Blog Housekeeping cont.

For the past few days I’ve been attacking the posts that have such nonsense as these in them: €œ,‘€, –, é, €™, Â

I don’t know how many posts include these nasties that can make old posts unbearable to read. It could be somewhere between 900 and 6,000.

Neither do I fully understand how they intruded themselves into the blog. Some may have entered when my blog’s spellcheck failed and I began typing them up in my computer’s composition software. I wonder if when I brought them back there was some miscommunication between the software of my computer and WordPress software. At any rate I’ve corrected about 200 old posts for which the apostrophe’s were replaced with this: €™. Its taken seven or eight hours and I may have another 700 posts left to remove them from……or more.

I’ve also started checking out the posts in the category “uncategorized.” These happen when I fail to designate a category for a newly written post to be associated with when I push “upload.” I don’t often forget but with nearly 20,000 posts over the past decade it happens.
There might be 200 posts that I’ve forgotten to categorize since 2006. I periodically recategorized them from 2006-2011 but its been about seven years since I last did this.

I’ve put a lot of myself in this blog and every time the Wordsoft folks make changes I’m slow to update the software. In December of 2015 I messed up an update and ignored my blog until I thought my Blog was dead and that I would never be able to add new posts to it. I was in Israel at the time and preoccupied. Four or five years ago I estimated there were 3 million in lincolndemocrat. God knows how many there are now. They take effort to keep orderly.

I am bending my will to make corrections in anticipation of both my run for reelection this fall. I also want to make it more easy for me to search through my post so that I can pick out material I’ve written previously for some of the various books, as yet unwritten, that might speed up my book writing. I’m also correcting typos and misspellings some of which snuck in when my blog’s spellcheck stopped working.

Even this entry along with others in the “Blog Housekeeping” category is part of my record keeping. I feel better knowing there are explanations for why human error keeps creeping into my blog. They have nothing to do with me, of course!