Reports of the passing of Pasek Drugs are exaggerated

My letter did have one bit of misinformation. Pasek Pharmacy lives on. That’s how I learned that my letter was in the paper. The new owner called and corrected me – very nicely I might add. He said he would send me a Pasek Teddy Bear and will now work to correct my report that the drug store is closed.

I told him that just after I wrote of his drug store’s demise that I saw an ad for the new drug store which is located just below the old YWCA. I asked him if the paper corrected my death notice (because of yesterday’s blizzard the Trib has yet to arrive at my house) and he told me they hadn’t.

I better make my mea culpa more public. If I get a teddy I’ll take a picture and post it before giving it to my grandson.