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My plate’s too full. I guess I like it that way

This is appropos of nothing. Its one of a hundred print ads my Mom drew for a boutique shop in Mankato Minnesota from the 1970’s through the 80’s. I check out a Facebook Page dedicated to the city and found that someone had asked a question about the history of Harpies Bazaar and since my Mother was one of the Harpies I offered some insights. There were dozens of its former patrons who raved about the shop on Facebook. I told them that this was one of a hundred or more print ads that Mom drew for Harpie’s advertising.

Attending to this took twenty minutes or so mostly to find some samples of her ads. It was a small diversion but I’ve got some bigger ones planned. Tomorrow I’ll head over and offer my voice for the next Duluth Symphony Chorus, practices every week until November 23. Then tomorrow I’ll start putting up thirteen more new storm windows for our church. I’m also getting the last bits of paperwork I need so that I can start substitute teaching in the Duluth Schools. I picked some elderberries for making jelly this afternoon. I keep posting in this blog and putting an hour in a day for French practice. Somewhere in this schedule I’m campaigning for the School Board and every now and then I peck away at the book I’ve promised my donors about my witness of America’s public education system.

The best part of all this is that I’m not getting any panic attacks when some of the more optional items get set back like the book-writing part. The challenge for me is trying not to wake up for long stretches at night pondering how to save America. Mostly I’ve been able to fall back asleep. I guess my plan, as such, is to stop blogging after the election no matter how it turns out. That will give me more time to write that book. Late perhaps but with almost two months to prepare for the School Board should I make it back on in January.

BTW – the Congressional run I’ve threatened again. That too is optional and, other than having a heart attack at every hammer blow our President pounds out to divide America, I’m feeling not a particle of pain.

And after reading the news and studying French the campaign continues

This time the Reader placed my latest ad on page 8 which seemed like a promotion from page 49. I sent this one in on the weekend long before the School Board fireworks blew up this week. It certainly seems topical.

I also authorized my campaign mailing to go out to another precinct. It might be in people’s homes by Saturday. I have another five precincts to go after the first two. I have enough in the bank to cover two of the remaining precincts.

I’ve also dug deep into my pockets to pay for some Facebook advertising. So far I’ve spent Continue reading

Applying online to be a substitute teacher

Last January I began the process of applying to be a Substitute teacher in the Duluth School District. Then I found out Claudia would need heart surgery and a nursemaid for some months afterwards during her recuperation.

I am feeling at loose ends and realize the Duluth District is desperate for subs at the moment. I just resumed the online application process. Apropos a recent blog post and news story I pass this along this question I was asked to my eight loyal readers. I am about to finish my application.

* Have you ever entered a plea of guilty or been convicted of a misdemeanor (ex. DWI), gross misdemeanor, or a felony? Yes No

If yes, please explain the nature of the charge(s) and the circumstance(s).
If yes, explain, giving date(s), cities and counties where convicted.

Please Note: A conviction will not necessarily bar you from employment. Facts, such as date of occurrence and rehabilitation will be considered. This information will be used only for job-related purposes and only to the extent permitted by applicable law.

One day beyond “nada”

I don’t spend a lot of time being discouraged. Too much to do. But I’ll postpone my book writing for another update of life and politics. First, having mentioned my kitchen remodling I’ll show you the minute long video tour of the almost finished kitchen from a couple days ago. It generated a number of friendly comments on my personal Facebook Page which is not the same as my school board page: Harry Welty Give’m Helty.

Its finally finished. Last night I painted the newly resurfaced areas of the dining room wall that leads into the kitchen. We had the door widened to better bring the rooms together. Today one of my Mother’s paintings will be reframed and hung in the dining room. Its always been one of my favorites.

And Summer’s over! My grandsons are back in school. I will have fewer reasons to be distracted from book writing except that I will continue to feel obligated to comment about the schools, Trump, and the school board campaign on the blog. The man in the middle of that list keeps trying to suck up all the oxygen in the room. No problem with the Amazon burning, diverting FEMA money to wall building just before another hurricane has set its course for Puerto Rico, telling subordinates to break laws to get the wall built by the next election because he will pardon them for their crimes. And that’s just the last ten seconds.

