Another Republican King

For almost twenty years Iowan Steve King has been a rock ribbed “conservative” Republican in Congress. Calling him a conservative or a Republican should be an injustice to either term and King finally wore out his Republican credentials a short time ago by saying White Supremacy is what he learned in his school history books. He may very well fail to win reelection this November. Here is a story from the hertland not from Huffpost or CNN. It comes from the Sioux City Journal.

King is one of those creatures who have been freed by President Trump to be become the very worst specimen of what Americanism gone wrong is like.

Hurricane Dorian is bearing down on my father in laws home

If Hurricane Dorian doesn’t turn by Labor Day it will come ashore around Palm Beach where my Father-in-law resides. Friends came by to put up his hurricane storms today. A few hurricanes ago all sorts of houses in his development, which is a few miles from the beach, had blue tarps over gashes in their roofs. Hurricanes have been coming with a vengeance to all the region around the Gulf and Caribbean in recent years. I wrote about two of them that glanced off Florida a fifteen years ago in a Reader column.

I wasn’t explaining the changes overtaking the Earth that are bringing this about. Instead, I twitted Republicans. I wrote, “This is not very surprising as Florida takes a Republican inspired, hands-off attitude about government regulation.” Trump’s vacation White House Maralago is just a short distance from my Father-in-law’s home. It is on the beach. The locals hate it when he comes to town because the traffic is tied up. I’ve read that Trump grifted an Insurance Company out of $17 million by claiming Hurricane damage that never took place. At least it wasn’t FEMA money! The President has directed FEMA to spend it on building a border wall in Mexico instead of their usual responsibilities. He didn’t give a rip about Puerto Rico but we’ll see what he does if Maralago takes a real hit. Maybe we’ll be for a second round of grifting.

Applying online to be a substitute teacher

Last January I began the process of applying to be a Substitute teacher in the Duluth School District. Then I found out Claudia would need heart surgery and a nursemaid for some months afterwards during her recuperation.

I am feeling at loose ends and realize the Duluth District is desperate for subs at the moment. I just resumed the online application process. Apropos a recent blog post and news story I pass this along this question I was asked to my eight loyal readers. I am about to finish my application.

* Have you ever entered a plea of guilty or been convicted of a misdemeanor (ex. DWI), gross misdemeanor, or a felony? Yes No

If yes, please explain the nature of the charge(s) and the circumstance(s).
If yes, explain, giving date(s), cities and counties where convicted.

Please Note: A conviction will not necessarily bar you from employment. Facts, such as date of occurrence and rehabilitation will be considered. This information will be used only for job-related purposes and only to the extent permitted by applicable law.

A rule you ignore at your peril

Its one thing for the boss to blindside his subordinates like President Trump does with every tweet. Its quite another for a subordinate to blindside his or her bosses. That was a rule I learned right away from my fellow school board members even before I was first elected to the school board in 1995. So, I am left scratching my head that David Kirby and Rosie Loeffler-Kemp are so silent, repeatedly, when their employee, the superintendent of schools, puts them in the public eye with their pants down.

I’ve ridden on the elevator with Mr. Horton. He is a very personable fellow. There is a big “but” here. When Dr. Tony Kinkel, executive director of the Minnesota Board of School Administrators, correctly explains that people can learn from their mistakes I am at a loss. I’m not sure Mr. Horton has learned from his mistake. He’s had a third strike just two years ago. I’m hearing crickets from the two most recent school board chairs. They were similarly zipper-lipped when Art Johnston collected $55,000 from the School Board for the District’s refusing to hand over public data to him while he was a school board member! That severe penalty was unprecedented. Of course, Rosie was part of the cabal that saw nothing wrong in keeping Art in the dark in the first place and then was so eager to remove him that she squandered two teachers worth of salary in a thwarted attempt to remove him. And for what? For assaulting the Superintendent despite the Superintendent’s public denial that he had been assaulted. At least, David Kirby had nothing to do with that nonsense.

I am looking forward to finding a superintendent who doesn’t have the attitude Supt Gronseth shared with me…that he viewed his job as protecting the School District from the school board. Just maybe, he had that backwards.

