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I had 43,421 pageviews in 5 months in 2006. . .

. . . when my blog was new. That was from August through December. In the first ten days of June 2019 I’ve had 48,005 pageviews.

Actually, for my blog’s first five months, March 7th through July, no statistic engine was keeping track of my hits. That didn’t start until August of 2006.

If you’re curious here is my very first post on March 7th where I declare my departure from the Grand Old Party. Donald Trump has brought me back with a vengeance.

Most visited posts of 2019

This list is based on some conjecture. My statistics site can tell me how many hits or pageviews Lincolndemocrat gets every day. It doesn’t tell me what viewers are looking at. Its possible, even likely, that large numbers of readers don’t find posts until several days after they have been posted. I won’t always even guess what might have been the most popular post on some days.

The blog has grown. In 2007, Lincolndemocrat’s first year, there were 68,560 pageviews. So far this year its 524,081 pageviews just short of half-way through the year. 2019 could be my first million pageview year.

JUNE 2019 Click here

MAY 2019

May 14 – 9,794 pageviews I Double Dog Dare You to Call Me a Baby Killer
May 27 – 17,874 pageviews A MEMORIAL DAY REMEMBRANCE

APRIL 2019

April 26 – 5,021 pageviews Continue reading

Most visited posts of June

My most visited posts of June, 2019, so far:

June 4, 7,732 pageviews Hot Air (a SKY TV ad)


June 6, 10,538 pageviews MOST VISITED POSTS OF 2019

June 10, 10,548 pagevoews five posts. No idea if the most popular was an obit about a good Republican, Disappointing Street Maintenance or our local opera company. Try the Obit.


To qualify (for now) as a “Most visited post” 6,000 pageviews a day are required.

Most visited posts of 2019 by month

Most visited Posts of May

Much of what I post is preliminary, scanty, and off the top of my head. But sometimes I post things that are worthy of more consideration. I’m going to start highlighting not so much what I value but posts which seem to have generated more interest based on increased visits or “page views.”

So here are what I believe to be my most visited posts of May 2019


May 14 – 9,794 pageviews I Double Dog Dare You to Call Me a Baby Killer


May 27 – 17,874 pageviews A MEMORIAL DAY REMEMBRANCE

NOTE ALSO: That visitors may be more interested in preceding posts. I don’t know what they are looking at for sure and because I sometimes upload entries late at night their visitor numbers are reflected in the next day’s numbers which I may use in lieu of that actual days numbers.

Not writer’s block but writer’s glut

No doubt someone in your life told you that if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. I’ve never taken that as an order not to speak either how I feel, or what I think, or the truth as best I know it.

That said, I am not particularly interested in filling up space when I have nothing much to say or just to keep readers peaking at the blog to see what’s on my mind. As I believe I’ve written before, I often have much on my mind when I don’t blog. That has been an ongoing experience for me since Donald Trump began running for President. My head is getting very heavy.

I often keep my cell phone by my bedside in case some idea for a post or a column pops in my head at night. If I jot it down quickly I might be able to fall back asleep……or not. This morning at 3:30 I jotted at least three promising kernals of something down. Then after an hour of not being able to stop thinking about them I got up and began practicing my French. I love Duolingo. Its all algorithm and does not suffer from sentiment. It is very patient with me and never tires of my mistakes.

The more I defer posting the more ideas fill up my cell phone’s notebook. There is one story I read from Wired yesterday that is worth sharing. Its about Trump’s nemesis Robert Mueller. I’m tempted to title my next Not Eudora Column “My Vietnam.” the story is about Meuller’s Vietnam experience. As the Wired story points out it quite different than Donald Trump’s Vietnam.

The article reiterates something I’ve heard that Trump said about himself, probably during one of his smarmy visits to Howard Stern’s radio booth. Its characteristic of the man we have saddled ourselves with:

“Donald Trump famously drew five draft deferments, including one for bone spurs in his feet. He would later joke, repeatedly, that his success at avoiding sexually transmitted diseases while dating numerous women in the 1980s was ‘my personal Vietnam. I feel like a great and very brave soldier.'”

