Dear Readers,

There is a movie out based on a book I haven’t read. Its about the relationship between Thomas Wolfe, a protean American writer I’ve never read, and his editor Max Perkins. Its called Genius. It’s based on a book that sounds more interesting than the only review of the movie I’ve read leads me to believe the movie will be.

I am a little envious of Wolfe having an editor. I crank out a lot of verbs and adjectives myself. I tossed in protean in the first sentence here without quite having its proper definition in my head. I was thinking it meant copious and grandiose but its closer to ever changing and fluid. Sadly, I am my own editor. And since coming back from Israel in January I’ve attempted to be a more careful editor working hard to stamp out typos and lazily constructed sentences.

That may be part of the reason I’ve slowed my output in the past week. It could also be that a recent controversy has blown over or that its summer or that I want to attend to other writing projects or that a week ago running across the name Bancroft in the Meacham book on Andrew Jackson pulled me into a a search for more history books that I have since ordered online. Reading is a great way to escape from writing while also putting ideas for blog posts in my head. Whatever combination of reasons I’m leaving to take my grandsons to the Minnesota Science Museum in fifteen minuets (never trust spell check) to see the exhibition on Mummies. So, sorry. I’ve got nothing for you and those recent posts I started will just have to sit unattended to until I get back.

When I do resume maybe I will tell you how not to use the herbicide Roundup. Please close your eyes when driving past my front yard.