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One more reason why my loyal readers will remain reduced to 7

Yes, I lost a reader due to too much emphasis on the state of black America. My departed reader assured me that I had obviously been subjected to too much propaganda. Well, true to form the first of the New York Times pieces I will link to is about America’s new holocaust museum in Alabama. Duluth will be sending a delegation to this memorial as our infamous lynching is part of its story. If its mention of the treatment of an angry young wife who railed at her husband’s murderers is propaganda……well, I will continue to subject my readers to it.

The other article was a review of the book written by a reporter who covered Hillary Clinton for ten years right up to her defeat at the hands of Donald Trump.

And this same author separately explains the advice she was given before writing a book. It was: read lots of books. Since I keep putting off authoring my own book/books I found the advice sensible.

And last night I sent in my next column to the Duluth Reader’s Submissions email. The column will be titled: Swallowing Ham’s Sandwich. I can’t link to it yet but it begins:

The story of Noah’s Ark begins in chapter six of Genesis. My grandsons would tell me that Chapter six was afraid of Chapter 7 for good reason. Why? Because 7-8-9.

It was the best of Times

The beginning of one of the few dozen novels I’ve read begins:

“It was the best of times it was the worst of times.” That’s how I feel now. My blog’s recent quiescence reflects my intense involvement with, reading the news, studying history, learning French, thinking about it all, all the while making sure not to neglect my family. If I was less preoccupied I’d be blogging like mad. I don’t even feel sorry for depriving my eight loyal readers. I’m sure they have enjoyed the vacation. Even when I lie in bed knitting together the many strands of my thinking I don’t feel too badly about my zipped fingers.

The past couple of days I’ve I’ve progressed in my French studies teasing out the elusive eliasons of the spoken language and developing enough vocabulary and grammar to imagine myself muddling along splendidly when I get to France five months from now. I better start making reservations.

Just now I was thinking of Dicken’s first words in A Tale of Two Cities and I came up with a useful corollary.

It was the best of times but don’t forget about the distressed and it was the worst of times but don’t be jealous of those who are doing better.

Putting aside Trump’s empty blue collar rhetoric I loath him because he only cares about himself. Despite his riches he can’t hide his envy of even richer plutocrats. Running for President was just another scheme to get richer which was spoiled by actually getting elected and facing the legal roadblocks to his corruptly getting richer in the swamp he poured more alligators into. Poor baby. He may even end up losing his billionaire status.

I have been accumulating blog material that I may never get around to pontificating about. I’ll just paste in a dozen stories from the New York Times, Guardian and Washington Post from the past few days that beg for our attention:

In 83 Million Eviction Records, a Sweeping and Intimate New Look at Housing in America

Sworn to secrecy, Trump’s history of using nondisclosure agreements

How the Party of Lincoln Became the Party of Racial Backlash

Why I left Fox News

A Riposte to European Superiority

And finally a story about the death of Linda Brown, nine years older than me, whose father helped integrate the Topeka Schools I would soon begin attending a short time later.

Today or tomorrow I mean to write my next “Not Eudora” column. So much to choose from but I’m leaning on talking about the old Western “Magnificent Seven” which I saw with my Grandsons……… It reminded me of this Statler Brother’s Song, lyrics below:

Lyrics here”

Everybody knows when you go to the show
You can’t take the kids along
You’ve gotta read the paper and know the code
Of G, PG and are and X
You gotta know what the movie’s about
Before you even go
Tex Ritter’s gone and Disney’s dead
The screen is filled with sex.

Whatever happened to Randolph Scott
Ridin’ the range alone
Whatever happened to Gene and Tex
And Roy and Rex, the Durango Kid
Whatever happened to Randolph Scott
His horse, plain as can be
Whatever happened to Randolph Scott
Has happened to the best of me.

Everbody’s tryin’ to make a comment
About our doubts and fears
True Grit’s the only movie
I’ve really understood in years
You gotta take your analyst along
To see if it’s fit to see
Whatever happened to Randolph Scott
Has happened to the best of me. Continue reading


Damn again.

Thinking back on the last correction the word homophone popped into my head. It turns out that when I said homonym I probably meant homophone.

From some Internet Dictionary I found these two definitions:

Homophonesnoun: Each of two or more words having the same pronunciation but different meanings, origins, or spelling, e.g., new and knew. (or in my case breaks and brakes)

Homonyms; plural noun: Each of two or more words having the same spelling but different meanings and origins, e.g. pole and pole.