You can read about a really brave soldier if you peruse the Wired Story. Some of it reminds me of my Grandfather.

How frauds threaten the First Amendment

I ran across this piece in the New York Times. The Western Duluth Lens has adopted Russian techniques to misinform and confuse those people who stumble into it. The authors gave it birth as a Facebook Page only last March and its lethargy kept it posting at a rate less than once a month. That’s about a day’s worth for my blog. Despite the encouraging name its backers have done little to promote Western Duluth. If they were working closely with Mayor Larson surely there would have been at least one story about their good works. Good works seems foreign to them.

I see that the wife of Congressional candidate Skip Sandman just slapped me upside the head based on the crap the Lens is promoting. I hope her husband Skip is a little less gullible but then again, like me years ago, he hopes to defeat a Democratic Congressman –
Rick Nolan.

Skip might actually succeed – not in getting elected himself, but in turning the 8th District back into Republican hands.

Babbette Sandman has willingly lent her reputation and credibility into the hands of the real villains behind the Lens who are keeping their identities secret. I’ll be watching the page to see how many more folks are snookered into joining the Lens’s chorus as the next ten days march on.

Anonymity is one of dishonesty’s best friends. Abe Lincoln would not approve.

BTW – Yesterday lincolndemocrat got 615 visitors and 10,946 page views. That’s some consolation in the truth department. Maybe the Lens checked me out as well. I wonder what else they can find in my millions of words to take out of context? Go for it…..whoever you are!

Lincolndemocrat eleven years ago – stats

I was curious to see how much more traffic the blog gets than the year I began it 2006, eleven years ago. Those stats are all available. I appologize for the sardine like packing but I’m too lazy to separate them for my reader’s viewing. I have the stats for the full October of 2006, 31 days. I’ll note one stat. At the end of thirty-one days I had 11,602 “pages viewed.”

So far in 2017 with five and a quarter days measured I’ve had 42,890 “pages viewed.”

2006 STATS

Day Number of visits Pages Hits Bandwidth
01 Oct 2006 226 834 972 8.03 MB
02 Oct 2006 185 613 783 9.87 MB
03 Oct 2006 179 511 613 7.74 MB
04 Oct 2006 143 502 670 12.02 MB
05 Oct 2006 96 316 467 8.49 MB
06 Oct 2006 54 274 378 5.83 MB
07 Oct 2006 57 221 281 4.11 MB
08 Oct 2006 53 141 203 3.50 MB
09 Oct 2006 75 196 279 4.03 MB
10 Oct 2006 68 563 688 9.10 MB
11 Oct 2006 71 775 980 13.40 MB
12 Oct 2006 59 323 520 9.95 MB
13 Oct 2006 76 364 627 11.77 MB
14 Oct 2006 60 182 320 4.61 MB
15 Oct 2006 56 131 223 3.40 MB
16 Oct 2006 57 530 821 16.85 MB
17 Oct 2006 80 316 556 8.98 MB
18 Oct 2006 83 341 609 11.20 MB
19 Oct 2006 71 288 506 8.57 MB
20 Oct 2006 95 363 575 9.93 MB
21 Oct 2006 87 435 666 11.31 MB
22 Oct 2006 73 499 656 10.74 MB
23 Oct 2006 96 587 785 12.68 MB
24 Oct 2006 98 361 571 10.39 MB
25 Oct 2006 79 260 431 6.66 MB
26 Oct 2006 69 304 499 9.19 MB
27 Oct 2006 61 229 368 5.94 MB
28 Oct 2006 47 267 430 7.47 MB
29 Oct 2006 66 251 411 7.11 MB
30 Oct 2006 77 378 623 11.74 MB
31 Oct 2006 95 247 455 7.25 MB
Average 86 374 547 8.77 MB
Total 2,692 11,602 16,966 271.90 MB

