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My campaign starts getting bookish

If my eight loyal readers (of the blog) are not readers of my Not Eudora columns I recommend taking a look at them. I’m averse to writing titles that are too literal regarding the content of my columns. That way readers can’t draw any firm conclusions until they’ve read a couple of paragraphs worth. Among the items I’ll be researching for my book I’ll be going through all my columns, about 200 of them, to see which ones have education related passages that might illuminate my book.

I only have one more serious writing project in mind now – A fundraising letter. I had hoped to have it ready before I left but, after two unsatisfactory attempts at it, I’ll work on it next week in Florida. However, you don’t need to wait for or worry about my sending you a letter. I am delighted to tell you that my old online donation button still seems to work. Its on my 2017 campaign webpage WeltyforSchoolBoard website.

Here’s the deal. After getting a ball park price for publishing 500 books I will be asking for contributions of $15 to assure my supporters that they can have a copy of the book. I’ll be happy to accept larger contributions to pay for costs beyond publishing but fifteen dollars will take care of the printers. I’m aiming at sending them out twenty days before the Nov. 6th election.

I haven’t designed a front cover yet but my new lawnsign will look something like this:

So far this month through the solstice my average blog reader has visited about six times and there have been over 2,000 occasions when readers have spent at least 30 minutes looking at it. I ought to sell a couple hundred books over the course of the summer. I know people were itching to get the book I never wrote about the Red Plan. In fact I sent back over $1,000 dollars to disappointed wannabe purchasers of the book when I didn’t get it written.

I rather like this page on the Duluth Reader. Its the list of my contributions and it includes everything for a little over a year. Starting in April of last year I began searching for pictures to accompany each column. This week I made a piece of artwork myself that pleased me. It represented naked people doing cartwheels down Superior Street. I was especially pleased when Loren Martell called and told me he liked the article and really liked the picture that the Reader staff had designed for it. Since I was the artist I was flattered. It was only after I sent it in that it occurred to me that I should have initialed it as I did with my cartoon of King Trump the previous week.

Avoiding Rabbit Holes on the Solstice

After six hard fought hours dreaming leading up to today’s solstice I woke up stewing about a young woman who entered my last dream just as the day broke. I was involved in some sort of anti-authoritarian attempt to put up blockades between nations. At first I thought she was a ragamuffin on my side but as I woke up she was telling me how she had had some liberal write her to praise what she was doing. She laughed that she had met the fellow and that they had gotten along famously. Then she told me the next day she put the man’s name and address on a website where it would be spread around in circles where he might find himself targeted by her kind of Manson-like anarchists who might stalk and kill him.

And as I woke up I thought about my old neighbor Jim Fetzer. Years ago I read that he had been asked to debate a creationist who made a living infuriating Darwinists at huge public rallies in front of fundamentalists Christians and Republicans who needed assurance that science was bunk. I knew Jim lived a couple doors down from my place so I went over to wish him well. We chatted amiably and I lent him my anti-Darwin reference book. I went to the performance and was appalled how badly he let the pro-evolution side. It then took me a year’s prodding to get him to give me back my book. Later he took to the circuit of cultists who insist that JFK was assassinated by the CIA just like Dr. Kohl of the Reader. Dr. Kohl also takes pains to assure his readers that modern drugs are more than just financially crippling but flat-out poisonous and murderous just like vaccinations. I only realized who whacked out he was when he wrote a column about how the destruction of the World Trade Towers was a CIA plot too. Sheesh!

I’ve written about Fetzer a couple times. Here’s one of the columns: Avast! Right Wing Conspiracy. Fetzer kind of liked it.

Maybe that dream was about Fetzer’s latest turd. The Trib reported that, along with Alex Jones, Fetzer has been preaching that there never was a massacre of children at Sandy Hook. I had no idea Fetzer was quite this addled. Yesterday it was reported that Fetzer lost a court case brought against him by this abomination.

I spend a lot of time annoying ill-informed people who have positions of power that exceed their gray matter. But God save me from delusions like these.