Where did my Sunday post go?

Ah poop! Or should I say “Professor Poopypants?”

I cranked out a quick post to address a complaint that I was giving short shrift to some school board candidates who had attended some portion of recent school board meetings even if they didn’t stick them out for the full, four “butt wearying” hours the meetings took to conclude.

But evidently as I rushed to wrap it up with a final note to the effect that I was in a hurry to see the movie “Captain Underpants” with my grandsons I must have deleted the post instead. In searching for it on my blog’s “dashboard” just now I discovered 165 previous posts in the “draft” stage that I never returned to finish. They are in effect wadded up pieces of paper that never made it to the wastebasket.

As to the stamina deficient candidates I may return to their Trump-like penchant for golf over policy and polity later but they can consider this fair warning that I will note their lethargy at some point in the future should they not manage to overcome it.

Oh, and as for Underpants? It was pretty good (Rotten Tomato’s audience score 65% – critics 85%) although I’ve must confess to having been a David Pilkey aficionado for a long time. Evidently he has abandoned his old website because its up for the highest bidder. As to his fetish for tighty-whiteys – I’ve been there too.

And don’t forget. Republicans have long considered me a RINO! Little did they know how appropriate that title was:

I never did manage to figure out a good riposte acronym to the Koch Brother propagandists who so savaged moderate republicans.

A month’s worth of blog material in a week…

…and I’m using my free time to garden?

This has happened a number of times since I got reelected to the School Board. Sometimes I drown my readers in verbiage. Sometimes I do a lot of cogitating and only half-heartedly attempt to keep up. I figure I have a whole summer before me that no one in their right mind will want to read about the Duluth Schools. (Then again I’m probably not in my right mind!) I will find time to do some catching up between picnics and barbecues. And then, Whoo-boy! Wait till school starts again after Labor Day. That’ll keep my fingers busy.

2,590 May readers to disappoint

As of ten seconds ago 2,590 people have visited my blog so far in May. Its not as impressive a number as it my seem.

I check my blog’s stats daily and they have changed glacially over the last ten years since Lincolndemocrat’s birth. But they have changed. In all of my first full year of blogging (2007) I had 9,937 “unique visitors.” So far in the first half of 2017 I’ve had 19,794 such visitors. At year’s end I should have a four fold increase in unique visitors over my first year.

But that statistic is very misleading. Most of my “visitors” just take a quick 30 second peek in to look before flitting off to more interesting websites. My hard core readers (all of them anonymous to me) are the ones who read for an hour-long stretch or more. For years those readers have numbered 100 each month. So far in May there have been 110 hour-plus readers. I call them my “eight loyal readers.”

100 hour-plus readers, multiplied by the last 48 months would represent 4,800 “unique visitors” over 4 years. But it stands to reason many of these folk only visited once and a smaller percentage, maybe 30%, come back semi-regularly. Still, that would be 1,600 return visitors.

The point I want to make is this: I have a lot of people looking over my shoulders. In ten years I’ve heard the occasional whisper that my blog is not fair but I’ve only had a very few public attacks on the contents of my blog. When I took the School District and the Goliath Johnson Controls to court the lawyers printed out a hundred pages of my blog to submit to the court to demonstrate my unworthiness. I presume the deep pocketed legal firms defending the half billion building plan set three or four newbie attorneys to pour through my commentary for anything that would discredit me. The court wasn’t impressed so Johnston Controls’ PR man handed the printouts to a local “liberal” Rush Limbaugh who took a couple passages out of hundreds to his readers that I once said I didn’t use the “B word” and that I had the audacity to mention that our judge was an elected official.

A more serious complaint was about an unnamed friend who told me that one Red Plan school board supporter said such foolish things that they ought to be “bricked” (have some sense knocked into their head). It was suggested that this was a threat. I think I heeded that criticism and withdrew the quote but I’ve been unable to locate the offending post. It’s one of the few instances in which I made a serious change to a post.

In the last year I can’t count the number of times someone has told me either, “that’s not bloggable,” or “Don’t blog that.” Every so often someone will request that I remove something that could be traced back to them or told me that they will simply have to stop being forthcoming with me. That includes Claudia Welty, my wife. She told me years ago that I was not to blog about her and as my “eight loyal readers” can attest -I keep mentioning her.

