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Welty Campaign Central

No one in Minnesota has been more critical of the fraud who became President of the United States earlier or more often or more passionately than the author of this 12-year-old blog dedicated to the genius, patriotism and martyr to Democracy, Abraham Lincoln. No Republican in Congress dares to publicly admit that Donald Trump is little more than a crude, chaos sowing, demagogue who bullied his way several levels above his proper place in the Peter Principle. The memory of Lincoln demands a Republican congressman who will bring honor to the Party of Lincoln once again.

Harry is recording short video summaries of questions voters might be interested in. For now Harry’s calling this The Voice Behind the Blog (but TVBTB sure is a lousy acronym).

Who knows, this blog might become more accessible than the three million dollars worth of Advertising Congressman Stauber’s campaign can count on from mystery donors. Every public appearance by President Trump in the time of Cornonvirus ought to shift votes Harry’s way. And Harry reminds Minnesotans that any registered resident of the 8th District can vote for him in August’s Republican Primary. That includes Democrats who once crossed over to vote for Republican Governor Arne Carlson and saw to it that he would be on the general election ballot instead of a rabid right-winger. That was 1994. Let’s do it again!

Feel free to submit your own question to Harry at . In the meantime Harry has anticipated some of them and offers mostly short answers here: Continue reading

Questions for Pete Stauber #1

Do you support a President who repeatedly tells his forty million followers on Twitter that Talk Show host Joe Scarborough is a murderer?

Follow up:

Does the Presidency give President Trump more 1st Amendment rights to lie than the rest of the people in America?

Next person who gets a robo call inviting you to one of Pete’s ubiquitous town hall forum phone calls feel free to pose either question to Congressman Stauber. Push the button right away to ask a question because it takes a while for you to pose them to Pete. I waited over an hour and I couldn’t ask my question.

Crowdsourced proof reading?

As I prepare to lock horns with Pete Stauber and the Evil Empire of President Trump, I could use some help with this:

I have ten days of writing and preparation ahead of me to get the text written and organized for this book. Eleven days from now, June 2nd. (or before), I must travel to the office of the Minnesota Secretary of State in St. Paul and file for Congress.

The last five days I have been doing the work of months roughing out two chapters a day. I have another ten days to rough out another six or seven chapters. I’ve been putting the book together like a jigsaw puzzle telling voters what I think they need to know about me and scraping off at least some of what is distracting. I want to publish a book which is at least a little more finely tuned than a Presidential tweet.

So, I hope to crowd-source my proof reading. Anyone interested in either a sneak preview or helping me mount my steed for my Quixote-like charge to topple giants will have their name pushed to the front of a very special line – the people I interview for my Congressional Office staff.

As I write this my inclination is to give no more than two chapters to any individual proof reader. Once they’ve gotten their two chapters I want my proofers to get them back to me in two days. I hope enough volunteers step forward so that each chapter has at least a couple more eyes to pass over other than mine.

I still have plenty of other book publishing related tasks ahead of me. I have to format the book, insert graphics, find a printer, get an ISBN number so that the book can be ordered from Amazon and other outlets and figure out how to set it up for Kindle and Nook downloads.

If you would like to distract yourself from corona virus isolation with this flight of fancy send me an email at:

“Who would like to help me bake the bread?” Asked the the Little Red Hen.

I have my book’s front cover planned

I’ll let the professionals clean it up.

I’m taking pre-sales now. It will be money better spent than on tuition for Trump University.

Remember when you buy it the pay pal button says its for Harry Welty’s School Board campaign. That’s no longer accurate. Its explained in the previous post but this will be money paid to Harry Welty who will use as much of it as he needs to campaign for Congress and Minnesota’s August primary. The book is on offer for twenty dollars but don’t feel that that’s all you can give Harry to pay for his own campaign so as to avoid messing around with all sorts of federal campaign spending reports.

BTW – I haven’t consulted with any campaign attorneys for advice about this operation of mine but I figure if Republican U.S. Senators can get inside Corona virus information and make millions off the looming deaths of the constituents they represent I ought to be able to handle any investigation by the Authorities before President Trump fires them all.

PS. I don’t know what page the answer to the question will be put on. I’m still organizing the book.

Congress – Fish or Cut Bait

Well I’m going to fish of course. For three hundred dollars? That’s what it costs to file for Congress in Minnesota. That’s nuthin for a thousanaire like me.

My most recent plan was to finish my book for Congressional campaigning in May. We are past the ides. So last night after binging on three PBS Finale’s I texted S. my French pen pal to say I will be hard to reach for the next two weeks. I decided my first task, after limiting myself to a single hour of NPR’s Morning Edition was to research getting an ISBN number for my book. Before I found this page I ran into all sorts of self publishing business websites. Sheesh.