2017 STATS

Day Number of visits Pages Hits Bandwidth
01 Oct 2017 381 17,680 17,936 100.08 MB
02 Oct 2017 440 10,559 10,916 82.77 MB
03 Oct 2017 401 4,655 5,015 49.43 MB
04 Oct 2017 455 8,484 8,893 71.23 MB
05 Oct 2017 422 1,315 1,697 40.17 MB
06 Oct 2017 132 197 245 9.30 MB
07 Oct 2017 0 0 0 0
08 Oct 2017 0 0 0 0
09 Oct 2017 0 0 0 0
10 Oct 2017 0 0 0 0
11 Oct 2017 0 0 0 0
12 Oct 2017 0 0 0 0
13 Oct 2017 0 0 0 0
14 Oct 2017 0 0 0 0
15 Oct 2017 0 0 0 0
16 Oct 2017 0 0 0 0
17 Oct 2017 0 0 0 0
18 Oct 2017 0 0 0 0
19 Oct 2017 0 0 0 0
20 Oct 2017 0 0 0 0
21 Oct 2017 0 0 0 0
22 Oct 2017 0 0 0 0
23 Oct 2017 0 0 0 0
24 Oct 2017 0 0 0 0
25 Oct 2017 0 0 0 0
26 Oct 2017 0 0 0 0
27 Oct 2017 0 0 0 0
28 Oct 2017 0 0 0 0
29 Oct 2017 0 0 0 0
30 Oct 2017 0 0 0 0
31 Oct 2017 0 0 0 0
Average 371 7,148 7,450 58.83 MB
Total 2,231 42,890 44,702 352.98 MB

If you are curious what I’ve written about past events related to selective subjects you can type in any phrase, name or subject in the search engine. Don’t be surprised if five hundred pages pop up all covering the term you typed in. Such investigations will increase the “pages viewed” stat greatly.

My head is pretty full…

I need to go door to door to empty it.

My eight loyal readers have company. According to my blog’s stats I’m perilously close to breaking the major records this year for readership. I should end up with over 5,000 individual visitors who have read over 70,000 “pages” this month. I put pages in quotes because I’ve never known exactly what that means.

I know that when I post a lot my numbers go up and when my posts have links to other things I’ve written that too increases the stats. But with about six weeks to campaign left I keep adding new tasks for every task I complete. Keeping track of it, let alone accomplishing them all is a mental challenge.

For instance, I’d dearly love to write a half dozen posts now on the subject of Vietnam, and my campaign but that takes time, a couple hours I don’t have with fifteen minutes left to go before 10 AM – an hour after I planned to be out door to dooring.

So, I’ll make that my deadline for posting this morning.

I was part of Homecroft’s “human fence” yesterday. They have got it down to a science by now so I only had to retrieve balls four or five times over the our and half of recesses I watched over.

Here’s a pic with the kids far enough away so as not to identify them:

A bunch of the kids recognized me from my reading to them last year and asked if I would come back.

And then there was the duck on a lower Woodland porch when I was door knocking. He cocked his head at me as I took a picture.

I added a bunch of “friends” to Facebook. I thought I was adding them to the welty for school board page but they are now part of my more personal feed. Many of them are prodigious posters and this morning one post I was looking at was superseded by a hundred others. It took me nearly five minutes to find it again.

I’m a pretty savvy researcher so that I have a pretty good idea what posts have some weight behind them. But reading Facebook for news is like taking a drink of water standing under Niagara Falls. No wonder the Ruskies had Americans so confused in 2016. I’ve given up trying to manage the campaign Facebook Page. I haven’t got the time or energy. I saw that one visitor there wondered where she could donate to my campaign on it. I hope she checks out my blog because I regularly link posts to my site which has a tab for donations.

I could use them. And I’m three minutes over my limit. Its 10:03. I have a lot more doors to visit.

Goodbye for now.

Your word is /ôr?THä?r?f?/

For better than ten, perhaps fifteen years I was the pronouncer at our regional Scripps Howard Spelling Bee. I have mentioned spelling bees and my experiences with them in about a dozen previous posts over the last ten years.