This is a long prologue for a tiny tidbit. Despite two warnings yesterday not to blog about the teachers negotiation I’m going to mention it here. After many old posts complaining about my ill treatment three years ago during contract negotiations I sat through the first meeting of this year’s negotiations. No blood was spilled.

I had informed the Board by email that I was inviting myself to attend. No objections were sent back to me. Once there an administrator told that if I said so much as a single word at the meeting the teachers would all walk out instantly. I considered this hyperbole to drive home home the sensitivity of the meeting. Nevertheless, I abided by the injunction and said nothing although I did take copious notes. (Not good notes, just copious notes) Six hours later one of our administrators told me that the teacher negotiators told him to pass on to me that they didn’t want to see any mention of the negotiations in my blog.

Well, I’ve just mentioned it. Big deal! It was a public meeting.

I’ll risk thinner ice. After watching our top three administrators negotiate, including the Superintendent, I told them I was very satisfied with the process I’d witnessed. (read into that what you’d like) I added that unlike my previous experience, of being frozen out, this experience had put to rest the paranoia which accompanies being denied access. Let me add that I was elected to be a part of this critical process and that I have no desire to betray any confidentiality while the talks continue. I’ll also add that it is critical that the school board be represented at the negotiations and that state statute makes the Board responsible for them.

This is all very shocking, I know.

Snowy friend

I’ve spent hours trying to take this photo from my Flickr and put it belatedly into my snowsculpting page where it should have been placed in March of 2015. This was the briefest of snow sculptures which I built for some Duluth spring enthusiasts after they agreed to pile the last and most recent snow on Canal Park into a pile for me to sculpt. They were going to have a bonfire and cook smores to welcome in Spring. This was an idea I found on the Internet of the March wind blowing in the new season.

Here’s the front view:

Paranoia Pt 1


ph Philippines ph…… 13,847.. 14,925…. 296.13 MB

us United States us… 6,761…. 12,671….. 436.29 MB

cn China cn…………….. 2,858….. 2,872….. 13.08 MB

Looking at my blog stats this morning put this frosting on the cake of my thoughts about paranoia. a subject occasionally touched in this blog. Its been sort of a lifelong nuisance nipping at my heels. My son is inclined to think there was a conspiracy behind JFK’s assassination. I think the only conspiracy was the rush to hide the intelligence services ineptitude in hiding their role in keeping track of assassin Oswald. But that’s OK. He gave up on social sciences long ago so he’s welcome to whatever theories about politics he wants.

So, about these stats.

These are the top locations that viewers of my blog are hailing from. They don’t necessarily represent human eyes. For instance I can think of no good reason many people in the Philippines would visit my blog other than by accident. Most of the numbers “pages” and “hits” represent Internet robots searching for whatever they have been programmed to take note of. Perhaps the Philippines has lots of servers for clients all over the world. I think the stats from the US represent a much closer tie to my actual readers most of whom presumably come from Duluth. As for China…….

Well, I haven’t forgotten recent posts about the books I’ve been reading about China. They have emphasized what I’ve heard in the news. China does a very thorough job of scrubbing things out of the Internet that they don’t want chinese citizens to read and chief among these would be any mention of the 1989 Tiananmen Square incident. Well, if the Chinese paranoia police are anything like the Trumpista’s hope to be, able to spot any anti-americanism on Muslim’s Internet connections they may have already noted my visa application to visit China and paired it to my blog. I doubt that they have……..yet……..but who knows.

If I was a Syrian wishing to get a green card to the US I’d be out of luck. As a tourist wishing to spend some of my Greenbacks sailing down the Yangtze, well maybe the Chinese would let me in.

I’ve got a meeting in half an hour to deal with paranoia in Duluth……lets see if I can get a start on paranoia #2 before I have to leave.

Aborting the €™’s

I did it. If you put the nonsense symbols, €™, into my search function only three posts pop up – uh, four now including this one. I had to spend close to thirty hours laboriously removing them. How many I removed I can’t be sure. An off the cuff guess? There might have been an average of 8 of the nasty little bugs on each of the 900 some posts I attacked. That would be about 7,200 such abortions. I also got rid of a near equal number of similar nonsense symbols.

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for five or six years. A lot of early posts of mine, that reflect my thinking, were often unreadable. The posts I wrote about the thinking of a fellow named Russ Young ten years ago are one example. Mr. Young wrote confidently that folks like me would go to hell because we condoned the murder of tens of millions of innocents. The issue was abortion. At the time I was about to mount a campaign for Congress as an independent candidate and I wanted to pursue the implications of his thinking for potential voters to consider.

