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Fan mail from some Flounder

This was just the front of the envelope.

I haven’t opened it yet but I suspect there will be no return address. Well, anonymous says we are in a fascist state. He’s just lucky the Post Office’s letter carriers didn’t turn him in to Obama’s Gestapo.

Ah, an enclosure has a quote from George Orwell:

“The further a society drifts from the Truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”

Well the anonymous letter writer certainly hates Obama. Hmmmmm!

He/she sent me three pages of “Obamascare” tax hikes that a John Kartch posted on the Internet.

corn syrup

My family just spent the weekend in Iowa. We have roots there and we reap a small windfall from all the corn we saw growing in the fields. Its heavily subsidized to the tune of $50 billion. Its also making Americans fatter and we will pay a heavy price for these subsidies as we also pay to treat more people for medical ailments related to obesity. It would be ironic if the best way to keep corn syrup from adding to our girth would be to pay to have Americans stomachs stapled.

For a little more detailed explanation of the problem look at this short post.

The Decembrist

Forbes Magazine has correctly used the world “dross” to describe most├é┬ápolitical blogs. Nonetheless, they have suggested five that they think have merit. As I really don’t read a lot of blogs I wasn’t familiar with their selections. This piece came from their pick “The Decembrist.”

The Decembrist says there’s no turning back on global competition and suggests that a college degree will no longer guarantee economic prosperity. He recommends five possible remedies to alleviate this situation for Americans left out of the NAFTA race. The last of is universial health care. I concur:

Is a college education going to help you make it in the dog eat dog world of global competition?