Damning Letters-to-the-Editor

In addition to the headline Dr. Dixon could not have liked reading two letters to the editor in the paper today:

Marcia concluded:

And now a bit of advice:

The district should forget the strategy sessions and the big public relations plan to sell the operating levy referendum this fall. Duluth citizens will have an opportunity to vote and will voice their anger and disgust with the administration, School Board loyalists and Johnson Controls.

Keith added:

I am the parent of a former Lincoln Park middle-school student. It is my belief the reason for closing that school was heat. Duluth School Superintendent Keith Dixon and the School Board were getting too much heat for the red plan. So they used the oldest political trick in the book: When the voters are angry over something elected officials have done the elected officials choose a segment of the populace and put the screws to it. Then the general public feels a little vindicated, and it gives the elected officials time to catch their breath to continue the fight.

It worked. Before the closing of Lincoln Park, I saw a minimum of one letter a day in the Readers’ Views on the subject. Afterward, it dwindled to one a week or less.