Those old posts had become particularly garbled because, in addition to €™, I had used an unusual font “verdana” that my wordsoft ap lost the ability to translate into readable English. What I had written was obscured by hundreds of digitalized ghosts that sprouted between my words like an epidemic of dandilions on a front lawn. Today, Mr. Young has a president in the oval office that reflects his thinking on abortion as Mr. Young expressed it a decade ago. That doesn’t mean that Mr. Young hasn’t changed his mind on the issue or decided that there are other important issues that undermine his support of President Trump. Today those posts are an historical artifact of 2006.

Even then, abortion had been politicized beyond comprehension. I never understood why, other than for politics, the national teacher’s union (the NEA) championed abortion rights. They certainly were’t speaking for all teachers. By the same token, I took a dim view of Nixon Era Republicans, who gave us Roe v Wade, suddenly joining forces with the Catholic church to appoint a pro-life Supreme Court. They were being every bit as spiritually hollow and political as the teacher’s unions.

There are silver linings. Just as the election of Trump has awakened a lot of moderates to action, the issue of abortion helped bridge a century of distrust and resentment between protestant and Catholic churches. There are still dark clouds as well. After making sure lots of fetuses made it to the delivery room the richest nation on Earth now has a massive epidemic of childhood poverty. I have never doubted where the blame should be placed for this sorry condition.

I became a “baby killer” within the Republican Party. I remember a little clutch of clean-living Christian kids snearing that at me as they walked by me at a GOP convention as I sat at a table in the hall bearing “pro-choice” leaflets. It wasn’t much of a leap from that designtion to being called worse than Mao, Stalin and Hitler by the Republican chairman of a House District convention I attended a few years later.

I still have a lot of old posts with other things that I’d like to clean up – I went a couple years without a working “spellcheck” on the blog. (I’m not sure its working now) Cleaning damaged old posts may open me to fresh criticism but it will also allow me to demonstrate that I am not a weather vane.

Blog Housekeeping cont.

For the past few days I’ve been attacking the posts that have such nonsense as these in them: €œ,‘€, –, é, €™, Â

I don’t know how many posts include these nasties that can make old posts unbearable to read. It could be somewhere between 900 and 6,000.

Neither do I fully understand how they intruded themselves into the blog. Some may have entered when my blog’s spellcheck failed and I began typing them up in my computer’s composition software. I wonder if when I brought them back there was some miscommunication between the software of my computer and WordPress software. At any rate I’ve corrected about 200 old posts for which the apostrophe’s were replaced with this: €™. Its taken seven or eight hours and I may have another 700 posts left to remove them from……or more.

I’ve also started checking out the posts in the category “uncategorized.” These happen when I fail to designate a category for a newly written post to be associated with when I push “upload.” I don’t often forget but with nearly 20,000 posts over the past decade it happens.
There might be 200 posts that I’ve forgotten to categorize since 2006. I periodically recategorized them from 2006-2011 but its been about seven years since I last did this.

I’ve put a lot of myself in this blog and every time the Wordsoft folks make changes I’m slow to update the software. In December of 2015 I messed up an update and ignored my blog until I thought my Blog was dead and that I would never be able to add new posts to it. I was in Israel at the time and preoccupied. Four or five years ago I estimated there were 3 million in lincolndemocrat. God knows how many there are now. They take effort to keep orderly.

I am bending my will to make corrections in anticipation of both my run for reelection this fall. I also want to make it more easy for me to search through my post so that I can pick out material I’ve written previously for some of the various books, as yet unwritten, that might speed up my book writing. I’m also correcting typos and misspellings some of which snuck in when my blog’s spellcheck stopped working.

Even this entry along with others in the “Blog Housekeeping” category is part of my record keeping. I feel better knowing there are explanations for why human error keeps creeping into my blog. They have nothing to do with me, of course!

’ Blog Housekeeping

For several years I’ve been greatly annoyed that bugs sneaked into my blog posts. They are punctuation bugs. Maybe you’ve noticed them especially if you’ve followed my search function to older posts. They are especially common from the time I began serving for my third term in 2014. I still don’t know what caused them to replace simple apostrophes and quotation marks.