This will be my second ISBN number. I got my first ISBN – 0-9632953-0-6 in 1992 for another book I used to campaign for Congress. I wrote that book to force myself to learn to write. After I managed that I decided that instead of begging for contributions to a campaign against both Republicans and Democrats for Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional seat I could sell the book to fund a campaign for Congress.

This year’s book is intended to do the same. Fund a campaign for Congress but not by pushing a kid’s adventure story. Rather, I want to give voters, readers and all Americans some hope that we can escape the black hole of paranoia overtaking Earth. Tall order? You bet it is. Unless you are a crazy optimist. It helps that I like the people that are wrecking everything. Oh, I’m impatient with them and horrified by what they are willing to do as their paranoia and self righteousness runs rampant. But I still like them. I suspect Jesus liked the moneylenders whose tables he overturned at the Temple. Yes, I like them even if they kill my grandchildren, as they are blindly attempting to do. I understand that that is not their goal.

My book is already substantially written. A few select and self-chosen people in Duluth have already read parts of it because I am a promiscuous author. My task now is to take twenty years of labor sift through it and organize some small part of it into a coherent explanation of everything. Tall order? You bet it is.

I can’t finish the book in two weeks but if I give the project ten hours a day for the next fourteen days I’ll come close. I am determined to fulfill the first 65 sales I made of the book last year. Wish me luck and stay tuned. My goal is nothing less than lifting the world back onto its feet.

The tentative Title for this book: Who the Hell is Harry Welty and why can a loser like him help knock some sense into us?

Actually, so far its only Who the Hell is Harry Welty and. Every ten minutes some new conclusion to that title occurs to me. My front page is already planned. If you read “One more paragraph” I’ll tell you how I plan to use this book to raise money to campaign. (followed by one more paragraph for you to make a book purchase in advance of publishing)

One more paragraph: First, this is a corona campaign. Social media is the campaign. Advertising on Facebook is a little different from buying billboards but this year voters sequestered at home won’t drive past billboards. Second, I have put up with the financial reporting rules of running for Congress three times before. I don’t have the patience for that. If I don’t get more than $5,000 in contributions I don’t have to report anything. That means I can spend my own money. So, I’ll sell my book and take the profits to buy online advertising. I’ll have to pay income taxes on the “profits” but I won’t be breaking any laws. Also, while the books will sell for around $20 I will be happy to accept higher payments to speed up the race for Internet advertising funds. The funds will be mine however. In effect purchases over the $20 will be gifts which I will have to report as income to the IRS. If I sell a lot of books I’ll have to pay a lot of taxes. Hooray! In our stand-still Corona economy I’ll be able to send a little something to Uncle Sam to help us get out of the economic funk. Third, My book will explain my unconventional approach to putting America back on its feet again. Its not by holding my tongue. My tongue is too slippery for even me to manage. I have strong opinions and will not sit on them. Instead, I will keep liking the people who are wrecking everything. Maybe they will even get to like me. That’s my aim. That’s our cure. Telling everyone who the Hell Harry Welty is, is the beginning of my campaign to fix everything.

Want a book? Want to buy it? Well, I haven’t yet fixed my pay pal account to list this as a book purchase. The pay pal button calls it a “Donation” for my old School Board campaign. I still have the same bank account but now its for Harry Welty not my school board campaign. And your “donation” is not a donation. It is a book purchase/gift to Harry Welty of Duluth, Minnesota. I will use this income to give my campaign for Congress a leg up. Below this paragraph is the misnamed “donation” button. As Donald Trump once asked before we had a chance to learn the answer to his question, “What have you got to lose?”

Lost and Found

For two years I’ve been looking for this map.

Its a map from the records of the US military and it shows the terrain my Grandfather’s company traveled for the days leading up to his getting shot to hell in France at a village named Sechault. In 2018 I finally got a chance to visit the village a hundred years after my Grandfather’s war came to a bullet riddled end. Not his life. The Congressional Medal of Honor he was awarded afterward really made his life. Its one of several books I’d like to write. But although I turned my office inside out to find it I never did. Until yesterday when I was working on another book for this congressional campaign. Continue reading

Harry, what are your tasks?

Below is question from my French penpal. I will not give my pal the satisfaction of seeing a list like you would make before going shopping. I’m asked what will I offer my voters. The short answer is I will bring a radically honest voice to Congress to a nation so jaded about dishonesty that they voted for the most duplicitous politician on Earth to become their 45th president. To make it all the sweeter I plan to follow Will Roger’s credo in our paranoid world. Rogers said: “I never met a man (and I presume Will meant women too) I didn’t like.” That extends even to Donald Trump even though this wouldn’t have prevented me from voting to impeach him.

