Putting ISD 709 out of my head…

…yeah, Sure.

I said in a recent post that I planned to spend a couple days in Florida not thinking about the District. Well that worked for the first day until I got a phone call from a concerned teacher followed by an ally. Thinking about the District took up my mind for the rest of that day and moments from that point on no matter what else I was doing, attending church, dining out, deep sea fishing even. Except when I was reading.

I finished the Pulitzer winner The Bully Pulpit on the flight out and began an engrossing book Lincoln’s Boys. Tonight a day after returning to Duluth I’m sixty-one pages away from finishing that one. That’s far enough along that I added it to my reading list page for 2014. I’ll finish it tomorrow.

I’ve had another mentally taxing day. I went out for coffee with one of my fellow Board members and we spent four hours talking. I only have one more Board member left to meet with one on one and she has agreed to do the same. As I try to sort out what to do to set the Duluth School District on the right course I’m keen to compare how other good politicians got things done. Bully Pulpit gave me two examples in William Howard Taft and Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln offers me another. I’m going with Lincoln.

Zeitz’s book is yet another superlative book on Lincoln and especially the initial writers of his many early biographies. I’ve been devouring it. There is much I’d like to write about it but my brain was doing well to put this brief posting out. Maybe I’ll add a bit more tomorrow although that day will be busy too.

Oh yeah, Despite dismal postings My April visitors managed to top my much busier March Blog. I almost feel guilty for my silence.