Mowing my weeds and a mighty Yawn

I’m writing this at 10:40 AM Thursday but I’d prefer people pay more attention to my contempt for Donald Trump the (gacck …. President of the United States) in the previous post for another ten hours before posting the rest of this. So, come back later for the rest.


My plan yesterday was to come back today with a significant pile of returned envelopes from my recent fundraising mailing; take a picture of it and post it. I explained that a 1% return could be expected or about 20 letters. Three to five should have come back today. Before going to the PO I had half an hour to kill so I decided to mow my lawn or as the title suggests, my weeds. The end of summer has been dry and my grass has turned brown and stopped growing. The grass didn’t need a mowing but the weeds shot up. I don’t want to disappoint any passing voters who are fussy about yard work. I’m a diligent campaigner when I’m on top of the world.

There will be no photograph today showing me reaping the rewards of my compelling message. There was only an advert in the PO box. A Mighty Yawn indeed.

There was a lot more I meant to write but that was this morning. Eleven hours on I have more pressing concerns like feeding my cat. Sorry if I led you on.

One day beyond “nada”

I don’t spend a lot of time being discouraged. Too much to do. But I’ll postpone my book writing for another update of life and politics. First, having mentioned my kitchen remodling I’ll show you the minute long video tour of the almost finished kitchen from a couple days ago. It generated a number of friendly comments on my personal Facebook Page which is not the same as my school board page: Harry Welty Give’m Helty.

Its finally finished. Last night I painted the newly resurfaced areas of the dining room wall that leads into the kitchen. We had the door widened to better bring the rooms together. Today one of my Mother’s paintings will be reframed and hung in the dining room. Its always been one of my favorites.

And Summer’s over! My grandsons are back in school. I will have fewer reasons to be distracted from book writing except that I will continue to feel obligated to comment about the schools, Trump, and the school board campaign on the blog. The man in the middle of that list keeps trying to suck up all the oxygen in the room. No problem with the Amazon burning, diverting FEMA money to wall building just before another hurricane has set its course for Puerto Rico, telling subordinates to break laws to get the wall built by the next election because he will pardon them for their crimes. And that’s just the last ten seconds.

With Trump along I hardly have room in my head for campaigning but I’ll try to eke out a few words. My Mother’s art has stood me in good stead. I got one envelope today from a person who wanted a lawn sign…..but not a book. She told me she loved my snowsculptures. I’ll take that. BTW here’s the latest Reader Ad with my artwork that you should find in tomorrow’s edition:

The sole return envelope I found today had to have been dropped in the mail on Saturday (the day after it was received and) before the Duluth PO sent it to be postmarked in St. Paul. St. Paul postmarked it Monday and it took two days to get back to Duluth. That kind of turnaround has to be killing the US Post Office. Tomorrow will give me a better idea if there will be enough orders to proceed with more mailings. In the old days when mail was the only way for people to return campaign letters a fundraising letter might expect a 1% return. That would be about 20 replies for the one I just sent out. If I get them they may be just enough for me to proceed with additional mailings. Yesterday I was sitting on pins and needles. Today. Not so much. Que Sera Sera.

I got a notification from the Chuck Frederick by email that the Trib and the Chamber of Commerce will have a day at the Depot with candidates for this fall’s election. These are traditionally poorly attended affairs with a hundred of the 50,000 eligible voters present. About six questions will be asked of them and each candidate will get about one minute to explain how to lift the earth with a bicycle pump. “Uh, well, I’d.” “Thank you very much.” “Next!” Its always scintillating. I wish they could come up with a forum more like the Democratic Presidential candidates have recently had allowing them some time to challenge one another.

In the email Chuck sent to me there was no indication that the Trib’s hand-picked Editorial Board with citizen journalists would invite any of the general election candidates to have a private interview where this kind of one-on-one dialogue, might be possible. These are the meetings after which you could expect non-attenders to get an editorial scolding…”Candidate B did not choose to speak with the News Tribune so in good conscience we can not consider him for endorsement.”