BTW: A much longer and more diffuse answer will follow:

“Harry I understand well that you run for Congress . That’s clear .
As I asked you some weeks ago what would be your task?what would you change in the policy of your country and at first in Minnesota ?
What are the problems that should be solved at first?
What are the main grievances, the complaints of your fellows citizens?
And what will be your responses and actions to improve the situation? ( point after point).
I would be pleased if you could summarize it for me..

My longer and more diffuse Answer:

I will bring a sense of humor , charity and humility to the hard work of scrubbing nastiness out of Washington D.C. It may not work. I’ve followed the same path in Duluth for thirty years. The Trib’s editors are short tempered about me. The people who’s noses I rub into the disaster that was their glory – the Red Plan – don’t like my “I told you so.” attitude and anyone who doesn’t like my writing about their pimples on my blog or in the Duluth Reader has reason to be put-out with me. I’m not Jesus turning over the money lender’s tables. I’m just a guy who takes seriously the call in John 8:31-32 English Standard Version (ESV)
“The Truth Will Set You Free”

Like my hero Lincoln, I have a sense of humor about myself which you can find all over my writing. And humor is a sponge that soaks in the truth something Lincoln had in spades. His nickname was “Honest Abe.” And like Lincoln I take myself very seriously. Abe’s law partner watched as Lincoln schemed to step from obscurity into greatness. Here’s how John R. Leopold described it in the Baltimore Sun a quarter of a century ago: “Lincoln did not wait for events to seize him by the collar and guide his political decisions. As Herndon said, those who think that Lincoln waited for people to call him have “a very erroneous knowledge of Lincoln. He was always calculating and planning ahead. His ambition was a little engine that knew no rest.”

My penpal’s question presumes that voters are motivated by tangible issues. For instance Pete Stauber has taken the side of copper mining in Northeastern Minnesota over the side of saving our Earth’s precious and ever more rapidly polluted water supplies. He governs as though only one side has a hold of the truth when in fact both sides do. At present I believe we have a government that can assure both sides win. Getting Donald Trump to force copper mining through is not the way. And probably, getting Obama to insure that copper exploration and mining came to and end was not the right way either.

For many issues there are no quick solutions as we are learning with corona virus. It took thirty years of research and development and investment to reach the mining and refining of low grade taconite ore thereby saving the Iron Range’s mining industry. I believe copper mining will be critical to addressing humanity’s future needs. But who knows. Maybe we are educating a new Einstein somewhere who will discover that sand can be used for the purpose of transmitting power. And that is another thing that separates me from almost every Republican in Congress now. I believe in science and education not de-funding them.

Lincoln himself was a devoted proponent of science and education. He despaired over his own meager public education. Had he not been sidetracked by the issues of the day, Disunion and slavery, he would have waded into this work. As distracted as he was during the four years of his Civil War presidency he still managed to lay the groundwork for railroads to the Pacific; the homesteading of the continents great interior; while holding tenaciously to the platform of his deceased political party, the Whigs’ for Internal Improvements.

Pete Stauber suggested that he was very interested in more fully funding Special Education in his attempt to distract critics from his Trumplican addiction. Of course, this will be futile after the massive funding to fight corona virus. And BTW, as a Duluth school board member prior to another distraction, 9-11, I too witnessed an opportunity for more national support of special ed when Senator Paul Wellstone came to a Duluth School Board meeting. He and George Bush were working on it.

But let’s face facts. Even in the good old days before Newt Gingrich and the Republicans of 1994 began dismantling the old pork barrel Congress, only senior Congressman could get lots of money to their Districts. That was the specialty of Cong. James Oberstar who funded small airports all over his northeastern Minnesota District as Chairman of the Air traffic Committee of the Committee on Public Works.

I filed and ran against Oberstar in 1992 and 2006 both times as an Independent Candidate. I was frustrated by the gridlock of Congress and that was before it became fully toxic at the behest of Republicans funded by the NRA and Dark Money. Wow. That accusation almost makes it look like I’m knocking over the tables of the money lenders.

I’ll point to my old foe and now friend former Representative Mike Jaros. I ran against Mike twice in 1976 and 1978. In the succeeding years as ever more ferocious Republicans took over the Party Mike would ask me plaintively where all the Republicans like me were. The answer. They were purged for not meeting Mao tse Tung like tests of purity, tests that even Ronald Reagan or the Party’s founder Abraham Lincoln could pass.

And even as I say this I fully expect that I can have cordial if tense relations with even the most rabid Republicans on Capitol Hill.


* I will bring a fresh, open minded and historically minded attitude to Congress to bring unity where there is now discord.

* I will do what generations of purged Republicans used to do – bring skepticism to the Democrats long-thwarted but right-minded desire to fix every problem.

