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Damn again.

Thinking back on the last correction the word homophone popped into my head. It turns out that when I said homonym I probably meant homophone.

From some Internet Dictionary I found these two definitions:

Homophonesnoun: Each of two or more words having the same pronunciation but different meanings, origins, or spelling, e.g., new and knew. (or in my case breaks and brakes)

Homonyms; plural noun: Each of two or more words having the same spelling but different meanings and origins, e.g. pole and pole.

Damned homonyms

I got a text asking me what “fiscal breaks” meant. It was published in my Reader Column.

I replied that it was spending restraint.

You mean “like “brakes?” he replied.

I replied, “Damned homonyms.”

two corrections

Sorry for the delay. The finger, which will be mentioned in the next blog post, was busy typing another post after I got this one titled.

Correction One: It was pointed out to me that my comment in this post suggesting that our district had the right to pull the plug on Edison was in error. Once it was created we never had that power so long as Edison was able to find another acceptable sponsor.

Correction Two: (an amendment really) Tim, the young African-American man mentioned in the post on the Citizen’s Action meeting, did say that Rosie treated him the way I described. However, he told me that in her second talk with him she also apologized for having shunted him to the side when he was waiting to speak to the meeting’s guest speaker.

Lincoln Democrat regrets the errors.