If the ostrich sticks its head in the sand do the troubles go away?

Apparently the Trib’s online comment section on the Ordean closing got shut down pretty rapidly as though the Trib was reluctant to print so much negative comment. Someone sent me the link and I found some pretty cogent criticism. (Including a smart put down by a guy named Harry) This comment stuck out because it explains the small turn out. The fewer people who know about the meetings the fewer will attend. An ostrich would like that.

I’ve wondered about the school districts claim of community involvement in their decision making process for the Red Plan. I checked the district web site for the upcoming meeting and events schedule yesterday, Feb. 2nd. The schedule lists four events for Jan. and none (0) for every month after. I e-mailed the district and got a reply that it “should” be on the site. I replied back, that it isn’t. I then received a reply that upcoming Feb. meetings are listed in the Jan. section of the site in the Jan. 30th file. The Feb. 2nd, coffee and conversation meeting was on the list, but, who was going to find that information? Last night, I heard that there is a meeting Tues., Feb. 3rd, and one of the topics concerns school boundaries. This meeting isn’t even on the Feb. list I located in the Jan. file. How do you get, or even claim true community involvement when you put out schedules in this manner?