The subject of the last half of John Ramos’s Reader Column this week concerns an unhappy experience his son suffered during the bee held at their school. His concerns ended up in my District email inbox last week and I sent Mr. Ramos a reply that attempted to put things in perspective and console him. From the conclusion of his column I gather I was not the only school board member to reply to his complaints.

As for the title of this post – I was attempting to find a synonym for the world “spelling.” I didn’t really find one. Neither would my headline space permit me to post the word I copied from the Internet, demonstrating its proper pronunciation. It couldn’t recognize the symbols for getting the pronunciation right. Golly, I can do something better than my blog software. I love those upside down e’s.

A segue

Its almost time for me to get over my flawed humanity. I pride myself on being tougher on myself than I am on the people who short change me. I’ve left last Wednesday’s post up by itself to assure that as many of my regular readers would find it as possible knowing that if I did a lot of posting over it it would be less likely to be read. I am still extremely angry with myself. I have not yet written an apology to Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. I woke up last night brooding about my transgression and deciding that the first thing I would do this morning was write that apology and put in the mail. Until its written I won’t be able to move on but frankly I am not ready to move on. I want to keep reminding myself that I have no claim to self-righteousness.

This brooding is mixed with a lot of other postable thoughts. Art Johnston and I have been researching both the District’s finances and the claim of the letter writing Bruce Johnson that the local Charter school is siphoning $1.6 million of Special Ed money out of ISD 709. As I’ve written that is incorrect but I too oversimplified the truth. That’s a couple of future posts. I’m still recovering from my doofus-like failure to escape the School Board for an uncertain but long desired role as a state legislator. And the news, always the news. I want to write that threatened post about Hilary Clinton and golly, there are a couple news items that take me back to my past. So, I’ll start with those in the next post.

Oh, and as per usual, I just checked my blog stats to see what three days of inactivity did to them. I found that a little over 400 folks dropped by to see my last post. That bit of self flagellation didn’t take more than a couple minutes for anyone to read but somehow 26 visitors found over an hour’s worth of material to wade through in the first three days of June. That’s gratifying. I always encourage my readers to type subjects of interest into my blog’s search engine to see what I might have written about such topics in the past.

Page stats, apologies, and a preview of coming attractions


Actors have applause, Comics have laughs, I have page stats.

2016..Unique visitors…# of visits.Pages….Hits…..Bandwidth
Jan 2016……….3,267…6,755…..14,790…18,850…543.92 MB
Feb 2016……….2,659…5,625…..11,663…15,183…406.50 MB
Mar 2016……….2,695…7,122…..30,217…42,254…1.05 GB
Apr 2016……….6,157…14,814….47,829…78,924…2.02 GB
May 2016……….5,620…12,770….35,768…59,368…1.64 GB

These are mine though May 31st – the day which I failed to file for Jen Schultz’s seat in the state legislature. I simply had to turn on the light at 2AM this morning and continue reading Second Kings to take my mind off of the 5,000 word post in which I intended to mercilessly ridicule myself for failing to proceed with. I’d woken up on filing day 85% certain that I would file. However, my best laid (very poorly laid) plans collapsed after I made a phone call to the County Auditor’s Office to check on the fine points of filing.

I don’t think its sour grapes but at this moment a little before noon I’m not at all unhappy with my last minute plans falling through.

However, the stats above are a hint at what I was thinking of. I’ve spent the last quarter century learning to write and my little blog about school board politics in a middling sized city doesn’t quite measure my ambition. I will confess that I am a little worried that its limited readership is a better measure of my literary abilities.

My plans, which kicked in on May 26th with the news that the Duluth Planning Commission was hog tying Edison (It struck me as a dogpile) had very little time to gestate. By Sunday I had plans to rally Independents across Minnesota, if not America, to take back our state legislature, if not the Congress of the United States from two self-righteous parties locked in a death spiral and taking the rest of us down with it. Its been sort of like the Duluth School Board’s of the past writ large.

As in my independent campaigns for Congress in 1992 which netted me 7.99% of the general election vote and my “Unity Party” race for Congress in 2006 I thought a Lincoln Democrat race for the sorry Minnesota House of Representatives might attract widespread enough attention to fund a race that ……well. You get my drift.


