to work on some other projects.

Ah but yesterday:

9AM was strictly personal with a financial advisor. Sorry, Data private.

Followed by some Catch up reading time on Denfeld here (the DNT Editorial Board is paying attention) and here (The Denfeld Parent’s take) and Tire mulch here and here (which is my take) BTW – although some of the parents are reportedly unhappy with the Zenith mulch story I found it thorough and accurate even if it leans a little less heavily than I do on mulch replacement.

By the way, on the subject of Tire Mulch I heard something astounding yesterday which I have yet to confirm. In 1952 ISD 709 was left a significant bequest which was intended to be used on play spaces. This money has been around for all this time and could be put to the use of replacing the tire mulch. Its only a little over $100,000 (0ne/sixth of the likely cost) but this is the first I’ve heard of this. That seems to be quite an oversight considering the brouhaha the mulch issue has caused for the past year and a half.

1:20 Reading at Piedmont in three Kindergarten Classes. Read many classics. Pig Pig Grows up, Hazel’s Amazing Mother and Me First among others.

2:30 to the School District’s Business office for two hours pouring through the 2014 legal billing of my favorite law firm Rupp and Company. Very Interesting. We got billed a lot by the firm for offering advice on how to deal with data requests. In July of 2014 it looks that such advice cost us over $8,000.00!!!!! I guess the advice was not to give any data out considering that Art Johnston’s dozen data requests were pretty much ignored. Although, to be fair, I should note that the Business Office once told Art they would provide some data if he paid them $2,500.00.

What a wonderful change our new CFO Doug Hasler is proving to be. He wrote me a letter spelling out how to treat the Rupp billing. As an elected official I can be trusted to look at it as is. Should I wish to publicize any of the information I need only designate the pages and then the Administration will redact private data and leave the rest for a public viewing. That wasn’t hard. It never should have been.

When I got home Claudia was gone to her internship helping out at Central Hillside United Ministry. That left me to attend a 5:30 gathering held in 709’s Board Room about the trampling by Mein Trumpf of immigrants in the new America:

Take back your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed away,
As I snuff out my lamp beside the golden door!”