* I will be very happy to reimpose an estate (death) tax on the rich who Reagan’s heirs restored to the status of aristocrats.

* I will be quick to restore and maybe even promote the Sandersesque Universal Payer health insurance plan.

* I will always promote honest science over dishonest actors of every stripe.

And most importantly

* I will fight to restore the Earth through green policies that will keep the ice on the Polar Ice Caps, forests in the Equatorial regions, purity to the waters of our oceans, and temperate weather to the Earth that our grandchildren will need to live in.

Politics of Israel

Pete Stauber went on a Congressional tour of Israel. As I recall he walked down to touch the Jordan River while saying the government of Bibi Netanyahu was our most important ally in the Middle East. As a Congressman I’ll have my own perspective about our most important Middle eastern ally.

The first really big book I read was James Michener’s The Source. Michener was a world citizen if ever there was one. His 1000 page works of historical fiction took up a lot of space on a book shelf. The Source was about Israel and my last year in high school learning more about that corner of the world led me to stick my nose in a formidable wall of paper and ink. I only got half way through it that summer but the next year I picked it up again and polished it off. The book about the discoveries of fictitious archaeologists digging through a hill, a tell, built through generations of people from the stone age to the modern era living near a spring.

Since that time I’ve relied on non fiction for my history but the introduction of the archaeologists at the beginning was charming. To the surprise of the book’s modern day narrator there was an Arab academic in the mix of diggers. The narrator was surprised to see a Muslim working side by side with Jewish Israelis. They all found the surprise of the American narrator charming. Why of course the Palestinians and Israeli’s got along famously. Until the didn’t in fifty years of news coverage.

So here are two of my Not Eudora columns the first, Eve of Destruction, from May 16, 2002.

And the second, You have my Sympathy Ilhan, written in Feb. 15, 2019

Semi-quarantine since March 15th

Claudia has only been out of the house a half dozen times since our last church service on March 15th. On that date our church was one of only three that held actually in the sanctuary church services. Since that time we’ve only participated in the Church at a distance on line. Its the first time Claudia and I have sung as a duet in all our married life… far as I can recall.

Two weeks later I started category 139 on the blog, Congressional Election 2020

This morning after a pretty thorough night’s sleep after organizing my office for the first time in a year or two I walked up to find my office in fine shape for my corona virus campaign and a month of putting a book together for the campaign.

Behind one wall of my office I have a filing room crammed full of 50 years worth of paper work only marginally organized. But almost everything I need for putting my book together on this side of that storage unit is now at my finger tips. Yesterday I spent eight hours putting everything at my fingertips. As I basked in the organization I entered a question in my google for the heck of it. How many words are in a 200 page book. After twenty years of trillions of googles there is little that can not be found at the push of a finger and a well crafted question. An answer (not THE answer as no such thing exists) was 60,000 words. Piffle. I expected twice that many words. Another related question also popped up how long would it take to write a 200 page book. An answer (again) was five to seven months. I plan to give myself one month. And yet another answer to yet another related question helps explain my confidence that I can come close to managing this. It explained that most writer have oodles of stuff they have already written that they can put into a book and they went on to list three or four of the sources available to writers including blogs. Hell, four years ago I estimated the blog had ten million words in it already. In fact, there is so much available to me in the blog that its like skiing during an avalanche.

BTW – I’m categorizing this post in Harry’s Diary and Blog housekeeping as well as campaign related categories.

Last night I woke a couple times. On the second occasion I read the last chapter of the book on Madison and Monroe by Chris DeRose. Like all my non fiction books stretching back to the 1980’s when I first began keeping track of my “serious” reading its full of yellow magic marker where things of particular note caught my attention. I did it to make finding things easier at some nebulous future date. Founding Rivals is no Exception:

This was among the more useful pages in that last chapter:

Chris DeRose is a Republican. He helped elect Wisconsin’s Congressman Sean Duffy. He has been less lucky in some of his own campaigns for public office which might be a result of his spending too much time in his head trying to understand the world instead of simply bullshitting his way into public office. Certainly the star of this book spent a lot of time doing that and every American should be grateful to tiny James Madison for towering over his peers in anticipating how we could act collectively under what was then an extremely controversial plan to abandon the incompetent Confederation we created after the Revolutionary War to a Republic that, as critics saw it, could plunder the individual states if a tyrant took it over.

This particular page has a fascinating and rare footnote about the college kid who took the C he got on a paper as a challenge to pass one of two constitutional amendments Monroe was unsuccessful in adding to the Bill of Rights. The kid had written that it was still possible to get 3/4ths of the states to join the six who had voted for it in 1790. It was an amendment which postponed any pay raises for Congress to the year after the next election. In 1982 Gregory Watson lobbied every state to vote for the amendment and by 1992 it became the Twenty-seventh Amendment.