Its harder to fathom what President’s means than President’s or School Board’s compared to School Board’s.

Over the past couple years I’ve gone back and corrected some of the old posts when I myself linked back to them. But there are about 900 such posts and I used a lot of apostrophes.

I have found a slow and fairly tedious way to correct the mistakes one by one. I’ve spent the last half hour correcting about seven of the exasperating posts. I’ll keep working on it as this blog is my primary means of communicating and Harry’s blog reads so much better than Harry’s blog.

OMG A new check suggests I have 6000 posts with the strange hieroglyphics.

I have always suspected that one botched attempt to fix of this blog turned all those apostrophe’s and quote marks into weird things. Ditto hyphens. 6,000 corrupted pages is almost 1/4th of ten years work. Sheesh!

Shall We Dance?

I figure that I have several audiences of this blog. The one that is preeminent to me is – me. It’s not just the “Harry’s Diary” entries its all of them. I suspect some readers are interested in what I disclose about myself too although I doubt that this is a huge percentage. Interestingly, I know of no family members who read my blog. Another group would be people who are interested to know that is happening in the school district. This may be the largest group. Another group might be folks who have discovered a different voice on the subject of politics in general.

Because I receive so little feedback I just don’t know. I don’t know which audience I have disappointed the mosy by my recent blog drought. As I indicated in recent posts I’m preoccupied with what may very well turn out to be my last meeting with my Uncle. I just haven’t had the concentration to write and edit posts even on subjects of great interest to me. I am setting aside some time tonight and tomorrow morning to blog a little but I can’t guarantee which of my audiences will be pleased. This post is about family.

I have had a marvelous time with my Uncle and his family for the past three days. Tomorrow will be my last before I fly home to Duluth on Saturday. The tone for this mini reunion was set within moments of stepping into Uncle Frank’s home and shaking his hand and launching into some time tested family joshing. He was flat on his back in his new permanent bedroom in the living room. If he wasn’t pleased as punch to see me he is one heck of an actor. I was certainly glad to see him and see him in good spirits.

Here’s what Uncle Frank can see from his Denver apartment.

I came in part to interview my Uncle about family history. So far I’ve taken seven dense pages worth of notes including on a long forbidden topic – his service in Korea. He has also given me some nice anecdotes on the subject of my Grandfather, George Robb. They were neighbors briefly before Frank went off to war.

Now, on to the dance. My cousin Devin shared a memory with me which led to another one from his Mother, my Aunt Shalah. They both told me about my Father’s dancing and reminded me of my experience with Dad on that subject.

1st – Devin took a while to find his way as a young man. After a less than middling public school experience some advisor suggested that he consider veterinary medicine. He likes animals. As a kid he loved the books of Gerald Durrell about that author’s quirky love of animals which blossomed on the Greek Island of Corfu. Some of you will jump and say you have just been watching that story unfold on Public Television.

Devin wrote an admiring letter to Mr. Durrell who ran a private zoo on Britain’s Jerrsey island which is so close to the French coast that the Nazi’s captured and held it all through the 2nd World War. Durrell offered my cousin a job working on the island and, by coincidence, my parents decided to take a European trip with my sister that summer. They added Jersey to their itinerary and after getting the Island tour they took Devin to the French mainland for a little exploration which ended most unexpectedly at a ballroom. Devin told me he was astonished at what an accomplished ballroom dancers my parents were.

2nd – Now I must share the link to a column I wrote long ago about my experience with my Father vis-à-vis dancing You really must read it before continuing to my Aunt’s recollection –

I mean it. Don’t go any further until you follow the link above and read that old reminiscence.

3rd – Finally, Aunt Shalah set me straight. In the late 1940’s Dad came back to Kansas from the navy and enrolled in college. He was as enthusiastic about dancing as he had been in high school. He regularly attended college dances. My Aunt Shalah said that there was a collection of about eight young lady friends who clustered together at these dances where my Father was a regular and avid dancer.

Sadly, none of the young ladies were eager to dance with Dan Welty – a second time. They would warily keep their eyes open for him lest he stride into their midst. Properly alerted some of them would try to make their escape to the powder room. Hiding rarely worked for long.

My Father was universally regarded as a terrible dancer. He would suddenly move in a different direction without advance warning or take two steps where one would have been called for. And he so wanted to dance with every girl. Seldom did the members of this clutch of maidens evade a trip to the ballroom floor with my father.

