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Another great post from the Daily Dish

Its the readers of the Dish that make it the special blog it is. Here’s a post bouncing off an earlier post on arctic cold.

I too remember when mere extreme cold was no call for a snow day. I recall, I think, that one of the first years I lived in Duluth we had a consecutive week’s worth of days when the temp didn’t rise above 10 degrees below 9 yes that’s BELOW) zero.

When he leaves

I was up late dealing with a little legal nightmare. I slept through the news this morning. I just looked at my favorite blog and discovered this live video feed from Egypt of people celebrating the announcement of President Mubarak’s long awaited resignation. Its wonderful beyond words no matter how tenuous Egypt’s future. I expect similar scenes when Dr. Dixon leaves Duluth. We too will have to pick up the pieces.

Live feed from Egypts Tahrir Square.

Susan Boyle

I saw this video yesterday after my favorite blogger said it nearly brought him to tears. It did me. I showed it to my wife who suggested I show it to my daughter. I just found that my toughest rational critic an long time email needler Vic sent it to me today. I recommend it. It could make your day.

Mark Twain on doing right

“Always do right. This will gratify most people and astonish the rest.”

I’m sorry to say that I had misremembered the above quote. I thought it began: “Always tell the truth.” Even so, I’d like to think that the “truth” and the “right” are synonyms.

Here’s a page of Twain quotes twelve of which are about the truth. Some of them (the sly and cynical ones) contradict the one above.”