Here’s my reply to all the Fetzers out there:

The Second District Duck

My office is clean as a whistle. It only took me a year. I’ve gathered the materials I need so that I can find the reference points I need to write a book about my life in the Education biz. I’m thrilled. Its so pleasant up here that both of my cats are snoozing behind me in the sun. I think they are up here because its the farthest they can go from the destruction of our kitchen but that’s OK. Its nice to have a refuge. (Its being remodeled.)

At the top of this post you can see that I put up a map of the Second District I hope to represent again. Its outlined in blue. The orange and yellow lines which cover almost all of its streets represent the areas I canvassed in the 2017 election. I did 30,000 steps close to daily according to my pedometer. This map only represents one-fourth of the whole City that I covered. All that walking is why I got plantar fasciitis so badly that I couldn’t walk for a few days near the end of the campaign.

Next to the map is my 140-day campaign calendar. Four days have been slashed out and you can see the yellow line that has been driving me to speed things up. That, starting Saturday, is when I’ll be out of town visiting my Father-in-law in hot, humid Florida. It took that long for Claudia to be up to a trip. It will give me a quiet week to do some writing. A thousand pages a day. I swear. I’ll get it done. One book in 100 to 120 days. I’ve already contacted a printer specializing in books. I have to price it before I let my eight loyal readers put in their order for it.

Our sore footed Sleazebag’s War

The chikencrap who wasn’t sold on the inconvenient Vietnam War and who courageously badmouthed Bush years later for the Gulf War has now turned a de-nuclearization deal into a pre-war with Iran. God D….%&*$%Y)&^$#@$%^& that Son-of-a-Bitch. The Trump folly will, if it comes to pass, be the gift wrapping on the Depression he’s preparing the world for.

Now that that’s off my chest I can go on to other posts for the day.

More on Grant, my Grandfather the Republican Party and me

I mentioned in the last post that generations of Southerners and Democrats libeled US Grant as a butcher. I found a 2013 post about how my Grandfather corrected my Fifth grade teacher who made that assertion to our class in the integrated Topeka, Kansas, elementary school I attended. That post also contains some more historical tidbits from the Civil War era. The post has the catchy Title GOP = GHASTLY ORGANIZED PUTRESCENCE PT 2

After my last Reader column “Juan Percent” challenged me on the Reader site asking:

JP Jun. 17, 2019

“Wasn’t Bush president in 2002? Harry, if you haven’t been a republican in 20 years, can you still call yourself a republican? BTW, the last time I checked, we weren’t in a depression… so maybe timing is important when you use tariffs? Harry, If now is NOT the time to play hardball with other countries who are cheating, when is?

You too may wonder how I could possible want to be part of a Ghastly Putrescent party. Here’s my Reply to JP Jun. 17, 2019 Continue reading

General Grant

At the Quora site on the Internet in which people ask questions and experts show up out of nowhere to answer them I read this quote attributed to Ulysses S Grant about his Confederate opposite General Lee:

What did Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee think of each other?

Answered May 29 by Jim Hopkins

Grant on Lee: “I never ranked Lee as highly as some others of the army — that is to say, I never had as much anxiety when he was in my front as when Joe Johnston was in my front. Lee was a good man, who had everything in his favor. He was a man who needed sunshine. He was supported by the unanimous voice of the South, he was supported by a large party in the North. He had the support and sympathy of the outside world. All this is of immense advantage to a general. Lee had this in a remarkable degree. Everything he did was right. He was treated like a demi-god. Our generals had a hostile press, lukewarm friends, and a public opinion outside. The cry was in the air that the North only won by brute force, that the generalship and valor were with the South. This has gone into history with so many illusions that are historical. Lee was of a slow, conservative, cautious nature, without imagination or humor, always the same with grave dignity. I could never see in his achievements what justifies his reputation. The illusion that nothing but heavy odds beat him will not stand the ultimate light of history. I know it is not true. Lee was a good deal of a headquarters general, a desk general, from what I hear, and from what his officers say. He was almost too old for active service — the best service in the field. At the time of the surrender he was fifty-eight or fifty-nine, and I was forty-three. His officers used to say he posed himself, that he was retiring and exclusive, and that his headquarters were difficult of access.”