With Trump along I hardly have room in my head for campaigning but I’ll try to eke out a few words. My Mother’s art has stood me in good stead. I got one envelope today from a person who wanted a lawn sign…..but not a book. She told me she loved my snowsculptures. I’ll take that. BTW here’s the latest Reader Ad with my artwork that you should find in tomorrow’s edition:

The sole return envelope I found today had to have been dropped in the mail on Saturday (the day after it was received and) before the Duluth PO sent it to be postmarked in St. Paul. St. Paul postmarked it Monday and it took two days to get back to Duluth. That kind of turnaround has to be killing the US Post Office. Tomorrow will give me a better idea if there will be enough orders to proceed with more mailings. In the old days when mail was the only way for people to return campaign letters a fundraising letter might expect a 1% return. That would be about 20 replies for the one I just sent out. If I get them they may be just enough for me to proceed with additional mailings. Yesterday I was sitting on pins and needles. Today. Not so much. Que Sera Sera.

I got a notification from the Chuck Frederick by email that the Trib and the Chamber of Commerce will have a day at the Depot with candidates for this fall’s election. These are traditionally poorly attended affairs with a hundred of the 50,000 eligible voters present. About six questions will be asked of them and each candidate will get about one minute to explain how to lift the earth with a bicycle pump. “Uh, well, I’d.” “Thank you very much.” “Next!” Its always scintillating. I wish they could come up with a forum more like the Democratic Presidential candidates have recently had allowing them some time to challenge one another.

In the email Chuck sent to me there was no indication that the Trib’s hand-picked Editorial Board with citizen journalists would invite any of the general election candidates to have a private interview where this kind of one-on-one dialogue, might be possible. These are the meetings after which you could expect non-attenders to get an editorial scolding…”Candidate B did not choose to speak with the News Tribune so in good conscience we can not consider him for endorsement.”

I replied to Chuck that I was looking forward to the forum and the opportunity to write a “candidate’s view” column for the Trib but I asked him what had happened to this more in depth interview. Chuck wrote back to tell me that he thought the public forum (sticking finger down throat) would suffice. Geez!

Here’s how a local amateur does an interview that packs a punch.

Harry’s Diary 8-20-2019

Greenland is sliding into the sea, the economy is poised to tank next year or the year after Donald Trump’s reelection should that occur, Brazil’s forests are under assault as one of the new Internet Era’s collection of pseudo-fascist, plutocrat-hugging, mini-Trumps is setting armies of murderers out to kill the locals in order to burn down the Amazon for more methane spreading cattle ranches for Big Macs and yet I’m feeling pretty happy this rainy morning.

Claudia just baked our old favorite blueberry buckle, in our new stove, in our new almost finished kitchen and I used our spiffy new microwave to reheat my coffee. The old fridge is out of our dining room! I saw another compelling episode of Mindhunter (season two) last night and it involved Charles Manson who I was recently reading about. My campaign fundraising letter is about to be sent out to at least 2,000 of my 12,000 potential constituents. I’ve thought of a cool way to speed up an initial burst of lawnsigns by the end of the week. I got back to my book writing yesterday after a week of putting up new church storm windows. The writing went very well – although – its becoming obvious my early hope of having a book ready for shipment a month before the election was and is wildly optimistic.

Sometimes in face of even dire threats to your grandchildren’s future you have to be positive. In fact, I hope my Grandsons can help me preserve the Duluth Schools and reelect me to the Board after my glorious two-year hiatus from the sometimes wretched politics of the School District. What else can I say? I’m an optimist despite all evidence to the contrary.

Its almost 10 AM and I’m eager to begin writing again. This post is to assure my regulars that I’m still focused on the Duluth School District and also to assure them that I remain busy with life as well as the great issues of the day. I have never accused myself of being myopic!