I got an email from a reader who explained that I had misidentified a critic of mine and took me to task for unfairly trashing the wrong people. Guilty as charged. That will be my next post after lunch. I’ll post the email by itself in a few moments before returning to respond to it.


First of all I’m not sure how many coming attractions I will have. One thing that impressed itself upon me over the last five days of plotting a legislative campaign is how much I would like to expand beyond simply being a dubious local know-it-all. My long time readers know how often I threaten to write a book. Now that I’ll have a quiet summer it would be a shame to stiffle all the pent up fury I rediscovered thinking about running for the Minnesota legislature. Its been an ambition of mine to serve since 1972. I’ve run for it ingloriously at least four times. This one might have been the charm……..had I investigated the rules of filing for a third party candidate a week or two in advance. No way I could gather up 500 signtures on a petition in the five hours available to me before the filing closed yesterday.

So, today I’ve spent three hours catching up on all the News Tribs I’ve only skimmed for a week. Golly, there are a lot of things I’d like to write about based on that little catch up. There was a wonderful article about past Memorial days in Duluth. There was a three-parter on parental harassment of high school coaches……I’m still not fully caught up with my reading.

Now that I’ve written this…….I think I only want to write my correction and apology.

Recent readership

For new readers: There is a method to my madness in blogging. If I don’t blog for months its probably because I an up to my elbows in something or other or because I deem silence necessary. Shortly after the recent election I stopped blogging so much because I didn’t want to alienate new school board members and hoped for a fresh start. That wasn’t the only reason though. I was beginning to prepare for another once in a lifetime trip in this case to Israel. I did have blogging about the trip in the back of my mind but in late December I attempted to fix my blog and the repair went very sour so that I could no longer blog. I didn’t get around to finding someone to fix it for me until about a month after I returned from Israel. I didn’t mind at first because I was still getting to know my new board colleagues and silence and my inability to blog seemed mutually beneficial.

Ironically, through all this time silent January was they busiest time for stats in my blog. I stop writing new stuff and my readers come out in droves. Well that tapered off so that February and March were pretty quiet. I mention this because I left my blog untouched for the past three days. Yesterday the blog stats were impressive 698 visitors. The day before it had been well over 500 with nothing new.

I’d left Marci Stromgren’s “Just the Facts” interview as the last thing on the page because I liked the idea of people getting a gander of me in talking mode and not just writing mode. By explaining the show but only linking to Marci’s youtube page I could count the number of watchers as my blog would not have registered clicks onto the hour long interview. After four days up only 61 people had watched it or watched some portion of it. That’s just a fraction of the 1000 plus visitors to my blog over those days.

Its not as though my visitors were left without new stuff to rifle through on the blog. I’ve been pretty prolific. In the first nine days of May so far 250 visitors have spent over 30 minutes on my blog. Considering the most of my readers likely hail from Duluth and that I have almost exclusively chattered about the Duluth Schools that’s pretty encouraging.

There is little doubt that my most read item of the month was the op ed published in the Trib the day of our May second meeting revisiting the potential sale of Central to the DPSA. According to Its readership on Sundays is 63,762 while other days of the week its 40,636. That’s rather a lot more attention and when I went out to buy steaks for Mother’s Day the butcher told me he really liked what I wrote. I hope he wasn’t the only one.

As for my interview with Marci I got one nice compliment from my Buddy who put away the swords to email me that:

“I liked the rapport between the two of you, and I liked that both of you seemed to be disposed to let each other talk.”

Conversation is a two-way street.

78 visitors spent over an hour reading this blog…

…over the past five days! Oh, the wonder of my blog stats. Wish it could tell me who you were……No – never mind. I don’t want to know.

And if they read Necroscopy 4 I apologize. I still haven’t worked up the grit to proof read its 2000 plus words.

