So much to do, so little time to do it

Its a minute shy of noon. I opened my School Board inbox without any enthusiasm to see what is in it. I’ve peeked at it a couple times in recent weeks but I’ve not gone back to read through all the email. You will see that I responded belatedly to one recent corespondent. I may have a couple emails back to me relating to the one I sent my fellow Board members the day before on the teacher’s contract. I’ll check them out before tonight’s meeting but, again, without enthusiasm.

I’m still pursuing my priorities in order. Family first, School district stuff second. Yesterday afternoon I went back to the church (Does that count as family? As an agnostic I’m not even a member although when I was working low to the ground on the Habitat project my pastor saw me and said with delight that she rejoiced to see my on my knees) I had primed some large arched windows on Saturday and needed to cover them with brown paint to match the other windows. I’d spent yesterday morning tucking everything in my patio out of the way next to our sun room.

That may be for naught. I only discovered a month ago that a leak down my sidewalk that I had blamed on all the snow and rain earlier in the year was actually a leak in the plumbing leading up to our house. I’ve been given 14 days by the city to find a contractor to excavate and repair the leak. Unfortunately they are all loaded up with late fall repairs. The first one I called told me they were so busy they stopped taking new jobs two months ago. If its not fixed it will leave the potential for an impressive skating rink at my intersection all winter.

If they do fix it I might have to tear up my flowerbeds, patio and a wooden fence we installed ten years ago. Its a disheartening prospect. As for this afternoon I plan on doing more fun family stuff. Our church will have a “trunk or treat” next Saturday for folks who prefer that to treating down their streets. We decorate our cars and we decided to do the Ghostbuster thing. Claudia will be the Staypuff Marshmellow Man. I’ve got to turn our Traverse into the Ghostbuster vehicle. Then I may have to turn our daughter’s car into Jabba the Hut or the Death Star. They are working on the Starwars theme. Maybe I’ll find some time for school board stuff. I woke up a couple times last night thinking about it but with great difficulty forced myself back to sleep. It makes for a late wake-up getting one’s sleep with wakeful interruptions in the middle of night.

As the previous email/post indicates we’ve got our work cut out for us. I’m not looking for quick, easy solutions and I’m no longer willing to sacrifice family time to rush what hurrying can’t speed up anyway.