The significance of this story has little to do with dancing, however. It has everything to do with my current mania for collecting family stories. Its significance? Never rely on a single source in your pursuit of the truth. You may be Trumped.

Homage to Andrew Sullivan

My Buddy sent me a link to a commentary by my all time favorite blogger, Andrew Sullivan, in which he takes oodles and oodles of verbiage to explain among other things how blogging and the Internet became addictive and nearly killed him. I only got through the beginning of it.

I was addicted to Sullivan’s blog almost as severely as he was addicted to publishing it and updating it every half hour for days, and then years on end. It was a brilliant filter of everything that was happening but impossible for any person to sustain and keep their sanity. My favorite thing about it was Sullivan’s willingness, in between bouts of acerbic take downs, to fess up when he was off or even flat out wrong. I try to do that althought on a more modest basis here in Lincolndemocrat.

Unlike Sullivan I never got to the point where I stopped reading books although my guess is even when he gave up reading he still managed to read a lot more books than me. I’m overjoyed if I get ten books (serious books) read in a year. I also take holidays from posting blogs but if they go on too long I do start getting the yips. But breaks are good. My two-month long hiatus around the time of my trip to Jerusalem gave me more time to reflect.

Well, my blog just kicked me off and cost me a couple of paragraphs. I’ve lost the thread. I wrote something about how I do my writing, editing and updating online so that my readers can see blog posts long before they are finished or presentable. I do the same thing when I make snowsculptures in my front yard. Over the course of a couple days they will go from an amorphous white lump to something at least marginally recognizable to passerby.

BTW Sullivan’s commentary was interspersed with famous paintings like the one above tinkered with to place cell phones in them. Yup, life is a constant barrage of mind numbing data. Ah for the good old days with just three networks with television news. We may even, in some measure, have been better informed back then with less data. At least Republicans and Democrats could still intermarry.

Gotta go. My cell phone just made a noise.


Dear Readers,

There is a movie out based on a book I haven’t read. Its about the relationship between Thomas Wolfe, a protean American writer I’ve never read, and his editor Max Perkins. Its called Genius. It’s based on a book that sounds more interesting than the only review of the movie I’ve read leads me to believe the movie will be.

I am a little envious of Wolfe having an editor. I crank out a lot of verbs and adjectives myself. I tossed in protean in the first sentence here without quite having its proper definition in my head. I was thinking it meant copious and grandiose but its closer to ever changing and fluid. Sadly, I am my own editor. And since coming back from Israel in January I’ve attempted to be a more careful editor working hard to stamp out typos and lazily constructed sentences.

That may be part of the reason I’ve slowed my output in the past week. It could also be that a recent controversy has blown over or that its summer or that I want to attend to other writing projects or that a week ago running across the name Bancroft in the Meacham book on Andrew Jackson pulled me into a a search for more history books that I have since ordered online. Reading is a great way to escape from writing while also putting ideas for blog posts in my head. Whatever combination of reasons I’m leaving to take my grandsons to the Minnesota Science Museum in fifteen minuets (never trust spell check) to see the exhibition on Mummies. So, sorry. I’ve got nothing for you and those recent posts I started will just have to sit unattended to until I get back.

When I do resume maybe I will tell you how not to use the herbicide Roundup. Please close your eyes when driving past my front yard.

78 visitors spent over an hour reading this blog…

…over the past five days! Oh, the wonder of my blog stats. Wish it could tell me who you were……No – never mind. I don’t want to know.

And if they read Necroscopy 4 I apologize. I still haven’t worked up the grit to proof read its 2000 plus words.

The stakes are, or at least were, so high I have tried to clean up my posts rather than race through them willy nilly. My new office is a disaster area with small piles of paper everywhere each representing some line of thought or research I’ve been trying to keep touch with as I’ve flitted from topic to topic. I’ll file them eventually. Fortunately, Claudia is out of town looking after her Father so my days are free….except for grandparenting, and hauling bags of leaves to the WLSSD compost site and who knows what else.

I joked on “Just the Facts” with PAC TV personality, Marci Stromgren, that my blog has ten times the number of words Tolstoy’s War and Peace has. BTW – I’ll link to that video later today. That way you will see the oddball behind Lincolndemocrat’s words in the flesh, video flesh anyway. I sum up much of what I’ve been writing here in an hour-long, free-wheeling interview. It will be blather from the mouth rather than from my fingers. Sorry I didn’t comb my hair. Who do I think I am? Art Johnston!

