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Presidential liar and deal breaker

“I do not understand, and my Administration will not treat, this provision as permitting the SIGPR to issue reports to the Congress without the presidential supervision required by the Take Care Clause,” part of Article II Section 3 of the Constitution that states a sitting president “shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” This seems to suggest the administration believes it is the president’s duty and not that of an inspector general to ensure the funds are distributed as the law intends.

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What else in the law passed by Congress will Trump ignore – the spending limitations that prevent elected officials from sucking up these corona virus funds the way Trump properties inflate and suck up Secret Service rent?

Donald Trump runs the White House like he does his businesses. Ignore the law and fight and delay in court. Its the work of a Dictator. Its unlawful but he doesn’t give a damn about the law.

A nation of Trump, for Trump, and by Trump

The franking privileges of our President:

Why this useful postcard wasn’t described as coming from the CDC or described as being financed by Congress isn’t in question. Its obvious what Trump people do in our government. They find ways to make everything about Trump and every taxpayer funded governmental responsibility the gift of President Trump. I can’t imagine any other Presidential administration of the past splashing the President’s name so blatantly on a nationally mailed out item.

Thank God his press conferences weren’t included. People would die…..oh, they already have….the ones who took his wonder drug for malaria.

Here’s what my better half saw when she pulled it out of the mail.

Edging closer to a fourth abyss – My latest Reader Column

The Duluth Reader, to whom I am fondly in debt for kick starting my print career, didn’t get printed last week. Robert Boone told me that it was the first time ever, in over twenty years, that he had failed to get it into print. The Duluth News Tribe’s Trib did not note or celebrate this disappointment. It has to do with a print shop being sold more than Boone’s recent threadbare financing for the Boone empire. Its financial state will not be helped by advertisers pulling ads due to the coronavirus drought. But in the long term I’m not worried for the future of the Reader. Bob is even more stubborn than he is wily and I think he’s plenty wily. This is simply the beginning of a long prologue to introduce today’s Not Eudora.

I just threw down a gauntlet that I’ve been waltzing around for a couple years, like when I filed but did not campaign in 2018’s Republican primary against Congressman Pete Stauber. Any official campaign I might launch will likely wait until filing opens in July. That doesn’t prevent me from idle threats and taunting in the Muhammad Ali style. I’ll float like a butterfly and sting like a bee until such time as I actively court the voters, ALL OF THEM. There are few voters, citizens or residents in the Eighth Congressional District who would be vastly better represented by me than almost any other American politician I can point my finger at at this moment in time. I am from a different age, and in many ways a better one.

Mr. Boone has some reservations about having active politicians writing for him so I’m hoping that as long as I remain only a distant, unofficial threat to the Congressional campaign he’ll let me keep writing my columns for the Reader. He may not. If not, that just gives me more time to write the book I’ve been threatening to write. Up to now its been a moving target for four or five years. I’ve taken orders on one book, changed my mind, offered refunds, then refocused as events on the ground change as fast as Donald Trump’s tweets.

At present I’ve got a rough idea for a Book title. I’ll keep it under my hat because it would be snapped up by someone else. And frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if a title like it has already occurred to a dozen people. I can imagine finishing it in a month’s time of concentrated effort because the secret is – I’ve been writing it for the last twenty years!

So, with this prologue out of the way I introduce you to the Online version of my latest Not Eudora column: From Victor to Vector.

My comments to a die-hard Bernie Fan

I couldn’t help but compose this reply to a Bernie fan friend of mine when he once again championed Bernie’s cause:

My thoughts:

DJT like George HW Bush is about to discover how bad timing is a political killer. Bush was very popular initially when he attacked Saddam Hussein’s aggressive dictatorship. He was defeated in 92 with only about a third of the vote.

DJT was set to be a formidable candidate when, despite a bare majority of people loathing him, it looked like he would skate by with a roaring economy.

That is now a dead letter unless the world’s advanced science comes up with a cure by mid summer. What killed Bush was a two pronged attack the Dems and the Perotistas. Trump isn’t likely to benefit from a fractured opposition.

I am assuming that Biden will be his challenger. His disappearance from the news with coronavirus is not a liability in my view but a great advantage. He won’t get votes because of what he is doing today in March and April. Instead he gets to lie low and reserve his strength. Meanwhile Trump who is reveling with his captive audience at his semi- disasterous daily press briefings is putting an ever growing target on his back should things go badly. And if the health experts are right they surely will. Republican Senators cashing in on coronavirus insider-training aren’t helping matters.

