“That’s a word I don’t like one damned bit.”

Yesterday a friend sent me a pointed message about an issue completely unrelated to the subject of this post. He then put in a gratuitous word that pisses me off and one which even the southern politicians of my youth intentionally mispronounced, “nigra,”
to hide what they really called black folks when they weren’t on camera.

The times I’ve heard the word used are few and far between because people know better. The first time I was shocked to hear it it was spit out by a preschooler.

Here’s what I saw in my inbox:

“It’s not the Russians doing this, it’s that goddamn nigger Obama.”

Here was my reply:

“That’s a word I don’t like one damned bit. You and I don’t see eye to eye on everything and that’s OK. If you read my blog you know I’m not looking forward to the new administration. I’ve got my own colorful language for its leader. He seems to have made that word a lot more popular than it used to be.


I detest Donald Trump. Unlike Pandora I see little hope coming out the box of crap he’s opened up. I’m prepared to stand corrected but so far our President Elect has given future Dylann Roof’s more ammunition.

I understand but don’t buy the justification my friend sent me after my rebuke for blaming Obama on worsening race relations:

You are right. Obama has set back race relations 50 years and has no remorse for doing so. He brought the whole thing on himself…nobody I know thought anything about the color of his skin. Then he started in on this black over white shit and never stopped. Respect is something you earn, you don’t just get it, my father taught me. ‘Bama has not earned respect, but gained [disdain] by his sharp tongue and attitudes. He is sticking a great big dagger in the people of my life-long homeland and that of my parents and grandparents by blocking the extension of mineral exploratory leases for Twin Metals. More teaching whitey a lesson. That’s why I feel the way I do about him.

I’ve got to get to church but before the day is out I’d like to mention one more local detail relating to the movie Claudia and I watched on Friday – Hidden Figures. I’m surprised I’ve not read about it in the DNT yet but its well worth telling. Its a little more uplifting.