After I race through today’s French studies I will post a couple of stories from the New York Times that caught my attention. One is about Germany’s role in the world economy and the other is about Jeff Bezos’s shoddy treatment of words……Not the Washington Post (thank heavens) but the unfolding booksales his company built its foundation on. So, Vive la France! Vive la litterature! Vive l’economie du la monde! Vive l’idiot! (That’s a reference to my book on Public Education. I’m hoping its sales will finance my school board campaign)

A fifteen dollar donation will get you one of these babies. Order here:

search/paranoia/transparancy – follow up

I’m not sure if other people looking at Lincoln Democrat are able to see the (my) recent search history that I posted a few minutes ago. The page says only I will be able to see it. And if they can I do intend to delete the history which appears to go back into infinity in a couple days. So, if people behind other computer screens are unable to see what I posted I’ll share this much less revealing list of my history which I copied from my Google search history. I simply shows the search terms I used but not the actual links I visited:

Visited Google Search
9:49 AM • Details
Logo for Search
10:19 PM • Details
Logo for Search
Searched for heiress scaife times
10:19 PM • Details • ?
Logo for Search
10:05 PM • Details
Logo for Search
Searched for Park College George Robb Center for the study of the great war
10:05 PM • Details • ?
Logo for Search
Searched for Park College George Rob Center
10:04 PM • Details • ?
Logo for Search
Searched for how many companies in an infantry battalion
10:00 PM • Details • ?
Logo for Search Continue reading


I’ll be deleting the most interesting link in this post in a couple days but for my eight loyal readers I will share this deep dive into what I look for online. I found my search history when Google sent me some info to reassure their hundreds of Google dependents that their search history function is not intended to make them vulnerable to predatory businesses and the forces of darkness. I wasn’t particularly concerned about that. I spend very little time going places that embarrass me and I’m pretty resistant to commerce and paranoia online.

This nonchalance was not always the case. Ten to fifteen years ago I did visit a sampling of porno sites partly for natural curiosity and partly for prurient interest. I was mostly repelled and incredulous by what I found in them. I learned a lot about how much personal indelicacy some people were willing to share online either voluntarily or through trickery. There is a reason that Hollywood spends millions of dollars to shoot sex scenes with hundreds of techies at hand to make it look appetizing. I doubt if any of the people sharing their home sex movies understood the potential future reach of the Internet’s technology and anticipated that it could one day identify them based on a massive database of faces. “Jimmy, I just did a data base search on Mommy’s face and OMG look at this!!!!”

Back in the day I typically erased my search history after skulking through porno sites. I haven’t bothered to erase this history for better than a decade.

The last search of mine that sounds anything like porno was a quest for people doing “naked cartwheels.” I wanted to draw a humorous graphic for my last column in the Reader before hanging up my pulpit to run for the School Board.

As I said I’ll erase my search history in a couple of days. I have no idea if it opens up more ways for meanies to mess with me. But I’m just a small fly in the ointment now, not a President with a leaky ****hole above his chin. Take a brief look at the stuff I’ve looked up on Google.

Sorry. I deleted this. All heck broke loose on my computer after I published this. It may be coincidence But I am not inclined to take chances.

Three old codgers at work

I’m too busy to get Alzheimers. I started 2019 nursing Claudia who joined the zipper club. Fretting about Donald Trump and mulling over a second run against one of his Trumplicans. Planning a campaign to return to the Duluth School Board. Starting a book, one of about five or six I see a clear path to writing. Clearing out my kitchen in preparation for a renovation which has left our old refrigerator standing in our dining room for the last month. Studying French daily. Working my tuckus off gardening without the full assistance of my garden boss. Oh yeah and replacing almost 100 storm windows on my church.

You can see me on the upper right of this Facebook photo. I’m wearing my old Let Duluth Vote shirt which has been a paint shirt for the past few years. I’m the youngster in this trio. I’ve got sixteen months till I turn 70. Mark in the center only has two months to go and Mike on the other side has made it to 77. The other couple helpers we’ve had are also in the same age vicinity including the Mike’s bride, Linda, who took the picture yesterday.

Tomorrow will be my last day at this work until the cool of September when we will tackle another nine of the windows. After that we will probably hire professionals rather than put up five levels of scaffolding. None of us bounce as well as we did sixty years ago.