I thought of the effort to pass the Equal Rights Amendment years after it fell a few state’s short of adoption when I read this.

Corona Virus has helped me find the time to organize myself, read important history, and, thanks to the ever increasing incompetence of our President, given me the motivation to run for Congress one more time. We need a few more thoughtful people to counteract the ignorance running amok in Republican-land.

My alarm just went off. Time for me to go curbside and pick up some library books.

Cassandra 2

Cassandra was a woman cursed to tell only the truth. I began calling myself Cassandra when I was first elected to the School Board because I was always looking ahead to what could possibly go wrong with school board decisions. After I stepped off the School Board I was alarmed when the board succeeding me decided to go around voters to build the biggest school facilities plan imaginable. That was the Red Plan which consumed this blog and this author for the better part of five years. (Wow. More than 1,800 posts) There are only six posts referring to “Cassandra” and the earliest only goes back to 2010 when I wrote that Loren Martell has taken over my role as Cassandra.

Another more relatable person to people in the Christian world is a “prophet.” I’ll accept that description as well with no qualms.

I have been finishing the book Founding Rivals by Chris DeRose. Its excellent. I’ve left my book full or yellow marker. Here is a bit of prophecy by James Madison:

“Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people, by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power, than by violent and sudden usurpations.”

We have two sides in America who believe this. Republicans of the Fox News persuasion say this will be done by Democrats. But over the past twenty years Democrats have seen the usurpations mount from the Fox News side. This is a large part of the book I am putting together. I offer my witness that its the Republicans not the Democrats that have succeeded blindingly well at this. And now they have the gunslingers from the survivalist Era marching into state capitol buildings intimidating elected officials under the guise of protecting the rattlesnake they have come to embody.

Every news story I link to about the hellish changes we are making to our environment are me playing Cassandra. My four years of railing against Donald Trump in tiny out-of-left-field Duluth are me being Cassandra. Columns I wrote twenty years ago about the narrowness and the extremism of Republicans were me playing Cassandra. My warning that a Trump supporter who has a reputation as a nice guy is little more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing is yet another sample of me being Cassandra. Or it might be more accurate to say Congressman Pete Stauber is a sheep in the employ of a wolf. There are a lot of other things we call such sheep none of them too pleasant.

Donald Trump is a wolf but I agree with this description of him in the recent column about just how terrible the Covid-19 pandemic is likely to become. She Predicted the Coronavirus. What Does She Foresee Next? She too has been called a Cassandra. She said of Trump: Continue reading

Good health to you Congressman Stauber, and to us all

I read Congressman Stauber’s column 3 days ago in the Tribune and as I expected read nothing I didn’t know already. I guess it was in the vein of reassurance that everything that could be done is being done. With Donald Trump in charge of bleaching America that is hardly reassuring.

The column began with the painful reminder that up until we started staying at home our economy was roaring on all the money the Republicans made sure to send the Rich a year ago. The rich have gotten even more with the latest package of spending as the banks made quick money on the nation’s back by doling out more “salary security” dollars to some of the richest companies which quickly converted their corona dollars into more stock buybacks. I am of course outraged that this could happen again. Anyway here is how Pete started his column that goes nowhere:

“Just a few weeks ago, our nation was experiencing a “blue-collar boom,” with record low unemployment and historic economic growth. Tragically, the arrival of the novel corona virus changed everything. In response to this virus, stringent social-distancing measures were implemented to flatten the curve and to prevent our hospitals from being inundated. While these measures have certainly saved lives, they also have forced millions of Americans to file for unemployment and countless small businesses to close their doors.”

America can’t live on its fat for two years if that’s how long it takes to produce a vaccine. We will see some businesses reopen for a while but remain prepared to shut down again if the virus kicks up too actively. Already a great many poorly paid people are doing essential things which our laissez faire economy regards as grunt work worthy of little compensation like taking care of the elderly and infirm and delivering food. Like the medical staff in corona soaked hospitals these formerly non essential workers are taking the greatest risks so that those of us of means can take our ease, like the Popes of yore who left the Vatican for their country estates during Malaria season.

If I were in Congress I’d begin working with Democrats who have long urged that we undo the Republican trend of making the rich richer and the poor poorer. That would begin with the Affordable Care Act’s reinstatement. But let’s call it what it ought to be called, “Obamacare.” The last sensible president we had should enjoy that nickname which was formerly imposed on the Affordable Care Act as a term of derision by Republicans. Republicans did everything in their power to deprive truly essential people from enjoying……health security. A European style health system would have been a great improvement over the terribly expensive but incompetent medical coverage we get from the patchy private and corporate health insurance bequeathed to us by leader’s who conflated socialism with Stalinism.

