Put infirm seniors in our unsafe schools

School Board Chair Nancy Nilsen sent this communication to her fellow school board members. It was written on the Progressive Action listserve which is supposed to be kept privileged. She evidently wanted her fellow Board members to know how she’s dealing with us pesky Red Plan skeptics.

As for what should be done with our old schools which are unsafe for our children and energy inefficient to boot here’s what Nancy wants to do with them:

“I would really like to see some of the excess school buildings be turned into elderly care facilities. Hopefully some of the educated students we are graduating from our public schools will take up the nursing profession and help care for the elderly. We are going to need them. I tried to get my daughter, who is 19, to go into the nursing field, but she decided to become a Social Worker and help abused children. Sadly, we need people in that area as well.”