I replied to Chuck that I was looking forward to the forum and the opportunity to write a “candidate’s view” column for the Trib but I asked him what had happened to this more in depth interview. Chuck wrote back to tell me that he thought the public forum (sticking finger down throat) would suffice. Geez!

Here’s how a local amateur does an interview that packs a punch.

Harry’s diary August 27, 2019

School has started. The days are cooler. I think today will be the real last day that our summer’s long kitchen remolding will finally wrap up. If it is then I’ll paint one side of our dining room tonight where a new wall is bare white. I was so sure the mess was over that yesterday, in the adjoining dining room, I cleaned off the chandelier hanging over the table. This is a tedious task that I put off for as long as three years. It requires removing hundreds of small glass bobbles and washing and drying them and replacing them. Its a little complicated and just like when my buddy used to take his bicycle apart and puzzled over a few pieces that weren’t put back together I had four crystals left over. The chandelier looks fine but golly, What did I do differently?

In part the chandelier cleaning was a way for me not to fret over writing my book. I’ve only nibbled at the writing for the last week. I’ve got 42 orders but still need 158 more to go before I will be prepared to have them printed once the book is complete. In my early fantasies the printing was to occur next Tuesday. I began to realize that was pushing it over a month ago. Now I’d like it to be done about the time of the election. I reported in the last post that I got a big mailing sent out offering the book to my fans. But, due to the Post Office’s demand that Duluth mail be sent to Minneapolis first today is the very earliest I should expect any returns. I’ll head over to my PO box in half and hour to see if I got any strikes. If so, by the end of the week I’ll post a new thermometer to show how close I’m getting to 200 orders. Whether I’ve struck gold or panned out I’ll turn my attention to the book afterwards. Its going to get written one way or the other.

I am a unique candidate in one respect. Only newbies to Duluth have not heard of me before so name ID is not a big deal. I honestly don’t know what the majority of people make of me. That’s why I spend so much time writing but even telling all may simply confuse people. Only novelists do that, right?

The fellow who is challenging my friend and former student, Alanna Oswald, told the DFL endorsing convention that did not endorse either candidate that he planned to spend $12,000 on his election. Maybe he was counting on DFL money to do that. I just know its not easy to raise money like that unless you are an incumbent Congressman like Pete Stauber with the NRA and the Koch Brother’s cabal throwing money at you. So much is at stake nationally. The Koch’s feel much safer with wackos like Jair Bolsonaro coming out of the Facebook Wilderness and despoiling the Amazon than with Scandinavian school girls sailing to America like the Vikings of yore with the heretical message that we ought to make the Earth livable for our grandchildren.

I’ll need a significant war chest to send out my mailings to the next 10,000 voters in my District. It may not be quite that big a mailing. I came home Friday and found two envelopes from my campaign in my mailbox. One was for Claudia the other was for me. I thought I had assured that only one envelope would be sent per household at fifty cents each total mailing and printing cost. I spent double that on my home. Thankfully future mailings, at least seven more of them, will be sorted more carefully to avoid that waste. Because of this it may end up costing a little less than the $5,000 I anticipated. If I can’t afford new ones I have old lawnsigns that I can use and the only advertising I’m doing is in the Reader. That may come to an end too if this mailing is a bust. The mailings and my blog and related campaign Internet sites are my principle means of communication.

If I don’t post much in the next week its because I’ve returned to my book with a fury. There’s not a lot about education that I haven’t said before in the last 25,000 Lincolndemocrat posts. And by the way for new visitors, if you wonder what I’ve said before there is a search function you can use to type in subjects you are curious about. For instance, I suspect I’ve written a little about Denfeld’s new principal Laurie Knapp before. I like Laurie. She got a story in today’s DNT about her appointment to the post. Wish her luck. I am concerned that her predecessor on administrative leave left her with lots of unfinished work with classes about to start. That would be one more unfair hard knock on Western school kids.

Well, its 10:31. I’m off to the PO Box. You can wish me luck too.

UPDATE: NADA…….time to write.

How’s the Campaign going?