The stakes are, or at least were, so high I have tried to clean up my posts rather than race through them willy nilly. My new office is a disaster area with small piles of paper everywhere each representing some line of thought or research I’ve been trying to keep touch with as I’ve flitted from topic to topic. I’ll file them eventually. Fortunately, Claudia is out of town looking after her Father so my days are free….except for grandparenting, and hauling bags of leaves to the WLSSD compost site and who knows what else.

I joked on “Just the Facts” with PAC TV personality, Marci Stromgren, that my blog has ten times the number of words Tolstoy’s War and Peace has. BTW – I’ll link to that video later today. That way you will see the oddball behind Lincolndemocrat’s words in the flesh, video flesh anyway. I sum up much of what I’ve been writing here in an hour-long, free-wheeling interview. It will be blather from the mouth rather than from my fingers. Sorry I didn’t comb my hair. Who do I think I am? Art Johnston!

Some Valentines Day Miscellaney

As of 6:58 this morning my website had a stupendous number of hits. It was 7,143. That is better than three times the average number of hits per day on my blog but what makes it truly amazing is that it was not an entire day’s worth of activity. It was only based on visits from midnight to just before 7 AM. I won’t get today’s full statistics until about ten o’clock tomorrow.

If I had any doubt about whether my vigorous posting drives traffic these hits pretty well make the case. It wans when I go silent and waxes strong when I have something to say. That’s good because I will have little to say for next week’s school break. Shortly after I get back I might even have a functioning website set up to take donations for the Johnston Defense fund. I’ve already paid for the website’s domain name. Good, Art’s attorneys don’t work for free not even for the defense of our First Amendment Rights.

My last big post of the day is the one before this. Its already written in rough draft but it should be polished up. Before I work on it I have a couple small items I’d like to share of no great concern to the Art Johnston Saga. They are:

One -Officer Brad Wick won the highest award that can be bestowed on public safety officers at the White House. Twenty years ago Officer Wick was assigned to my children’s school Chester Park and I saw him often during those years when he paid it a call.

Two – I’ve particularly been enjoying the Bygones session since the beginning of the year. I moved to Duluth forty years ago in late August after my marriage. I subscribed to the Tribune within days and so lately every bygones section contains the local news I first read as I became familiar with my new home. A couple days ago there was one that described how the Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld that state’s ban on public employee strikes. The Bygones story reports that this decision will have no impact on a planned strike by Superior, Wisconsin teachers that is set to begin the following week.

Teachers in Minnesota were strike happy by this time when I moved to Duluth to teach in Proctor. I mentioned in an earlier post how today’s Education Minnesota (our only teacher’s union) was then two separate competing unions. The laws in Minnesota had been changed in about 1971 to permit teachers to strike and by the time I began teaching the unions were really going to town. Minnesota’s strike mania must have bled over to Superior but Wisconsin hadn’t cleared the way yet legally. I guess the Superior teachers weren’t going to let that stop them.

Those who wonder at Governor Walker’s virulent anti-public employ stance should remember that there has always been a more stubborn conservative streak in that state and it has continued to the present.

Ooh, just took a look at my blog stats

There were 3,985 unique visitors in January a month when no one is paying much attention to our schools. I know a lot of them were from the Ukraine on one particularly busy weekend but still, not bad. February is a short month but I expect to be doing a lot of blogging which hikes the visits (except for the week of our school’s winter holiday.I’ll be spending that time with my family.)

I hope to keep boosting those numbers even if the Ukrainians don’t pay me a call. I’ve got all the mortars and missiles I need, thanks.

I wish I could share my good fortune without local papers like the Trib fewer people are getting engaged in their communities as newspaper circulation and life is getting tough for local papers.

When our better angels songs grow faint

My dove of peace still holds up a sprig of olive in its beak but it will probably melt away and drop it soon. That’s a proper metaphor for where I think our school board is going. I’ve enjoyed sharing my Mother with you this season. I’d like to spend the year writing about her but I think instead I will be writing about a school board so hostile to letting a stubborn colleague ask questions that they decided it was better to smear him with the toxic accusation that he is a racist. Since they made that hideous claim I feel little compunction about pointing out the all too human flaws of other board members who would trade the work of improving our schools for the dirty business of character assassination.