I grew up hearing that Grant was a bloody general and a crooked President. I no longer regard that appraisal as anything other than sour grapes. The quote above probably comes from his famous memoirs written hastily just before his death so that there would be something for the impoverished President to leave his family. First comment. This appraisal is well written, concise and insightful.

Secondly My Mother left her grandfather’s volumnes to my son who has yet to pick them up. I looked at them just now and found the note my Mother composed to her grandson. The note was touching and my eyes watered remembering that she too once was a woman with remarkable insight later lost to dementia. In the note I discovered that I had been telling an old family story wrong for the last couple decades. I put a picture of the set up above:


Actually, I’ve been crazy busy yesterday and today. But here are some articles I’ve read in the last couple days:

Sent from Flipboard

The organic-rich permafrost holds an estimated 15 billion tonnes of carbon. “That’s about twice as much carbon in the atmosphere, and three times as much carbon than that stored in all the world’s forests”, says Natali. She explains that between 30% and 70% of the permafrost may melt before 2100, depending on how effectively we respond to climate change. “The 70% is business as usual, if we continue to burn fossil fuels at our current rate, and 30% is if we vastly reduce our fossil fuel emissions… Of the 30-70% that thaws, the carbon locked up in organic matter will begin to be broken down by microbes, they use it as fuel or energy, and they release it as CO2 or methane.” Read it here.

and this:

Permafrost at outposts in the Canadian Arctic is thawing 70 years earlier than predicted, an expedition has discovered, in the latest sign that the global climate crisis is accelerating even faster than scientists had feared. A team from the University of Alaska Fairbanks said they were astounded…

and relatedly:

Thirteen journalists who were investigating damage to the environment have been killed in recent years and many more are suffering violence, harassment, intimidation and lawsuits, according to a study. The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), which produced the tally, is investigating…

And the billion dollar business in China of harvesting the organs of political prisoners:

Press Release

For Immediate Release June 18, 2019

Harry Welty filed today for the Duluth School District’s 2nd District seat and his fourth non-consecutive term on the Duluth School Board. The Second District is currently represented by David Kirby who has already filed for a second term of office. Welty was first elected in 1995 and served through 2003 representing the second District. He subsequently won an at large seat in 2013 and served through 2017.

Welty, a critic of the Board’s imposition of the Red Plan without a vote and its financing also objected to the School Board’s attempted removal of Art Johnston in 2015. Welty says his first concern will be to establish financial equity between Duluth’s eastern and western schools. Toward that end Welty wants to explore having a single high school with two campuses for which students would travel between campuses to complete their academic work. A close second interest for Welty will be the selection of new Superintendent of schools to replace William Gronseth when he steps down at the end of the 2020 school year.

Welty can be reached by email at:

The Deed is done

And Jackie thanked me for not waiting to file until the end of the day when a welter of candidates showing up late make for a headache.

Yesterday was stellar. I finally neared the end of a year-long procrastination. The wait to clear my office floor of debris. When I came back from Old Central I found my cat Moloch sitting forlornly on carpet which had once been strewn gloriously with messy papers. He counted on pawing them to get my attention when he thought I should feed him. Now he’ll have to jump up to my computer and walk around it like other cats.

I got nearly 1000 words of my book written. In fact they laid out a structure so fortuitously that I know I’ll be able to meet my 100 day timeline or come very close.

On leaving the Superintendent’s office I looked up at the wall to wall map of the School District to pick out District Number 2’s outline. It looks like a tall necked rubber duck. Its just the heart of my neighborhood and even more inviting than the old District 2 boundaries I used to represent.

I joked with Jackie that the only reason I was filing was to get my district parking pass back. It was a lame joke but my lame jokes always make me smile. Now its time for some hard work and fun.

