Republican rebirth?

Our former Governor, Tim Pawlenty, who seemed pained to throw red meat at the Republicans he was courting in his failed bid for the Presidential nomination now shows in his retiring years that the red meat has turned rancid.

According to Don Davis’s Capitol Chatter Pawlenty said this:

“The Republican Party, I think, is going to need newer leadership, more dynamic leadership and leadership that’s genuinely interested in earning the support of those groups (it now does not serve) and has policies and the ability to go out and market and earn the support of those groups,” he told USA Today. –

Many months ago my eight loyal readers must have been astonished when I wrote that I might once again begin attending Republican precinct caucuses. After eight years attending DFL caucuses and being impressed at how much the Democrats venerated Abraham Lincoln. I think I need to return with some of the Democrats yeasty Lincoln starter to see if I can bake a little sourdough once again in the Grand Old Party.

Goodness knows I don’t expect to be greeted with open arms after six years of expressing my dismay with Republicans. Don’t believe me? Just check the endless posts in “God’s Own Party” (619 posts) or “Good Republicans.” (132 posts)

After twenty years of being maligned for being a RINO I think it may be time to put my alleged horn to use.