Tomorrow I’ll put in my fourth day in a row – fifth day out of the last six installing four more and taking down the staging. In the cool of September we may replace nine more leaving us about twenty left to do – the really dangerous ones.

I’ve slept well fortified with advil the last three nights but I just woke up. I crashed at a little after seven tonight, too early, and I was out of sorts. I have just managed to keep my streak of daily french studies going for over 304 days until today. I started at the church at seven this morning and left at 4:30 completely forgetting my French. When a couple hours after my french software’s deadline had past I was not happy. My aim is to learn French not keep up some arbitrary streak but still. Like winning public office, or writing a book I intend to learn to speak French at seventy! Maybe even before!!

A few book orders (donations) are still trickling in from the early June fundraising letter I sent out. I only sent out about 125 letters that weren’t returned by the postal service for changed addresses. I am not quite at a quarter of the sales I need to pay for the book’s printing. I hope the fundraising/campaign letter I’ll be sending out early next week will put me over the top or get me close. That will go to about 2,000 2nd District voters. I’ll need to raise more than book printing costs. I will still have another 10,000 District voters to send my letter too at not quite 50 cents per letter. That’s $5,000 for mailing and $3,000 for printing a book. I’ll probably hand deliver most of them to save on postage.

I haven’t had time to blog much recently. But that may be a blessing. I wonder if my frequent inundation of words doesn’t sometimes overwhelm my eight loyal readers. In checking out my visitor stats tonight I was pleased to see that over 9 percent of my 12,000 visits since August began have lasted over half an hour. I believe my book will be every bit as readable as my blog.

There was just one thing I regret not finding time for this week. Bill Rees sent in a nyaa, nyaa, nyaa, letter to the Duluth Reader on the issue of gun control. I only read his last paragraph that chided gun control advocates for not caring about black Americans who are the most likely to die by gun violence. Mr. Rees wondered if these goody-two-shoes weren’t racist as he assumed they were only concerned about white victims…….although Bill didn’t seem to be all that worried about black victims either. The accusation was just a cheap talking point.

That galled me because fifteen or twenty years ago I wrote a letter to the Trib about gun violence. This was before school shootings had become a weekly event. I don’t have very good access to things I filed away that long ago but I do recall that my letter was directed at the indifference of Second Amendment worshipers, like Rees. I criticized them for their indifference to the appallingly high gun violence in urban centers. And Bill Rees was one of the folks to write a letter disagreeing with my take on what the Constitution had to say about our promiscuous gun ownership. It appeared to me that Bill thought that inner city gun deaths were a small price to pay to secure our gun ownership rights.

Yeah Bill. I do think black lives matter every bit as much as white lives. That’s what I wish I had been able to back up with the old texts in a letter to the Duluth Reader. Oh well, my eight loyal readers got to hear me vent.

How about a book?

What I originally woke up to write about at 2AM

My Grandson got a kindly and accurate nod in this generous review:

I was at the performance and was amply rewarded. I would have been even without the family connection but that made it all the sweeter. Leaving the closet, sex, suicide, all in a fun home or funeral home if you want to be funereal about it; that’s what it was all about.

The production isn’t really recommended for a young audience but there were some youngsters in the audience including my other grandson. I think there is a temptation to shield children from the facts of life. Farm kids used to see their mothers wringing chicken necks for the Sunday dinner. That wasn’t a bad thing.

I woke up with a lot more to say about this but Helter Skelter distracted me.

Shoot self in foot Syndrome – DFL Style

Next year Joe Radinovich should be poised to replace Congressman Pete Stauber. Instead the big shot DFLer’s on the Iron Range shot him in the foot in their eagerness to give him a glorious sinecure until the campaign rolled around. They killed their best candidate to remove a Trumplican from Congress. Today the DNT reported that Joe has decided not to be the DFL candidate.

I suppose its too early to give up on the Democrats. Donald Trump is making hash of America and its values with the middle fingers he’s planted around the White House. I haven’t mentioned my inclination to challenge Pete Stauber in the GOP primary for a couple months but its on my mind. If I successfully sell my book about my experiences with Public Education I’ll have even more time to write a book to finance a Congressional Campaign on my experiences with the Republican Party shooting America in the head. Thank you Wayne Lapierre.

