Princess Leia’s 15 minutes of fame

In addition to Reddit Jabba snowed up on CBS stations coast to coast. Friends from church called me this morning to say that KDLH’s little story popped up on their motel TV in California. The story that Destination Duluth covered was on a New York Station.

The New York station even did a follow up on their website saying that I had made good on my promise to build Princess Leia with the fresh snow we got last week. If you look close Leia is pure as the driven while old Jabba is appropriately dingy after a couple of weeks letting dust particles migrate to his surface.

I figure that if she was standing the princess would be nine feet tall. But she’s also petite. I came home from a funeral yesterday and saw her head listing dangerously to the North on her tiny neck. I put some fresh snow in a bucket and brought it inside to melt for patching. Then I took a small hand saw and decapitated the Princess. She may be dainty but he’s also pretty hardly. I put her head back on in a more fetching southerly tilt and gave her a hidden neck brace for good measure.