Every campaign is a work in progress and although the progress on the Welty for School Board campaign began well before filing in June I’m pleased. Bear in mind that this school board campaign is also something of a trial run for a later run next year for Congress. Also bear in mind that I have little expectation of winning that race, my fourth Congressional filing, should I plunge into it. It will mostly serve to give me a forum to fight the single greatest threat this nation has faced since World War 2 by running against a Trumplican collaborator garbed in sheep’s skin. It will be against the forces of anti-intellectualism, racial disharmony, economic cretinism and environmental pollution. Each of these by themselves would give me plenty of reason to challenge Congressman Stauber but all four wrapped together look like the Hindenburg landing at Lakehurst, New Jersey.

This might be used against me in the School Board race. Some Trumplicans will ask why am I looking ahead to greater glory instead of concentrating on our children and our schools? Its a legitimate question which I’ll swat away with the truth. If the incumbent wins reelection our District will still be stuck paying off the Red Plan for the next dozen years at a cost of 100 teachers a year. If I’m elected I’ll face the same problems. And I have a duty, as a last remnant of Republican decency, to defend my parents and grandparent’s Republican legacies.

Unlike the incumbent, once “a teacher of principals,” I’ve been giving my lifetime to thinking about public education and how it is the corner stone of our Democracy and how, improbably, it could become more effective with some tweaking. Those are subjects in a book I’m writing to fund my campaign.

At the very least it needs a goad. The incumbent has been the opposite of a goad in his first four years on the Board. He has been utterly satisfied to support an administration which has lost some of its very brightest people. They jumped ship for better posts elsewhere. At the same time the captain of the Duluth Ship failed repeatedly to find new ports of call. He then said he would stay behind the wheel. He then announced he would abandon ship at the end of this school year. The incumbent, (one of the Joint Chiefs) has been content to watch this unfold with nary a complaint.

I don’t consider myself a complainer but I do call’em as I see’em.

So far my campaign has been quiet as I’ve labored to pick up steam as the School year begins. It starts next week. In June my initial fund raising letter to 125 people raised $2,000. Its paid for a much larger mailing that went out on Thursday. If it falls on 2,000 deaf eyes my campaign will stall.

The book accompanying this campaign is about my experiences in public schools. Although I wasn’t much of a teacher I do consider myself a writer. After losing my teaching job in 1987 I began making that ambition a reality. I’ve composed millions of words and have a small, dedicated, but largely anonymous readership. Do I have answers to make our nation tack in a less perilous direction? I hope so. Do I have solutions that will undo some bad financial bets our District made? For our student’s sake I hope so. What I’m not is a rubber stamp.

I will print at least 500 copies of my book no matter what happens. Two hundred book orders at $15 apiece will pay for its printing. But I’ll also need to raise more. So far 42 people have taken me up on my offer. Thursday I emptied my campaign treasury by mailing out 2,000 letters. I still have another 10,000 more voters left to send letters too. Over the next week of checking my PO Box I’ll find out whether I’ll be able to cover additional mailings. I like the letter I wrote but if it doesn’t convince people to buy my book or vote for me you won’t hear me bellowing, “YOU HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO VOTE FOR ME!

The book isn’t finished yet but I think it will bring smiles to my readers faces just as so many of my snow-sculptures have.
The title? I cribbed it from America’s most famous author.

Don’t worry. Your 401K plans don’t depend upon your purchase.

Ripping the skin off racism

There is a fierce debate about whether Americans are still racists. The worst black harassing President since Woodrow Wilson (who kicked Blacks out of the civil service), Donald Trump, (who kept blacks out of his apartment buildings) says he’s the least racist Person in America.

I’ll give Trump credit for one thing. His elevation to the Oval Office has shown how profoundly ignorant America is about its shitty treatment of black Americans over the last 20 generations.

Not withstanding our nation’s remarkable election of the half-white Barack Obama in 2008 Trump has ripped the scab off our long simmering anti-black infection.

It continues today everywhere including in Duluth’s Public Schools. I won’t bring an end to it but as one of the few white children actually affected by Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education I will be damned if I will let my experience be wasted.

The New York Times has been publishing a fantastically clear eyed series of histories about how we got to this improved but still rancid state over the last 400 years.

This story about our vile criminal justice system that non-racist, Donald Trump, sent 5 more innocent black kids into is well worth the read for anyone willing to take the scales off their eyes.