New blog category – School Board 2019

As I was cleaning my office today I found this stuck behind my books:

This was sent to me by the Minnesota State School Board’s Association a few weeks after I left office in 2018. It was supposed to be presented to me at their January convention. I got it in the mail instead. 300 points is a lot of time spent learning about Minnesota’s School Boards. It was presented to me for twelve years of very active participation in the state school board organization. I know my stuff.

What an ironic waste to have kicked me off the Board because 2017 voters wanted someone reliably Anti-Trump. Heck, I’ve been fending off our district’s own brand of Trumpishness for the past decade. I was the quintessential Anti-Trump. I still am.

Today, I finally completed my long overdue 2018 finance form. (Easy Peasy. I didn’t do any fund raising for the School Board last year) I bought a PO Box for Welty for School Board. I wrote a press release for tomorrow. I sketched out a first fundraising letter. I’m just about ready. I just need to scratch up the 2 bucks for a filing fee. Wish me luck.

The last day to file is tomorrow.

An example of my cell phone memo pad

I bought a cell phone with a better camera before I left for China two years ago. I lost a year’s worth of notes I’d begun jotting down for blog posts, reminders, ideas for potential books etc. Since then I’ve created another 300 plus such posts but utterly failed to organize them so as to be easily accessible. While sorting through them just now I found this one which I’ll share with a few proof reading corrections. I don’t know how I’ll modify or use it but its has the seeds of a much longer discourse. Its a good example of the random thoughts I’d like to make sense of:

Tyranny of the Elite

In public high schools there has long been something of a tyranny of the elite. It is loosely composed of kids with money, the football or basketball team and the National Honor Society. Continue reading


How humankind is transforming the face of Earth. I remembered St. Louis Bay at the height of Minnesota’s lumbering after seeing this picture of a similar site of massive deforestation.

Perhaps the most hopeful news I’ve read in some time. The overweening reach of the new Chinese dictator has been dealt a huge setback by millions of angry residents of Hong Kong who are fighting China’s attempt to extradite and punish them at will.

British Petroleum analysis warns of unsustainable future for burning fossil fuels.

(CNN) — President Donald Trump’s campaign fired several pollsters after internal polling numbers that showed the President lagging behind Democratic presidential candidates in key states were made public, according to multiple sources. CNN and other …

Proverbs 6: 16-19

Proverbs 6:16-19 New International Version (NIV)

16 There are six things the Lord hates,
seven that are detestable to him:
17 haughty eyes,
a lying tongue,
hands that shed innocent blood,
18 a heart that devises wicked schemes,
feet that are quick to rush into evil,
19 a false witness who pours out lies
and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.

Bless the DFL’ers

I got a bit of cheerful news today. I learned that the DFL in Duluth decided not to endorse a candidate for the At Large School Board race. No one achieved the extra large majority demanded for endorsement. The candidate I thought had it made in the shade, the ex-Chair of the local DFL, was in Europe while delegates met. From that far reach he was not able to capitalize on his former ties. In fact, Alanna Oswald was just ahead of him in two votes. In each vote she bested him by two. I gather that she had some very enthusiastic supporters at the convention.

I take back a lot of my complaints about the local DFL from a few posts ago. Alanna is the best school board Rep this city has had over the last quarter century, bar none…….not even me. It would be a pleasure to serve with her for another four years. Look for her orange lawnsign in my yard soon.

Ah ha, I found a picture of one of them in a google search.

Cretins, Deplorables and Cartoonists

Placeholder for when I have time. I have time.

The New York Times has apologized over this cartoon which was in their International edition printed out overseas. A Jewish caratoonist from Europe agreed in an NPR interview today that it shouldn’t have run. Yeah. Anti-Semitism is raging across Europe and Trump’s crowd has marched with tiki torches shouting “Jews will not replace us.” But I am not so appalled at this cartoon. Seeing eye dogs are venerated in America even if generic dogs are sneered at in portions of the middle east. Showing Bibi Netanyahu leading a blind Trump is accurate symbolism. Its ironic that Trump who has a daughter converted to Judaism would say of the Tiki torch bearers that they included “good people.” Our President is a cretin.

