Art Drops his lawsuit

The Trib’s report

I’ll have a lot to say about this tomorrow morning.

While I’m chewing on this let me just say this:

My colleagues tried to get rid of Art as though he was a non tenured teacher on probation and not a colleague who had been elected by the voters of his District. They censured me because I revealed to the public our attorneys warning of great turmoil and expense with no guarantee of ultimate success. After they censured me they ignored our attorney and spent up to a quarter million dollars to remove Art leading to the discrediting of the entire Board. Three of the board members who inflicted censure and pain decided not to run for reelection in the face of community displeasure. One tried to find a way to get an extra year on the Board without having to face voters.

They relied on the testimony of a known liar despite my warning that this would be a mistake. They turned their back on appeals for peace. Their only solace was bleeding Art Johnston dry financially.

It may sound like I have little but contempt for my colleagues. In fact, I have only pity for them.

They have left us with a new ethics policy every bit as unconstitutional as the one the Judge hearing our case found fault with. It targets me specifically. If I tell the whole story they claim the right to remove me from the school board. I guess I don’t blame them for wanting to shut me up. Nothing that can be written about the last year and a half is flattering to anyone……..except possibly, Art Johnston. Art still has a strong case not withstanding the positive spin from attorney Skelten. I’m personally grateful that he is letting it drop – No thanks to the Duluth School Board’s majority.

More on this tomorrow.