American Prisons Owe Their Cruelty to Slavery

Page 49

Once again its the page number of my latest Reader ad placement.

Tomorrow I am going to get some much needed away time. The Minnesota Get Together. Our State Fair, beckons. We’re taking a grandchild who has never been to it before. I hope my kitchen is a little further along when I return home tomorrow night. If I come home to find my own fundraising letter in my mailbox that will mean I’ve begun the process of explaining my campaign to the Second District voters who don’t make it a habit to look at my online presence. I’m mailing to the 2,000 homes in my ninth precinct. If enough donations are returned it will allow me to mail my letter to another precinct. I have seven more to cover after tomorrow. There are 12,000 homes in all. It will be a less painful process than getting plantars fascitis again. I was crippled by that three weeks before the 2017 election. I’ll save my strength for writing a book and placing ads in the Reader.

And I finally put up a Welty lawnsign. Its in my front yard by Alanna Oswald’s sign. We’re up to three cylinders on our V6 engine.

Dear Denmark,

Dear Denmark,

Please reconsider your hasty refusal to sell Greenland to the United States. Remember, our President is a genius, a very smart businessman and leader of the free world. But expect him to dicker with you (and no that is not a sexual reference. Dicker means to bargain.)

You should make a counter offer. Offer to trade Greenland for the Blue States. It’s probably about the same land mass and the Blue States are not covered with ice. Sure, when Trump melts Greenland you will lose Maralago along with a third of your purchase but this North American land has lots of productive people who are a lot like the Danes. Not so many guns. They are from blue states after all. Most of them would really prefer your Prime Minister to our President.

When you’ve sealed the deal consider trading Faroe island with Lesser Britain for Scotland. I hear that Boris Johnson is a Trump clone. He’ll be eager to off-load the Scots now that Brexit is breathing down his neck. I think they would like you better too.

Have no doubt. A lot of us would take the deal in a heartbeat. And Minnesota (a blue state if ever there was one) has bragging rights for being discovered by your Viking ancestors. We even named our football team after them.


Harry Welty
Duluth, Minnesota, USA (for now but it could be…….)
Duluth, Minnesota, DENMARK (Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?)

And here’s a shameless plug to all you Danes who speak better English than we Americans.
I’m selling a book…


These are some of the notes I took at tonight’s school board meeting. There is nothing magical about notes. I’ve taken them diligently since college. I even kept some of my notebooks for years afterward. Anyway it was much easier taking notes this month. In July I tried to take notes on my cell phone. It was a disaster.

Not much happened tonight. It was a short summer meeting and these school board members aren’t big talkers except Chair Kemp who lavishes praise on district employees at the drop of a hat. And Alanna Oswald asks questions regularly just like me. Tonight was not a question night. I only have two pages of notes and this first one includes a mock up of a business card I imagined passing out to my classes if I was a substitute teacher. I’ve dreamed of subbing for twenty years when I was a board member. That Board disapproved of such fraternization between me and the teachers. This Board has two teachers who are set to sub. So, when the agenda got to a policy change in state law regarding school board members subbing I perked up my ears.

It was in the Human Resources Committee agenda. But the pdf wouldn’t load onto my cell phone for me to read it. I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t find it. Human Resources Director, Tim Sworsky, apologized for losing his place when he too failed to locate it. You see, The school board went to “paperless” meetings. We were discussing this when I departed the board two years ago. It would supposedly save beaucoup bucks and many trees. I was old fashioned and resisted the innovation. I was secretly pleased when Mr. Sworsky was detoured in the digital world.

I came to this meeting with a note pad. Last month I had expected to find the traditional paper agenda but that was a no go. So. tonight I took notes the way I had back in college. Then the WIFI system broke down an no one at the meeting could follow the agendas on their chrome books any more. I was delighted.

Chair Kemp had come prepared. When Alanna could no longer refer to her chrome book for her Business Committee report Rosie grandly handed the forbidden paper agendas to her colleagues.