Correction on last post

In the previous post I mentioned that Rep. Erik Simonson was flying in to St. Louis with Denfeld principal Sconniers to root for the Denfeld Robotic’s Team. Wrong! It’s the Activities Director, Tom Pearson, who is flying in with the Principal. That makes more sense.

I don’t always wait in the blog to pass on information I find interesting. This is one of the drawbacks to instant communication. Rather than erase the traces of my mistakes I prefer to highlight them to keep me humble. That way I don’t have to gush too much about my human frailty.

Perhaps the opposite of my tact is the one employed by veteran School Board commentator Loren Martell who anguishes about his mistakes when he makes them in the Duluth Reader. BTW. I like that about Loren.

In a column a couple weeks ago he wrote that Board Chair Annie Harala was a teacher employed by the Duluth Schools. I was the one to tell him it wasn’t so and he damn near withered away on me he was so distraught.

Here is his apology in the subsequent column. Its a doozey:

Striving for accuracy and eating crow Continue reading

“Damn but I am paranoid. I will fess up on my blog pronto.”

The quote above come from me. I just texted it to Superintendent Gronseth. It is about the first post in the Fallout series which was completely inaccurate. I’m keeping it where it is as proof that I am sometimes a more flawed than reliable guide. If you check that post out now you will see that it begins with the following Note:


The first time I posted this I had a typo in the title. Instead of the word “blog” I typed “blot.” I’m sure many will agree that this may have been a more accurate term to use.

Repairing the Board’s wounded reputation

I just watched the first half of Ken Burns biopic on Jackie Robinson on PBS. It is a reminder of the world I was born into in 1950. I’ll catch the second half tomorrow which will show us how when he came out swinging for Civil Rights he put a dent in his fan base. It reminds me of Lilly who occasionally babysat me and who took care of my Grandfather after he was widowed. They would argue baseball and the Brooklyn Dodgers was her team even though she lived in Topeka, Kansas. When I looked up the “Lilly” link I discovered a mess. All of my 12,000 posts were altered when my blog was repaired. Now instead of apostrophe’s and quotation marks the nonsense symbols – “ – have taken their place. I just spent five minutes replacing about 60 punctuation marks in the Lilly post but that leaves me 10,999 more posts to correct. Times five minutes each that would take me about 1000 hours or 25 weeks of 40 hour weeks. I pray there will be a simpler solution. I’d much rather keep writing new posts than fixing old ones.

As I was saying I saw the Robinson biopic and it was good. Its second half begins tomorrow.

I thought I would publish one last post tonight. I just checked the Trib’s Facebook page again to see if the numbers had changed on the Sandstad/Oswald columns. I caught heck from Editor Chuck Frederick last summer when I wondered if he let his leanings affect his editorial coverage. I certainly can’t complain about the last editorial his paper published urging the School Board to set aside the policy in our path to sell Central to the Duluth Public Schools Academy. But I couldn’t help but notice that Chuck “liked” Nora Sandstad’s op ed piece but not Alanna Oswald’s.

It was striking what readers wrote in regarding Member Sandstad’s piece. I read through about thirty comments and I didn’t find a single one that was positive. Nora did get over 20 likes on them, including Mr. Frederick’s, but I didn’t see any one defend Nora’s point of view.

I think the school board seriously erred by cutting off community comment and dialogue so quickly and abruptly with a lot of misinformation still hanging out their in the air. This will have serious negative repercussions and it has been a publicity goldmine for Edison. It the latest in steps taken to curb Edison that have backfired.

I’m strongly tempted to bring this up once again to the School Board before the end of April when Edison’s contractors begin pouring massive amounts of money into paving over Snowflake. There is still time for us to reconsider.

Ki boots on the ground

My buddy noted the misspelling in the last post of kibbutz and chided me for not knowing better because I had just been in Israel. He sent me a link to the definition of the word I meant to use kibitz.

Meanwhile Claudia asked me if I took a picture of the road we meandered down from the top of the Mount of Olives into the Kidron Valley which was the route Jesus took on Palm Sunday into Jerusalem. She wanted it to take to her Sunday School class. I printed it out for her:

The Reader seems to have turned down by offer to post columns about my trip to Israel so I may get them off my chest here eventually. If so, they will only show up sporadically while I upload posts on a dozen other subjects simultaneously.