As I wrote before “Damn us all.” I wish I could write a sentiment more worthy of the Season but I find myself feeling more like the poor wretches cackling about the dead Scrooge’s old rags.

Thank you for visiting. Once again this month has been a busy time for blog visitors. is just shy of 3000 “unique” visitors this month. Even though I have decided to spend the rest of my holidays with family in order to rest my fingers I know I’ll cross that barrier with five full days left, not counting today, to finish the year. Heck, I might even feel compelled to write something else new. But not today.

Best wishes in finishing up your holiday leftovers. Ours are so plentiful that they threaten to do me in if I don’t go gentle on them.

693 visitors yesterday

If that’s not a daily record number of visitors to my blog its close. I haven’t had numbers like that since I was raising money for the $100,000 bond imposed by the Court on Art Johnston and me back in 2009. I’m sorry. You will all just have to come back since I didn’t finish that post on the Mother of all 709 issues until 3 AM this morning. I had to get up and finish it or I wouldn’t have gotten any sleep last night. (BTW. You can find some of those old posts on raising the bond here on this inquiry for 100,000 bond. Just check the entries for 2009)

I couldn’t fall asleep after the 10 pm news because I made the mistake of looking for an old Op Ed of mine about desegregation. I ended up finding it in my school clipping file. I ended up skimming a bunch of news stories for the years 2008 to 2009. They brought back old memories which I will only be able to exorcise by writing a book. That would or should be this winter’s project.

My brother called this morning to ask me what I’ve been doing lately on the School Board. I told him there wasn’t time to tell him a couple weeks ago. So he called again when he and I both had some free time.

After getting an hour’s earful (just a bare summary) he asked why we didn’t just go demand a data inquiry for the School District’s files. Surely this data is public, he asserted, and we have a fiduciary responsibility as school board members to understand why we have so many kids in our classes.

I told him that’s just what my brother-in-law told me this summer after he got his earful. This in Minnesota I told them both. We don’t like transparency here…..from the Minnesota Dept of Ed or State Auditor on down. Not unless you can get a majority of the Duluth School Board to authorize it…….which is why I told the Superintendent in June I expect to be in the majority after next year’s election….the day before he leveled six nonsense allegations against Art Johnston to remove him from the School Board…….to keep me just that much farther from being in a majority after next year’s election. Or so I hypothesize.

I hope 700 people will get to read that last paragraph today!

Who reads LD when I go silent?

I dunno.

My buddy Frank at church today said he’d caught up with lincolndemocrat. He’s been a regular consumer of my balderdash for years. He’s mostly puzzled by politics and politicians and I can’t say any of my twaddle helps clear the air.

Someone else recently laughed at my comment about a strong inclination I might have to speed my car up if I saw Keith Dixon walking across the street ahead of me. That line was lifted straight from my blog so that was another at least occasional reader. My posts concerning the Timberjay although late, were both prompted by a reader who expressed concern that I had let the St. Louis County Schools go adrift. I also get a rare thumbs up for a few posts from a couple more readers. Otherwise that’s it. I could be whistling Dixie into a void for all I know….except that my webpages and this blog are monitored by some Internet machine that keeps track of visitors. Its not the NSA. To my knowledge it has no idea who they are and in any case doesn’t report them by any clues I can recognize to me.

But the statistics which over the years I have reported in the Blog Stats category always interest me. I think most writers are always curious to learn about their audience. Mine must almost exclusively be folks in Duluth. I’ve always figured teachers are a large component as well as my old Anti Red Plan allies and opponents. These are the latest figures which show a drop off in February over what had been a rather small drop off after the conclusion of the November election.

Month……Unique visitors.No.of visits..No.of Pages..Hits….Bandwidth
Jan 2014…2,062………..5,762………20,394…….22,941..437.05 MB
Feb 2014…1,551………..5,305………25,447 ……27,858..481.82 MB
Mar 2014…..160………….249…………565……….648…15.56 MB

March has only had two days to accumulate stats. The drop off from January isn’t all that huge considering that I offered regular readers much to read. That will change soon as I’ve suggested.