But first I have a school board campaign to win. To be clear. I expect to finish my four year-term on the school board. But if a lot of Democrats had just one candidate running against Pete Stauber in 2020 and they wanted to vote for an old fashioned Eisenhower or Teddy Roosevelt or Abe Lincoln Republican instead of a supporter of the gold leaf covered turd currently rewriting the Constitution I’d be happy to take those votes.

BTW – If you want to help my with my school board race I’ve made progress on my book. Feel free to put in an order for it. I’ve sold almost one forth of what I need to pay for the printing costs. A little help?

Just fifteen dollars although I’d appreciate it if you added a bit more so I could also pay for new lawn signs and mailing costs.

Returning the favor to Alanna

I don’t know what that gibberish is at the bottom of this post. I hoped it would take you to my campaign Facebook page. I put a newspaper from October 14, 1986 on Facebook page Harry Welty Give’m Helty. It was turned in by Alanna Rogers (now School Board member Alanna Oswald)

You see Alanna kindly put a picture of my good wishes to her in her yearbook page. In my good wishes I commented that Alanna was a lot smarter than I am. She still is……..probably. So, I thought I’d do Alanna a good turn and display her newspaper for 1986 that was handed out too all my classes. It was something my Geography teacher, Mr. Just, used to do when I was in eighth grade. Only I did him one better by making my students publish the paper for the day they were assigned. This is Alanna and a couple other classmates work.

Harry’s Diary 8-7-2019

Its August and I am in something of a holding pattern. This morning, like five previous mornings over the past week I spent hours working on the 96 replacement storm windows for my church. Today’s work was a relatively short four and a half hours. I’ll be climbing the scaffolding on Saturday and Monday through Wednesday. Its hard enough work that its not easy to work up enthusiasm for writing a book which has been my principal preoccupation for the past three months.

On the other hand, yesterday I put an astounding 6,000 words down. It wasn’t hard just time consuming. I think I’ve found the groove that will get me a book before the election. If I manage it I have another book ready to work on. It too has a likely name just as this one does.

I’m not quite ready to announce the Title yet but I hope by Friday to have begun the process of “marketing” the book. A fundraising letter is being mailed out to about 1,500 voters in my precinct. If one percent of them order a book I’ll be able to keep up the mailing and marketing until all seven of my precincts are covered.

Think of this book as my “The Art of the Deal.” I remember my salesman brother, Andy, telling me the book, ghost-written for Trump, was a great motivator for him in sales. I love my brother and every time we get on the phone lately I marvel at how a former admirer of Trump’s book can can share as much disdain for the man today as I feel.

Unlike Trump my book title will be self deprecatory.

Its late and I just wanted to add something to my blog after a little inactivity. The blog will provide a lot of content for my Facebook Page. I was embarrassed by the one I had two years ago for that year’s election. This time I plan to take the time to make it interesting.

Facebookers tend to avoid politics and long winded content like that which I’ve cram into Lincoln Democrat. Still, I’d like to think I can entice some folks from Facebook over here in the blogosphere. Time will tell.

And Time for bed.

Harry’s Diary 7-25-19

The non political first:

Its so nice out I decided to take my computer to our sundeck to fuss around with my campaign. This is the first time in a decade that an eggplant has grown on our deck despite many failed attempts. We’re getting some tomatoes too. Its been warm and our potted plants wilt very quickly unless they are watered daily. I’ve been by myself all week as Claudia is in Iowa with our grandsons at a church camp. I dasn’t let the plants die in her absence.

I haven’t been as consistent washing the dishes. I try to avoid eating much because our Kitchen remodeling is on hiatus with the long planned vacation by our contractor. He raced to get everything lined up before he left but a three day hunt for a broken electrical wire necessitated the removal of most of the cabinets he had just installed. We have a sink and appliances now but they are all in our garage. Claudia has been washing the dishes in the bathtub but when I got around to them there were too many for my taste. I Took them to the basement this morning and washed them in the washing machine’s tub. It will be well into August before we are back to normal.

