The condition of African Americans in Duluth

Its not great.

First there is this in the Trib today.

On the reading test, black students, who make up 8.5 percent of the district’s enrollment, were 27 percent proficient while white students, making up 80.5 percent of enrollment, were nearly 64 percent proficient.

Then there is this on the opinion page. The “conservative” view. The “liberal” view.

Then there is the still lingering question of whether Duluth police, like so many of their brethern in other US cities, are more prone to pull over African American drivers than European appearing drivers. The Chief of Duluth’s police did not dispute this when he replied to my buddy after my buddy sent him this post from my blog. The chief simply said that there is more to the story. I my find about this “more” soon. My new black friend Tim apparently intends to invite the Chief and me to a sit down over a cup of coffee. I told Tim I’d welcome such a get together. Since we can’t seem to give our black kids a decent education maybe we can at least speed their progress though Duluth’s streets.

Ah, There is so much I’d like to blog about right now but its a sunny day and I don’t have much time left this year to clean out the dry rot under my eves which sprung up after last year’s ice dams.