Silverfish and Daddy long legs

A week ago I saw the first silverfish since I was in junior high school in North Mankato, Minnesota. Back then our basement had these creepy silvery bugs in it. A lot of them. I squashed the one who wriggled into dreaded light last week. They are found in damp places and avoid the light. Our house in North Mankato lay in the Minnesota River’s flood plain. It had been flooded in 1950 the year I was born in Kansas although, I would not move in with the silverfish until thirteen years later.

Reading the Wikipedia entry on the critters I realized they were not a new species in our area. Its just one I’d not seen before so unlike the cardinals I’d grown up with in Kansas but only started seeing twenty years ago its not a species fleeing climate change.

I can’t recall if I’ve mentioned the venus fly trap we bought for our older grandson. It has a taste for daddy long legs. We took it outside by our garden and it has consumed about a half dozen of them. The last one managed to have half its body sticking out of the Venus’s maw and not just its legs.

We also have been setting a trap for fruit flies which invade this time of year. Its a jar containing apple cider with a saran wrap cover poked with toothpick holes. Its very gratifying to see the little buggers dive to their doom though one of the holes.

What Harry’s reading 8-20-2019

Both stories/opinion pieces are from the New York Times:

I vividly recall the Tea Party demanding that America pay its debts at the beginning of the 2008 housing collapse and Barack Obama instead pouring money into the economy to keep it from grinding to a halt. Nobel Economist Paul Krugman notes that hypocritical Republicans recognized the danger and went along with Obama which gave us Obama’s long economic growth which Donald Trump takes credit for (even though his short term policies are about to derail it) Krugman takes Germany to task for doing just the opposite of Obama and putting the breaks on economic growth:

The World Has a Germany Problem

This was fascinating. Amazon is letting all sorts of rascals sell classic books that they have butchered because they are no longer protected under copyright laws. We’re getting books as Cliff notes with all the hideous translations we see when second-rate Urdu speakers mangle the English language. No thank you Jeff Bezos. Unlike your Washington Post this is a great disservice to the truth.

It’s Almost Orwellian: What Happens to Orwell Books on Amazon

Harry’s Diary 8-20-2019

Greenland is sliding into the sea, the economy is poised to tank next year or the year after Donald Trump’s reelection should that occur, Brazil’s forests are under assault as one of the new Internet Era’s collection of pseudo-fascist, plutocrat-hugging, mini-Trumps is setting armies of murderers out to kill the locals in order to burn down the Amazon for more methane spreading cattle ranches for Big Macs and yet I’m feeling pretty happy this rainy morning.

Claudia just baked our old favorite blueberry buckle, in our new stove, in our new almost finished kitchen and I used our spiffy new microwave to reheat my coffee. The old fridge is out of our dining room! I saw another compelling episode of Mindhunter (season two) last night and it involved Charles Manson who I was recently reading about. My campaign fundraising letter is about to be sent out to at least 2,000 of my 12,000 potential constituents. I’ve thought of a cool way to speed up an initial burst of lawnsigns by the end of the week. I got back to my book writing yesterday after a week of putting up new church storm windows. The writing went very well – although – its becoming obvious my early hope of having a book ready for shipment a month before the election was and is wildly optimistic.

Sometimes in face of even dire threats to your grandchildren’s future you have to be positive. In fact, I hope my Grandsons can help me preserve the Duluth Schools and reelect me to the Board after my glorious two-year hiatus from the sometimes wretched politics of the School District. What else can I say? I’m an optimist despite all evidence to the contrary.

Its almost 10 AM and I’m eager to begin writing again. This post is to assure my regulars that I’m still focused on the Duluth School District and also to assure them that I remain busy with life as well as the great issues of the day. I have never accused myself of being myopic!

After I race through today’s French studies I will post a couple of stories from the New York Times that caught my attention. One is about Germany’s role in the world economy and the other is about Jeff Bezos’s shoddy treatment of words……Not the Washington Post (thank heavens) but the unfolding booksales his company built its foundation on. So, Vive la France! Vive la litterature! Vive l’economie du la monde! Vive l’idiot! (That’s a reference to my book on Public Education. I’m hoping its sales will finance my school board campaign)

A fifteen dollar donation will get you one of these babies. Order here:

Good Riddance to Lake Calhoun

Minneapolitians were divided about the renaming of long-standing Lake Calhoun into Bde Maka Ska. I doubt that many Minnesotans even knew who John C. Calhoun was or why anyone would object to his name being affixed to one of Minneapolis’s many pretty lakes. The answer is spelled out in one one of the New York Times marvelous histories concerning 2019’s 400 anniversary of the beginning of slavery in the United States. When they are finished I hope they publish the collection as a book.

