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Israel – issues before Congress

Under Donald Trump America has tilted to Israel to shore up a government that is a democracy for only half of the population. That’s not fair and it does not promote trust or stability. Bibi Netanyahu can confront his international enemies knowing that they are looking at the United States backing him. I happened to have dinner with him a little over a year ago on a trip with my wife took to Israel and Palestine to see who was trying to find peace. Not Bibi. I wrote about it in the blog.

Ki boots on the ground

My buddy noted the misspelling in the last post of kibbutz and chided me for not knowing better because I had just been in Israel. He sent me a link to the definition of the word I meant to use kibitz.

Meanwhile Claudia asked me if I took a picture of the road we meandered down from the top of the Mount of Olives into the Kidron Valley which was the route Jesus took on Palm Sunday into Jerusalem. She wanted it to take to her Sunday School class. I printed it out for her:

The Reader seems to have turned down by offer to post columns about my trip to Israel so I may get them off my chest here eventually. If so, they will only show up sporadically while I upload posts on a dozen other subjects simultaneously.