The gadfly’s gadfly bites my haunches again

From: [Harry’s Buddy]
Date: 05/04/2015 7:01 PM (GMT-06:00)
To: Harry Welty
Subject: A letter on my making an ass of myself at



I’ve never had much truck for those would subvert our election processes through misinformation, vote rigging or vote buying on the scale of the Koch Brothers.

The Koch Brothers buy votes? Pray tell how that happens; and if it does, whether and how such behavior is peculiar to the Koch Brothers. And you complain that Art Johnston’s character is being assassinated?

I suggest that you damage your credibility when you resort to bullshit.

[Your Buddy]

My Reply:


That was an ill considered phrase. “Advertisement buying” would have been more accurate than vote buying.

I wrote this letter month’s ago to have an arch liberal critic of mine back off her attack on me. Altering my text after the fact would have been dishonest. I was pretty sure that she would have regarded the Koch boys much like I do – as multi billionaires with too much financial leverage in the ideological arena for the Nation’s well being. I should have said that but didn’t.

That, however, wasn’t the chief point of my letter. It was human frailty and foibles. I guess you could say my overstatement where the Koch’s are concerned is but another example of that.