A Patient Handsome Harry replies

I stopped attempting to hide the identity of my old ally turned bitter critic “Gentleman Jim”. If you want to take an hour you can find his name in the blog some place. I used to post his complimentary posts during my fight with the old School Board and Johnson Controls over the Red Plan. Then Gentleman Jim got the idea I was opposed to the issue closest to his heart. The attempt by evil liberals to kick industry out of Northeastern Minnesota. This grievance goes back a very long way to when Hubert Humphrey was Minnesota’s United State’s Senator. That’s enough preface. I will only put my reply to today’s email above the jump. Feel free to read Jim’s olive branch email below but beware it doesn’t meet my standards of correspondence. I like Duluth’s Mayor and Country Board member Frank Jewel. Gentleman Jim does not.

Jim, both the gentlemanly and ungentlemanly,

I have never changed my mind on mining. I haven’t studied it deeply enough to know who is blowing smoke at me. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a cross breeze. Copper mining does have a terrible record and fresh water is growing increasingly scarce. I don’t blame anyone who hasn’t studied the science for acting on instinct. I would like to think we set up a system to make rational decisions. Maybe we haven’t.

As my new French pen pal told me copper is the key to all of these new clean energy systems. If we don’t get it somewhere half of 7 billion people will have to count on more coal and oil energy generation. The Chinese are already planning to build 150 such plants in the 3rd world. Heck, I’ve thought nuclear plants were safer in the long run than more greenhouse gasses.If we assume all new coal mines are going to be Chernobyl we aren’t thinking clearly. 

I am pleased if I’m no longer on your shit list. You have never been on mine but you sure came close.

Handsome Harry Continue reading

Clap trap and my month of book writing

I am deeply saddened because while I live in comfort and security homeless people, one of Republican America’s most successful crops, will be dying like flies because of corona virus.

I could list one hundred other things I’m deeply saddened about. So when I read the Duluth News Tribune Headline about how sad our Republican Congressman is about layoffs in mining I’m am unimpressed. Stauber deeply saddened by mining layoffs

Neither am I impressed with his DFL opponent, Quinn Nystrom. She is given ink because, as the daughter of a miner, she evidently feels strongly too. Give me a break.

I have a sister-in-law who is seeing corona virus up close. That’s no guarantee that I have solutions for the many problems that will face us as corona virus raises more hell. I have a grandfather who was awarded the nation’s highest military award for heroism on the field of battle. That’s no guarantee I can intelligently figure out how to deal with a resentful Russia or an ambitious China. I taught in public schools. That is no guarantee that have any solutions for the state of disrepair in public schools that leaves so many kids behind. I have read far more history and know the past intimately. That is no guarantee I can prepare more intelligently for the future.

I understand better than most because of my devotion to science that for the next ten generations and maybe the next 100 generations the population of the Earth isn’t going to escape this planet even as day-by-day we poison it. Our poison is being released more gradually, the way a frog resting in water is said not to notice that he is suddenly aboil. But gradual or not what we are doing is as lethal as the dinosaur killing asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs who had “ruled” the planet for the previous 200 million years. We’ve darn near equaled that asteroid’s five minute impact in a mere 100 years.

This will be the fourth time I’ve filed for Congress. In every campaign I have run preaching unity and independence from party nostrums. This campaign will be no different. I will continue to channel Republican Abe Lincoln. The only way to save the Earth is to approach the crisis we keep pushing off to periphery as though the entire earth is at war with the destruction of the recent past. No Republicans and too few Democrats are focused on this. Young people are but they don’t call the shots yet and if they can’t get past the Republican/Democrat blood feud they may never have a chance to fix things before its too late – if its not too late already.

I like people even willfully ignorant ones like the 12% who will listen to Donald Trump if he tells them to drink bleach to cure their corona virus. I just won’t cater to their hurt feelings and thus refrain from telling them the truth as honestly as I can. Pete Stauber hasn’t got the stones to do that. HASN’T GOT THE STONES!!!!!! Few people do. And to the Democrats who would forbid all mineral exploration in Northern Minnesota. That’s more twaddle. I don’t know which plans I would allow to proceed but if we don’t mine copper in the United States it will be mined by the Chinese in Africa as destructively as Belgians, French and Americans have mined it in Africa in the past. I know that Glencore is a soulless polluting money machine but just maybe the Polymet mine they bought up is worth pursuing. I’d let science not Pete Stauber, Donald Trump or myopic haters of all mining, determine whether it is feasible and safe or not.

