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Brush up your Shakespear

I heard this speech a few days ago on Shakespeare and was quite taken with it. It dispelled my suspicion, fueled by years of eminent doubting Thomas’s, that the lowly theater-owning businessman could possibly have authored the plays. It took a Jeopardy champ to convince me they were wrong.

I hope I find a transcript.

Less suspicious photos

I got a letter today from someone who thought I looked crooked in my Budgeteer Photo. Here and Here. So, I’m going to display some photos over the next couple days that show the real me.

Here I am two years ago on a ferry passing Hamlet’s Elsinor Castle in Denmark. (You remember him. He couldn’t decide whether to get the bad guy or not. I understand Hamlet but I also remember that the bad guy got him. Reminds me of me and JCI) I still have a beard in this photo although at the moment I’m beardless. I’ll get around to showing some more current photos too.


My acquaintance, Vic sends me odd bits of things in his email and today I got this piece about tattoos from the Opinion Journal. Apparently one-in-three young people have them now. For some odd reason I felt compelled to send a comment back to the Journal for their consideration to wit:

“As a 55 year old man I have no intention of getting a tattoo but both my children sport them. My daughter has a little one on her scalp which reportedly means “hair” in Chinese. Once her hair grew back it became invisible. My son has them all over his torso.I’m actually a little comforted to read that so many people have them now because I don’t wish either of my children, or my tattooed son-in-law, to be penalized for their body art. Still, I’m not a fan.

The symbols and artwork chosen by young people to reflect their personalities may not be very accurate representations of their core being in the distant future. It would be a shame if in twenty years the tattoos became as outdated as the names of long lost sweethearts which were often affixed to the biceps of drunken sailors.”