I’m growing more confident that I will be able to unleash myself relatively soon with less blowback to impede my objectives and campaign promise to be honest.

I’ve come awful close to letting the shots fly freely recently. When I do I expect the stats to rise accordingly. Still, I won’t commence firing until I’m reasonably sure my foot is not in the way. I’ve got a few children riding on my shoes just like my grandsons. They make walking a little awkward.

BTW: not me or my grandkids but a man after my own heart.

4,509 Visitors in Sept.

I don’t know why but last month’s blog stats are the lowest this year since last March when 1,256 different visitors paid a call on Lincolndemocrat. That was probably the month I announced my interest in running for the school board because since April I’ve always had at least 4,000 visitors each month. That represented a major uptick in interest.

My stats were, however, made confusing by a lot of visitors from other nations. I don’t know how the record keepers do this but I assume they know the origen of hits on my site (37,000 last month) and whether they originated from servers located overseas. At any rate the foreign visitors have been falling off lately. I presume that the vast majority of last month’s 4,509 visitors were from Duluth. My content has been so exclusively Duluth School related I can’t imagine it to be of much interest to foreign observers any more. A lot more folks read the Duluth News Tribune than my blog but the Trib is a piker compared to my copious writing about our schools. If I got a penny a word on the subject I’d be a rich man today.

I sure hope my message about passing the levy gets out there. I’m taking it door to door but while I probably talked to 30 people today (roughly one in every three doors knocked on) that pales compared to the 345 visitors my site had on Monday or the 1,217 I had on September 19th.

1,171 of last month’s visits lasted over thirty minutes. I’m flattered that some folks have found that much to interest them on my humble little blog with all its typos.

A quarter million hits

I was looking at my latest blog stats and was taken aback by something I’ve not paid much attention to lately – hits.

I’m sure I mentioned that one of the things that inspired me when I first ran for the state legislature in 1976 was the notion of writing something like a diary of my legislative experience and putting it in the newspaper. I was thinking partly of Eleanor Roosevelt who had a regular column in many daily papers across America.

There were a great many things working against this goal getting elected for one. It took me six elections to take any office. Also there was finding a newspaper willing to risk letting a politician get free publicity that would almost certainly have been self serving. Most tellingly there was my limited experience and skill as a writer.

When I finally got elected to the School Board I was eager to take advantage of something called the Internet which was a new phenomenon beyond the little computer sitting in my room with no connections beyond the diskettes I stuck into it. I remember telling my buddy Frank, a computer whiz at UMD, how I really wanted to start a web page. I dreamed about a website for a couple years before my high school daughter badgered me into letting her use her era’s FACEBOOK, the pokey dial-up connection with its dangerous “chat rooms.”

Finally in 1999 I set up my own webpage. For the first time my half dozen followers (no oldsters were on could read me, Harry Welty School Board member, unfiltered. I set up a hit counter and was amazed after a few years when it would register 100 hits in a day. I created the equivelent of a blog and wrote about the details I faced daily as a Board member and in my personal life. Heck Patty, my first serious co-campaign manager read something I posted and recommended that the Reader Weekly publish it. It was my first piece of non-political published piece. It was called “Monkeyworms.” Take heed! Its been nearly eleven years and they are reportedly gathering for the next mass attack.

I set up the blog in 2005 to use in a planned run for Congress the following year. Still, oldsters weren’t using the Internet and my district, not counting the college students, was full of oldsters.

So, today I’m a few thousand hits shy of a quarter million hits and we are just finishing up the 8th month of the year. The campaign season will attract more folks to my blog so that September and October will be the big hits of they year. November will have an election on the second Tuesday and the parade will slow down drastically after that.

However, if I’m elected a new larger and more savvy Internet population will certainly stop by Lincolndemocrat every so often to see what I’m ranting about. Next year could be even busier. I’ll have to buy a new welcome mat.