In 2006 when I visited Springfield, MO and the new Abraham lincoln Museum I found this t-shirt. Continue reading

Blood letting, bug eating and bludgeoning in general

I’m just back from donating my 13th gallon of blood. Its four draws past one hundred gallons which I celebrated in the Reader last December. Too bad i mowed the lawn yesterday because this would give me an excuse to put if off a day being so empty and all. I chose a bright green bandage and you can see my 13 gallon pin. I don’t know if that’s bad luck or not. It doesn’t seem so. I just deposited five more donations which I think brought me over the $1000 figure which is a third of the way to being able to afford to print my book.

I’m working hard on the book and feeling confident that I will come close to making my self imposed October 24th deadline for having it ready for the printers.

I sent my grandsons off with Claudia and their mother for a five-day family church camp. I forgot to show them that their Venus Fly trap can take care of itself. It’s many little clampers sat empty inside our house but when the warm weather hit I put them out by our garden. four biters are filled two of them with what I think are daddy-long-legs. At least it looks like a bunch of long legs are sticking out of the “mouths” all akimbo.

In the absence of my family I’m hauling posterior to work on my campaign. I’m setting up Welty Press again after a hiatus that has lasted since 1992 when I published a book to sell for my Congressional Race against Jim Oberstar as an independent candidate. This time I do not plan to print 5000 copies but a tenth of that…..unless the sales pick up considerably. I can always print a second edition if there is enough demand. And I’ve got it figured I only need two hundred sales to roughly break even.

I’ve added another five sales to the thermometer. Its a small improvement but every little bit helps.

I’ll keep thinking of lame ways to bludgeon folks into dispensing with $15 (or more) bucks to finance my campaign….like my 8 great reasons to buy the book.

Campaign Report: Readjusting to School Board routine

In the past few days I’ve gotten in the School Board groove. Last week I set up a meeting with the Superintendent after he invited me, and the other candidates, to chat. Yesterday I sat through a COW (Committee of the Whole) in a hot room on Old Central’s third floor with our area legislators. The fan drowned out the mostly soft-spoken voices which were not amplified by microphones. Today I met Bill Gronseth in a cordial 45 minute get-together. He explained that the Building’s obligation to its preservation status forbids any air conditioners sticking out its windows. He did say that if the $48 million in needed fix-ups were approved one of them would be to add AC though the building. Today I attended the July School Board meeting. It was pretty short although Bill told me after it was over that it had actually been pretty long by recent standards. I teased him that when I got elected they would get longer again.

I bumped into the soon to retire Nora Sandstad as I left and I asked her what general observations she could offer me of her four years. She borrowed a metaphor that Board member Josh Gorham used tonight. That the District was a big ship that took a long time to move. How true. Over the last thirty years that Republican innovations have been fixing schools our public schools are more segregated, more unfair and distressed than ever. Still, there is ever hope. I saw our new CFO (Chief Financial Officer) tonight and I’ve been told she is a gem by my favorite board member Alanna Oswald. Bill told me he was afaid her knowledge and skills left her open to being poached by a lot of other people eager for competent financial management. Gee, I hope that doesn’t happen. We’ve needed good financial direction for the last fifteen years.

Among other things I finally put a Facebook Page up. I had removed all traces of the page two years ago that so vexed me. I came up with a lighthearted campaign name for it. its Harry Welty Givem Helty. I put an historic photo of Harry Truman waving a famously wrong headline. I have an extra l in Hellty superimposed on the photo. There is only one l in the Facebook name Helty. It was a tiny mistake too fussy to change.

I’ve ignored request to friend me on my personal Facebook Page because my close friends and family members’s posts are always under threat of being lost. I’ll friend anyone back who friends me on the campaign page. I’ll just not follow them so as not to be inundated with posts. I’ll follow the suggestion of a friend and use my blog posts on the Facebook Page. The first one I put on today was the post with my sister and me on the Canadian glacier back in 1968.

When Fox bests PBS

I woke from an Alzheimer’s fighting nine hours of sleep this morning. Its about time. Four and five hours for a week straight doesn’t do it. Holed up upstairs away from the ongoing work in our kitchen Claudia and I had a long conversation about a couple television shows and a great summation about Harry Truman and the logs in some people’s eyes. This post will cover the unlikely butt whooping we saw in television programming last night.