The cartoonist on NPR mentioned that America’s cartoonists are a vanishing breed compared to a couple decades ago. He also commented that he sympathized with the pressures on cartoonists not to offend people. He mentioned Jewish cartoonists who took on Hitler and their persecution. I wrote about this myself last year………….. Continue reading

“Remember the Maine”

That was the battle cry that led America into war with Spain in 1898. The Battleship Maine which had been visiting Havana blew up in the port. American newspapers were all over the story and urged America to declare war. We did. We won. When I was a kid seventy years later researchers concluded that the Maine’s explosion had nothing to do with Spanish saboteurs.

Today the hothead Trump, who got elected by making fun of George W. Bush’s War in Iraq for being a mistake is saying, without qualification, that Iran, Saudi Arabia’s enemy, just attacked oil tankers off their waters. Never mind that Trump has been ignoring Congress’s objections and selling missles and other war materials to the Saudi army. They are infamously trigger happy.

In 1976 a neutral investigation suggested that the cause of the explosion was more mundane Continue reading

Always tell the Truth. Another recycled Welty column from . . .

. . . my first farewell to readers of Not Eudora in 2006. I’ll be writing another such column for next week’s Duluth Reader.

“. . . Always tell the truth like Mark Twain did.

“Twain, who was not always right, is nonetheless the most celebrated truth teller in American literature. Not just any author can, a hundred years after committing his words to paper, make a high school junior burst out laughing during study hall and earn the dirty look of his school’s most feared teacher. After this happened to me it’s no wonder that I’ve been a Twain fan for life.

“Culled from his voluminous writings are more witty and wise aphorisms than you can shake a dead cat at. I’ve contemplated two of them in particular for years. The first is undeniably true: “Always tell the truth. This will gratify most people and astonish the rest.” I have tried to follow this advice for years as it echoes another great moralist, Jesus of Nazareth, who said the same thing somewhat less flippantly: “the truth will set you free.”

“And like Jesus who used the shorthand fiction of parables to tell his truths so too did Twain use fiction to tell the truth. Those who doubted that black slaves were the equal of their white masters would certainly have been chagrined at the depiction of Miss Watson’s slave, Jim, risking his life to gather up the family that his kind masters had sold away from him. The readers who were annoyed with Twain’s depiction of Jim’s nobility were just like the Pharisees who could not see holiness in the much despised and heretical “good Samaritan.”

“But then there is this contradiction from Twain: “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

“I’ll let the people who live in black and white and who war with the dangers of “relativism” wrestle with this advice but I adore it. Our best truth tellers often lie with their fiction to tell truths that ten truckloads of Fox News couldn’t convey

“I wrote a while back that I was taking another giant of the nineteenth century, Abe Lincoln, with me to an unexpected place. Let me add that I’m also planning to take Twain with me to the same destination. And here’s a little sample: I’m going to win this race for Congress.”

Wish me luck . . .

CLeaning up my “one step back.” Or, if you’re not my fan wish me ill. No matter which it is for you today I hope to get a good grip on my near daily “one step back” which always seem to seriously deduct from my “two steps forward.” Ms Kondo has a point. Clutter is mentally distracting, inefficient and sometimes a hazard. Since I made use of the inheritance from my Mother to transform our dingy attic into an office where I could put 68 years and more of the documents I’ve been unwilling to dispose of I’ve been trying to organize them. I know now that I’ll be doing it until I die…..roughly thirty years from now. I’ve always planned to live to be 100. My biggest long term challenge will be to fend off Alzheimers which took my Mother fifteen years after creeping into her creativity.

Like many people I have so many projects its hard to put them away before I start the next. I’ve been fighting various piles of paper for years in my office and tucked them away only to pull out more papers from what has been filed to create more clutter. A year ago Continue reading