Lenny Cohen

I’m always getting teed off with my Buddy and vice versa. Its amazing how we go on and get over our spats. Then he sends me something like this New Yorker story on the song writer Leonard Cohen.

Being subject to brief moments of the lachrymose I got teary not long after reading this lengthy piece about the singer concerning his message to an old lover on the eve of her death. I decided there and then to post the whole article which obliged me to read the whole thing. That was a mistake. Its a New Yorker article after all and I’m not that interested in a famous song writer that I can only identify one song with.

That it was sung on the last Saturday Night Live by Kate McKinnon who seemed almost apologetic for helping bring about Hillary Clinton’s defeat made a link to the Cohen story that much more seductive. Ah, But the story was written by a fan and chronicled decades of the song writer’s progress finding himself. Bleah!