On Sunday nights Claudia and I get together at our daughter’s house and watch TV. The nights usually begin with kid watching then moves on to Adult PBS watching. Kid watching has meant Stranger Things and the Tic in recent times followed by Masterpiece Theater. Last night it was reversed and we began watching Grantchester on PBS a series that has been OKish. I’ve been irritated by it because its flawed hero, an Anglican minister, is given a pass because of his experiences in World War I. His parish is Grantchester, hence the name, and like Agatha Chisties hamlet no end of murders take place there.

Last night we could not endure it when the 1960’s Grantchester was visited by a black minister and his family. I won’t bother explaining how daft the premise was but we drew the line and the latest sexual encounter this self righteous minister had, this time with the black daughter of the minister the night after her brother is murdered by some supposed English Racist. It crammed five decades and two continents of black/white relations into a sorry justification for an improbably unchristian act of sex……off screen but obvious enough when the minister’s friend the cop said with disgust “you screwed her.”

It was time for some kid watching to take our youngest grandson’s eyes off of awful. And I had a brainstorm. Malcolm in the Middle.

A quick check confirmed that it could be livestramed from Hulu for which my daughter and son[-in-law have a subscription. It came out the year after my daughter graduated from highschool but I recall watching it with our son a few years younger. It was one of the few things we did together. Malcolm is the fourth wall breaking middle child of a not quite dystopian wacked-out family. There was some off screen sex in this program too but it was more achingly ridiculous than Grantchester’s gratuitous steam.

As I said we had a long lively talk about this and enjoyed laughing through three episodes in a mini binge with our grandsons. They were the perfect age to watch four television brothers fight and scheme against the world and each other. As with the Simpsons, Fox provided a little anti-venom to its scurrilous political broadcasting designed for Alzheimish baby boomers.


Bye Jupiter!

Bob King is a nice addition to WDSE’s portfolio. Today I saw the Trib’s retired photog explaining where we would see Jupiter this evening. I found it in UMD’s tall sculpture. I was too late to catch it in the picture because a cloud’s nose rushed over to hide it before I could get my cell phone out.

I took the walk to loosen up after spending nine hours today painting. First I spent four hours at church priming and painting windows then I came home and painted walls of our kitchen just before the appliances and granite are brought in. The walk did me good. It cleared my mind.

A couple of annoyances have bedeviled me in recent days. Somehow I got locked out of my blog stats. I had to get a new password and just now used it to see how many visits I’ve had since I got frozen out. I’ll never know. I found that five days worth of stats were completely erased as though no one visited from June 4th through 8th. Then the blog got 12,000 pageviews on June 9th. Sweet.

That’s all for now. I’ve got some reading to do.

Harry’s Diary 7-19-2019

I probably lost close to a dozen posts with my early morning mishap. I don’t recall which ones I lost. But as with the preceeding post about my clean sidewalk I need to do some catching up.

I have found a wonderful source of information which will speed along my book writing by thousands of pages a day. That’s good because I’ve been busy with my life as well. Our kitchen is being remodeled. It resulted in a three day wiring mixup that cost us three night without electricity on our second floor. That issue was solved and we will get a three week hiatus while we wait for our new appliances to be delivered. We are living out of a small fridge upstairs for the moment and doing dishes in the bathtub.

I have done gardening and storm window replacement at our church. 96 windows in all and we are down to about 70 left to do. Its fussy work with re-caulking and priming and repainting. I spent two mornings on it this week. I’ve been so busy that I forgot I had to turn in a questionnaire to the Central Labor body for their candidate endorsement screening last night. They let me turn it in late and screen which I appreciated. I won’t get the endorsement. Never have. I just like to make it clear I am a friend.

One question I was asked was whether I would meet with labor if they wanted to talk. I was unhesitating. Of course. Ironically, I tried to meet with the President of the Duluth Federation of Teachers a half dozen times on my most recent Board term. I was politely refused a chance to meet every time.

Oh and here’s a robin just finished with bathing in our birdbath this morning: