A turkey – the third day in a row with over 1,100 visitors

So a little more on the campaign front to keep folks interested.

I spent yesterday morning finishing up the last few homes on Park Point. It was a lovely day and I found willing takers for Loren Martell and Alanna Oswald signs all the way to the end of the Point. In the afternoon I tackled Arlington Avenue. Signs fairly few out of my car. These folks have not forgotten Central High’s fate despite many calls by Red Planners to Move forward.

At one home a burly young man asked me what happened to his East High. He had been gone to the service for a decade and was astonished to discover what had happened to his old alma mater. His reaction was the same as many others. Why was the high school located in his old junior high?

At the end of the day I stopped by the candidate’s forum at the School Board Room for a couple minutes. Denfeld and East students organized it with a heavy emphasis on the minority students who have fared so poorly in our schools lobbing questions at the candidates. I only stayed for one round of questions but thought Alanna’s explanation about the importance of school to her must have rung true with the students present. School was her home away from home. All the cuts to our schools since her graduation make that more problematic today.

Perhaps the most notable thing about Alanna is her deep knowledge of just how things operate in the schools. She recently got the master class schedules for Duluth’s two high schools and poured through them to make comparisons. She hasn’t shared her study with me but at the forum she pointed out at least one of the differences to East’s advantage over Denfeld. There are many more. I asked her to send me a summary of her discoveries. Much more on this in a day or two.

Here’s the Trib’s story on the forum. There will be another candidate forum tonight at Myers Wilkens Elementary School at 5.