Here’s the villain himself:

I’m intrigued that he looks every bit as grim as his polar political opposite John Brown whose Kansas State Capitol Mural I googled yesterday. That link is to a Christian Science Monitor story about the painter John Steurt Curry.


When my Mother was a girl the mural was being painted in the capitol building. Brown was “reaping the whirlwind” that John C. Calhoun had sown in poisoning the call to equality in the Declaration of Independence. Or to loosely paraphrase George Orwell. “All animals are equal but slaveholders are more equal than others.”

There is a reason this blog is called Lincolndemocrat. When I named it I was about to throw in the towel to the quasi-fascists that had taken over the GOP to fashion a new Jim Crow run by rural white Americans. The spirit of the Republican Party had been stripped from Abe Lincoln and handed to the architect of the anti-democratic South, John C. Calhoun.

I highly recommend this installment of the New York Times coverage of the 400th Anniversary of oppression against funny colored people by pink people:

What the Reactionary Politics of 2019 Owe to the Politics of Slavery

search/paranoia/transparancy – follow up

I’m not sure if other people looking at Lincoln Democrat are able to see the (my) recent search history that I posted a few minutes ago. The page says only I will be able to see it. And if they can I do intend to delete the history which appears to go back into infinity in a couple days. So, if people behind other computer screens are unable to see what I posted I’ll share this much less revealing list of my history which I copied from my Google search history. I simply shows the search terms I used but not the actual links I visited:

Visited Google Search
9:49 AM • Details
Logo for Search
10:19 PM • Details
Logo for Search
Searched for heiress scaife times
10:19 PM • Details • ?
Logo for Search
10:05 PM • Details
Logo for Search
Searched for Park College George Robb Center for the study of the great war
10:05 PM • Details • ?
Logo for Search
Searched for Park College George Rob Center
10:04 PM • Details • ?
Logo for Search
Searched for how many companies in an infantry battalion
10:00 PM • Details • ?
Logo for Search Continue reading


I’ll be deleting the most interesting link in this post in a couple days but for my eight loyal readers I will share this deep dive into what I look for online. I found my search history when Google sent me some info to reassure their hundreds of Google dependents that their search history function is not intended to make them vulnerable to predatory businesses and the forces of darkness. I wasn’t particularly concerned about that. I spend very little time going places that embarrass me and I’m pretty resistant to commerce and paranoia online.

This nonchalance was not always the case. Ten to fifteen years ago I did visit a sampling of porno sites partly for natural curiosity and partly for prurient interest. I was mostly repelled and incredulous by what I found in them. I learned a lot about how much personal indelicacy some people were willing to share online either voluntarily or through trickery. There is a reason that Hollywood spends millions of dollars to shoot sex scenes with hundreds of techies at hand to make it look appetizing. I doubt if any of the people sharing their home sex movies understood the potential future reach of the Internet’s technology and anticipated that it could one day identify them based on a massive database of faces. “Jimmy, I just did a data base search on Mommy’s face and OMG look at this!!!!”

Back in the day I typically erased my search history after skulking through porno sites. I haven’t bothered to erase this history for better than a decade.

The last search of mine that sounds anything like porno was a quest for people doing “naked cartwheels.” I wanted to draw a humorous graphic for my last column in the Reader before hanging up my pulpit to run for the School Board.

As I said I’ll erase my search history in a couple of days. I have no idea if it opens up more ways for meanies to mess with me. But I’m just a small fly in the ointment now, not a President with a leaky ****hole above his chin. Take a brief look at the stuff I’ve looked up on Google.

Sorry. I deleted this. All heck broke loose on my computer after I published this. It may be coincidence But I am not inclined to take chances.