I feel like a blog storm is coming on, on par with Donald Trump’s tweet storms. But this blog already has more than enough on it for a year’s worth of reading. Now its time to act on my oft repeated threat to write a book. If I tune out most everything else I think I can get it mostly done in May.

I’ve mentioned S. a fair amount lately. S. is my French pen pal. S. is very pleased to have been mentioned in this blog. Here is a small part of what I sent S. today. I mean to honor it:

I have been planning on writing a book for this campaign for Congress for 2 years. I was sure I would start in January. It is almost May now. I spend a lot of time on French, reading the news and other distractions. I need a solid month of just writing a book ten hours a day. Much of it is already written from my ten years of columns and blog posts. I just have to assemble them in a coherent book that explains more fully what I tried to explain to you yesterday – what my task will be if I get elected to Congress.

To accomplish that I will have to severely limit my french, my news, my blogging and my correspondence. I won’t disappear completely but I will be harder to reach.

So, don’t be surprised. I will start today.

“In the case you would win what would be your task?”

In this video I answer the question in the title. My French pen pal S. posed it to me this afternoon. I told S. it would answer it in my next video.

If you don’t want to listening to my yammering for six minutes I recommend you read the political portion of our conversation which I’ve placed below the video. As you read it ask yourself how you would explain the American political system to someone from another country. How would you explain your intention to run for Congress?

S: The father of a friend of mine died of the the age of 93…he was in a care home.

Me: We have have read many stories of care homes with a great many virus deaths.

….3 died in a Duluth home last week. Continue reading

The money production of professional liars

I listened to the NPR story about Minnesota’s Dorr brothers who make millions by lying through their teeth to piss off pro-lifers and second amendment fans to gin up donations to their phony baloney charities. Lies have always helped people make money. Its probably why my Mother didn’t want me to go into politics and why my Dad, once an insurance investigator for the state of Kansas, didn’t want me to go into insurance sales. Its how Donald Trump has made millions defrauding students at his universities and contractors building his empire. Its how the NRA and a great many groups affiliated with a great many Republican affiliates make money and its how the Koch Brothers stay in a too little regulated industry polluting the hell out of the Earth and lastly its how the Murdoch klan keep increasingly paranoid viewers watching their half ass media new programming.

These people have been fine tuning the majority of Americans out of politics and elections for the last twenty years. As Andrew Jackson has been hailed for helping get poor white men the right to vote the new Andrew Jackson…..Donald Trump, is counting on the GOP to make sure poor non white people don’t exercise their voting franchise. If you want to read up on the Dorrs just google: “dorr brothers money making”

Meanwhile, I spend my time trying to figure out what’s going on. I have not been surprised by the Corona virus epidemic because I have continued reading about this and other threats to our species for years. I’m about twenty pages away from finishing my third book on plagues. I’m not talking fiction like Andromeda Strain or Hot Zone or the dozen others being recommended to get us in the mood for corona virus. For the most part I read non-fiction.

I keep track of the books I read from beginning to end. You will find that list here stopped at the year 2017 when I lost my ability to update my old pages. I read the book on the lef in 1988 and the book in the center in the year 2000. The Cantor book on the right “In the wake of the plague” is my current read. So, it seems, I read a book on this topic about every twenty years. I’ve kept up with the growing knowledge of plagues and how they have impacted mankind. Let me just say I have no use for liars who are telling us that more people will die if we aren’t willing to turn our nursing homes into killing fields. How dare these jackasses call themselves “pro-life.” Bullshit! I am still too busy to fill out this post on that subject but I still plan to get to it. I’ll let my eight loyal readers know when its ready.

Unlike Pete Stauber, and most other congressman, I don’t spend half my waking hours calling rich people to ask for campaign finances. I spend hours each day reading and studying the news, history and science. Those are three things I wouldn’t trust most Republican Congressman to know anything about let alone our ignoramus of a President.

The GOP is pro-life my ass, and other future posts

The Rabbi’s who argued with Jesus were the originalist Scalia’s of his day.

The greatest triumph of the Main line churches of my youth, which are now sadly withering, was igniting the passion of their children to become Freedom Riders in the South and Peace Corps volunteers.

While Donald Trump is encouraging gun toting Republicans to rally in Michigan, Virginia and Minnesota with tweets saying liberate Minnesota etc. I wonder if the Secret Service will start letting his second amendment supporters bring guns to his rallies if they ever start up again?

A question for Congressman Stauber – Why are guns being brought to protest Coronavirus safeguards?

This is why I have to run against Pete Stauber. He is too timid to contradict his most virulent supporters the way John McCain corrected a woman on election night who screamed abuse at President-elect Barack Obama. For such people its not about socialism. Its not about saving mining. Its about preparing for the next Civil War a theme which you may remember I memorialized in my last snow sculpture this year.

A lot of Pete’s supporters are spoiling for one. They’ve been reading Fox News and listening to Rush Limbaugh for thirty and more years. I was about to upload the long answer I sent last night to my French Pen Pal. S. wanted to better understand our politics especially how religion has taken such a major role in shaping it. She had just read some French analyst’s explanation about America which she tried to explain to me. I was already in a reflective mood so I sent her a 1300-word-reply. I meant to polish it up here but I jut read this apocalyptic post explaining how irrational Trump detractors were. In my turn I present it to my readers to show how irrational Trump fanatics are. I don’t know if Mr. Brownstein is a believer or simply a guy who likes throwing gas on a fire or a Russian Troll. Whatever Brownstein’s motivations are, it is important to see how Trump’s loyalists look at the world. Liberals are going to destroy America anyway so the Right might as well prepare to use the guns they’ve been stockpiling for ages! I won’t bother to argue with his ideas. I’ll let my long answer to my Pen pal typos and all, speak for me. PETE STAUBER WOULD RATHER GET SHOT BY AN UNHINGED GUNMAN AGAIN THAN TELL HIS SUPPORTERS THAT DONALD TRUMP WOULD TEAR THE CONSTITUTION IN HALF IT HE COULD PROFIT BY DOING SO.

From “Intellectual Take Out”
After Trump, Who Will Progressives Hate?
By Barry Brownstein 2 ½ min

Recently New York City’s Comptroller Scott Stringer suffered the loss of his mother, Arlene Stringer-Cuevas. Stringer-Cuevas died at age 86 due to complications from COVID-19.

Labeling his pain as “incalculable,” Stringer appeared on CNN to proclaim his anger. During an interview with Anderson Cooper Stringer lashed out: “Donald Trump has blood on his hands, and he has my mom’s blood on his hands.”

Stringer’s grief is certainly understandable. Were any of us in the same boat, we’d likely engage in finger-pointing as well. Indeed, in the current coronavirus social climate, folks are banding together, looking for someone to blame. That blame often falls on Donald Trump. But why?

It all makes sense to Eric Hoffer. In The True Believer, Hoffer sheds light on how mass movements use hatred as a unifying force.

Hoffer writes, “Hatred is the most accessible and comprehensive of all unifying agents.” The hater, Hoffer adds, “becomes an anonymous particle quivering with a craving to fuse and coalesce with his like into one flaming mass.”

Mass movements need also need a “devil,” Hoffer explains. For some in history that devil has been Jews. In current times, that devil is often Trump.

Whether you pick Jews or Trump as your devil, haters will make everything the fault of their devil. Today some haters believe a Jewish conspiracy is behind COVID-19. Is their hatred different from those who believe Trump is the COVID devil?

Hoffer points out, “like an ideal deity, the ideal devil is omnipotent and omnipresent.” Hoffer continues, “Every difficulty and failure within the movement is the work of the devil, and every success is a triumph over his evil plotting.” To progressives full of hate, Trump is behind every evil in the world.

Who will the progressives hate after Trump? Growing anti-Semitism in the progressive moment, makes the Jews an obvious target. More likely, progressives will escalate their attacks on the “wealthy” and others they claim have “privilege.” In line with Hoffer’s observation, they will expand their definition of those they consider “wealthy” to anyone who has achieved success.

With an economy devastated by a prolonged shutdown and millions of college graduates who majored in worthless subjects, progressives have a combustible mixture to exploit. Hoffer writes, “Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life.” Such people dedicate themselves to a “holy cause.” Already, vigilantes call the police on their neighbors for allegedly overstepping lockdown rules.

Hoffer points to “people whose lives are barren and insecure” as they “show a greater willingness to obey.” Hoffer adds:

“To the frustrated, freedom from responsibility is more attractive than freedom from restraint. They are eager to barter their independence for relief from the burdens of willing, deciding and being responsible for inevitable failure. They willingly abdicate the directing of their lives to those who want to plan, command and shoulder all responsibility.”

Hoffer warns, “In times of crisis…to obey is…the only firm point in a chaotic day-by-day existence.”

Looking at the irrational hatred for Trump being sown, I fear the coming of an authoritarian government, the likes of which we’ve never imagined, ushered in by progressives in a not so distant dystopian future.

* * * * * * *

Summing up American Politics to my French Pen pal


It is not easy to explain the thinking of 330,000,000 people but I will try to start. Continue reading

My voice Question 1

The Question is: Shouldn’t you be giving President Trump more credit or at least deference than you have?

This is the first in a series of answers to questions. Please send me your questions to

This post explains the point of my answering questions by video in roughly two minute snippets.

If you want to get a sense of how deeply mistrustful Harry is of President Trump skim through his many posts on the President.