In November the people who have detested Trump for 4 years may have a lot more company.

As an added benefit the virus is making clear that Bernie Sander’s call for a more vigorous public safety net will have a growing popularity among Trumper’s who previously swallowed the Republican’s schtick about digging themselves out of their own holes when the holes turn out instead to be graves.

Having written this I should caution – DJT has been one of the luckiest bastards in many centuries.
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If its death panels or a good economy…

…which one will Donald Trump choose?

Trump is complaining that being President has cost him 2 Billion dollars.
The virus is causing his properties to be closed
The stock exchange is headed for hell.
Dr. Fauci must be shut up.
Death panels are better for Trump’s bottom line.
Even Fox’s owner pays no attention to Fox News. Fox listener’s lives are a small price to pay for his profit and Trump’s reelection.

Between LBJ and Nixon 75,000 Americans died in Vietnam.
If 1% of one-third of the US population that is most likely to catch the virus dies, it will be one million lives.
The last casualty of corona and Trump will be the Party of Lincoln.

Any thoughts Congressman Stauber?

Trump is not Hitler……

An excellent review of “Hitler’s First 100 Days.”

One of the most enduring questions I heard when young and pondered deeply was this. How could the Jews in Germany have allowed themselves to be slaughtered without a fight? I began figuring out the answer to that as I read more books about the Holocaust and Germany in the Era of the Nazis.

I continue to learn about that era. Recently I read that after it became apparent that the Thousand Year Reich might only have a very short time to live on Hitler and his minions decided to make sure the several year Reich’s existence wasn’t wasted. They decided to double down on erasing Jews from the world for the good of the Ayran race even if Hitler and crew wouldn’t live on to enjoy the fruits of continuing Nazi success.

As to answering the initial question many sources that I’ve read spell out the slow developing awareness of most Jews that this Hitler business was not merely serious but deadly. I’d recommend two Pulitzer winning cartoon books about the experience of the Jews of Poland called Maus 1 and its successor Maus 2 by Art Spiegleman. Its illustrator/author had parents who survived the Holocaust and he wanted to understand just what happened to them and portray it as though it had been cats and mice instead.

One of my personal priorities is to collect as much information about a subject in as little time as possible. Why spend ten hours reading a novel when you can watch the Hollywoodized version in an hour and a half? I know the downside but that doesn’t stop me.

This book doesn’t cover new ground. What it does is give a step by step day by day iteration of a python suffocating its prey. Whatever else you say about Donald Trump he did not come into the Presidency with a well organized front organization prepared to suffocate America. He came in with a bullier pulpit to prance and pose for his adoring minority. His supporters are roughly the same proportion of the population as the Germans who voted for Nazi’s in 1933 but they didn’t come in with storm troopers. But maybe they did have a semi-organized propaganda machine under the Rupert Murdoch family. What they were able to do in spades was take over the Republican party and enforce pure Trumpism by purging anyone who dared to second guess Trump. Now Republican critics are too chicken to say anything.

I’ve heard such cowardice bemoaned by leftists for ages. The middle class is so comfortable they don’t want to be bothered. They just want to be protected from disturbance and maybe Trump, like Hitler, can offer it. That’s the thinking but surprise, surprise, recent events have prove it to be delusional. Trump is the Pigpen of of our national politics and the middle class is about to be bothered big time.

It was clear to me from a year before his election that Donald Trump would not be anyone that Republicans could control. But he is someone who can cut his Republican critics off at the knees. However, the timidity and crass self-dealing of Republicans could make this happen yet. Just look at those bastard Senators who sold off their hospitality stocks while telling their supporters that Coronovirus was the Democratic Party Hoax that Trump claimed it was. That’s what a Republican is today. Its become the swamp that Trump said he was going to clean up. Could such people let a Trump Administration get away with worse? Your damn right they could.

So,for those of you who haven’t had the time that you consider paging through the 300-plus pages of this book. Its not quite Cliff Notes but it should be interesting reading.

Warrenism 2

Brad took issue with Mr. Wilkerson’s NY Times opinion piece. This was how I defended Wilkerson’s point of view:


Just because the Congressional eunuchs in the GOP have surrendered tyrannical power to the corrupt chuckle head in the White House doesn’t mean they will let a President Sanders do the same thing. One thing Republicans got when they let the Southern Dems into the party was the Dixiecrats long game which they had been honing starting in the 1830s as they realized slavery made them a near permanent Congressional minority. That’s why the Missouri Compromise, the Mexican American War, the Compromise of 1855, the Dred Scot decision and the issue of Popular Sovereignty were such big deals leading up to the Civil War.

Starting with the shelving of Reconstruction they started their long game again. Their allies have always been the corrupt industrial interests in the North that were Republican oriented.

LBJ knocked them back on their heels again but with the Reagan revolution and the Deep South’s Republican conversion the GOP gained the skills augmented by Koch money and big tech to create the poverty you and I see all around us.

Warren may have blown it trying to be “electable” but her strategy was long term. But she or any other Democratic President will need a Congress in Democratic hands for a decade to accomplish that mission.

She needed what the GOP’s gamers got in the 2010 election and subsequent reapportionment after the subsequent national census – huge gains in all legislatures to rig and gerrymander the system. The 2020 election is that election. Bernie’s allure was proven to be shallow after the also-rans gave up before Super Tuesday. His youth vote was pathetic.

Only the non-threatening Biden will give Democrats the down ballot votes to take back the Senate and the legislatures. That will enable them to claw back the election laws away from the corporatized cretins in today’s Paula White driven, get-rich-quick-and-stupid GOP.

Warrenism 1

My ex brother-in-law, a staunch Bernie supporter, is reluctantly coming to grips with a Biden Candidacy.We have had many spirited debates.He recently sent a Facebook post with a news story from The Hill reporting that polls show that 40% of voters today support Republicans in general but only 35% support Democrats.

To this I simply replied “Scary.” A sorry. Uninspired answer.

Brad replied by insinuating that Biden was not up to the job of dealing with all of the criminals overrunning the Trump administration. Here is my reply to Brad:

Saying “scarry” was a placeholder reply. I’d seen the headline before. I still haven’t read the story. I hope the poll is an outlier. If it’s not it will be evidence that our politics has become dangerously poisonous and in desperate need of a good cleansing. I like Sanders. His strenuous arguments for change will be needed. I think his cures are antique and miss the target we should be aiming at. This opinion piece reflects my thinking.

Back in the Saddle again

So to speak. I posted twice from Arizona while I was away. It was a good vacation. Actually it was a good second vacation as I returned from a short Disney cruise one week earlier. Having posted very little for the past few weeks I’m please my eight loyal readers kept visiting despite having so little fresh food at my blog buffet.

I finished my Not Eudora column on the flight home last night and bent over backwards to get its sent to the Reader for this week’s issue. I scarcely had the bandwith at O’Hare field to get it sent then had to send some corrections afterward. As promised earlier its titled Arizona Highways.

At noon today I dropped by the now silent Duluth offices of Bloomberg’s campaign to express my gratitude to Josh and Nicole for their part in moving the primary season into the hands of someone poised to give Trump a run for his money. They were however gone. And from what I’ve read in the news, they were dropped a little unceremoniously from the campaign by Mr. Bloomberg against the expectations that they and other Bloomberg staffers had a guaranteed job harrying Trump until November.

Now that my vacations are over I intend, once again, to begin writing books. Oh Harry. Please don’t disappoint yourself again. Get to work.

I kept up with the news all the way through Arizona and it will be hard to tear myself away to write. Even the blog beckons. I’m discomfited by all the trolling of Democrats in Facebook. Trump loons and Ruskie trolls have perfected their primary work of pissing off Democrats. I suspect half of the apparent Bernie lovers are fakes but real ones not Trump’s Fake News fakes.

Among the latest tactics is to assure Biden supporters that Biden has lost it and is in full blown dementia. One such post ended with the oblique comment “What would Eugene V. Debs do?” I’m sorry but mentioning the imprisoned socialist who got a million votes for President in 1916 while in jail is just the sort of smart-ass comment a recent college poly sci drop out would throw around. A true Bernie supporter could give a damn about that factoid.

At any rate I’ll offer up my Facebook comment on the subject of Biden’s alleged unfitness for the Presidency, to wit:

Winston Churchill may never have said this but I have always liked this quote attributed to him. “Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing…after they have exhausted all other possibilities.”

I’m for the failing Biden. He should lead us back from the abyss over 4 years before winking out. Does America need a shot of Sanders. You betcha it does. Its 50 years overdue. But lots of things take time. Black voters who are still decades away from being treated as equals and a century away from overcoming 400 years worth of disadvantages collectively understand this. Four more years of Trump is their biggest impediment. America was hardly ready for a black President. Apparently Americans still would prefer a rat bastard to a socialist. I don’t like it either but don’t think I am an idiot for understanding this ridiculous morass and acting rationally in supporting Biden.

To which yet another troll exulted in Biden’s dementia. I added this:

BTW – Ronald Reagan was showing serious signs of a confused intellect in his last term as president and it was a great success. More so than his first term.

Reagan was a real President who did his best to be everybody’s President even if you didn’t care for his priorities.

MA2A – Making America 2 Again

As I was putting the final coats of gray, blue and orange on my sculpture a photo journalist from the Strib, Alex Korman, was chatting me up and taking some shots. I was pleased that my work was not tampered with last night. The Rebel Gray isn’t very easy to see and will disappear as the day warms but I’m quite proud of my message and pleased that there were some news folks in town who took notice of it. Alex was awarded the White House’s student photographer of the year award last year and the president himself signed the award winning photo for him. We had a lot to talk about…..meaning I wouldn’t shut up. BTW – you can see the photos for which he was honored here.

In the short time afterward that I scraped some dangerous ice off of my sidewalk a lot of folks stopped to shoot their own pictures. One gracious lady commented that it was a very nice message and not nasty at all. Another lady who thought it was pro – Trump was confused about the meaning of the Civil War soldiers. I explained that the Party of Lincoln is best known for preserving the union. I then said it was ironic that our current Republican president seemed to be working overtime to undo that stellar accomplishment. She grew a little concerned and asked if I was in favor of having Bernie Sanders in the White House. I replied that I liked Bernie but that I’d prefer that he not be our next President. Actually, I’d prefer that he not be the Democratic nominee.

There are waaaay too many oldster voters who never learned that communism and socialism are dramatically different and that America has been a partly socialist nation since Social Security which they all count on and adore and protect fiercely. To my knowledge none of these old socialists are either communists or totalitarians. They just don’t know that they are socialists.

I give it less than a fifty/fifty chance of lasting until tomorrow

I haven’t had the best of luck with snow sculptures that would bug Republicans. My Bill Clinton had his nose punched off back in 1992. It was fixable. Last year my Baby New Year had his head pushed off. That wasn’t worth fixing. Today a good Democrat walked past my house and asked me if I wasn’t worried that someone would vandalize my work. Naw I said. Lots of Americans have died for our country and I didn’t think having a snowman pushed over was that big a deal. Besides the sun will get it soon enough. My backyard thermometer read 48 degrees a few minutes ago.

Lest anyone think my sign makes too big a deal out of Donald Trump’s relish in dividing Americans the NPR story I heard as I picked up my shovels, before ending my day’s labors was about Oregonians who want their part of the state to be joined to Idaho.

Its ironic that the Party of Lincoln, who’s greatest claim to fame is saving the union, is now run by an angry todler upending a century and a half of national unity.

What the sun giveth . . .

It will also taketh away.

I expected clouds but the forecast let me down and gave me a beautiful sunny day. I can’t paint the snow before the sculpture is in the shaddows because the pigment will simply hasten the melt. Still, I’m making far more progress than I had hoped. I’ll probably have it all painted before my community ed French class at six tonight. If not I’ll finish it up in the morning. I took a picture of it with the shadows beginning to be cast on it. That’s the worst time of day for me to take a picture but still for those of you wondering about my progress take a look:

People don’t quite have it figured out yet. Maybe they never will. I restored Trump’s face and carved out much more of the civil war warriors than I expected to. I’ve had to reapply snow constantly through the day as it sluffs off in the sun.

I’ve been singing the civil war songs my Mom used to play on the piano and asked one person who stopped by if he’d ever seen a copy of President Trump’s birth certificate. He said he hadn’t and I suggested that maybe we all ought to get a look. He said he’d look into it.

The colors to come? Blue and gray of course. And Red, Yellow and orange. And if you are curious how closely this comes to my initial design here’s my model. I am quite pleased with myself so far.

Look at it today or tomorrow before Minnesota’s new milder winters…

. . . melts the heck out of this brief winter wonder in my front yard. I give it one or two days a most to look presentable. I’ll be putting this sign up in an hour so folks can get the drift of the message of my latest snow sculpture. It will take me the rest of the day to finish. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me today to repair, color and accessorize this tableau. But first I am going to practice French. I’m close to completing 500 days straight of French practice on Duolingo. Mange mon neige Monsieur Trump!